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Copenhagen climate treaty talks open with appeals for action

With strong appeals for action and sharp rebukes of their critics, diplomats from around the world launched a two-week negotiating summit in Copenhagen today in hopes of producing a new agreement to curb climate change.

"The time for formal statements is over," said the United Nations' leading climate official, Yvo de Boer, at an opening ceremony filled with dignitaries and punctuated with a video-screen plea from children warning of dire consequences stemming from warming global temperatures. "The time for restating well-known positions is past. Copenhagen will only be a success it delivers significant and immediate action."

For the full story on the opening of the global climate summit, click here. A look at the economics behind the summit can be found here.

-- Jim Tankersley

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This summit is a waste of time. As long as the politicians do not have cheap alternative resources, they cannot cut down on carbon emission.
The only way to curb emission of greenhouse gases is for all countries to use clean renewable energy. That is only possible when alternative energy sources are cheaper than fossil fuel

Hre's an E-mail I received on this issue. I'm from Australia, quite interesting. The e-mail was as follows:

Radio interview with Alan Jones - please listen
Friends and family....Please take the time to listen.
This is specifically Australian but applies to both sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific...

I encourage and implore you to take just 5 or more minutes to open the link below and listen to an audio that deals with climate change and especially with the Conference at Copenhagen in early December and the frightening implications that it will have on the whole world, and especially Australia.
It could be the start of a One World Government, controlling trade, finance and even our personal freedoms.
I will say no more except you will be shocked by what you will hear.
If you value your life and your freedom, listen and pass it on to all your
contacts and especially your local politicians... do it today!
With real and urgent concern, take action now,
Please listen to this....

Paul Taylor,

Thank you for your thoughtful and timely analysis!

Trans-scientific endeavors have always played a significant role in the utopian schemes of social engineers like Sanger, Kinsey, Lysenko, Carson, Gore and their handlers.

However, I'm not sure that it is fair for you to use the perspective of history to point out that the motivations and opinions of those with good intentions are not necessarily limited by the laws of nature!

The “climategate” incident of potential climate science manipulation has shaken the foundations of both the science and politics of global warming. Politics and truth seldom occupy the same space anymore. When the environmental movement found a political base, it began to leave the truths of scientific rigor behind as too slow, too cumbersome, too intricate. In today’s climate of ecopolitics, the environmental movement has corrupted its cause and lost legitimacy. Environmentalism has become just another partisan means to a political end – a political special interest.

Environmentalists’ rhetoric is tactically reliant upon exaggerated dangers and inflammatory word use to erect counterfeit arguments and promote bumper sticker platitudes as moral authority for social engineering. Typically, the zero sum false dilemma proposed is that of “it’s only man or nature” that will survive the current environmental disaster. The founding beliefs of environmentalists are that of scarcity, of limits to growth and therefore, “the sky is falling,” “the end is near,” “catastrophe is just around the corner” fear-mongering proclamations. Their basic and transparently-political theory for the collapse of the Earth’s ecosystem is blamed mainly on the democratic-capitalist way of life. One can only surmise that the operative environmentalist theory is that the high quality of democratic-capitalistic life must somehow be an existential threat to Planet Earth. Here, their socialist identity is revealed.

Recent scholars in proper environmental sciences have coined the term trans-science to describe the study of phenomena that are too large, too small, too diffuse, too rare, too remote or too long term to be resolved by reliable scientific methods. This trans-science defines the current boundary of understanding for climate science and global warming. Exploiting trans-science, environmentalists release so-called “studies” that bypass the scientific journals and peer review, and go straight to sympathetic, issue-hungry and largely gullible mass media. The due diligence of true scientific cause-and-effect findings is neglected. Consensus must evolve in legitimate science in order to reveal the rational truths about physical phenomena such as climate change.

Today, global environmentalism is more antagonism than altruism. Today, the media is more concerned with the controversy that attaches to climate change,than truth telling about the state of the environment. Too often, government environmental researchers operate as a self-selected, insular, academic group with an inherent bias toward identifying negative environmental risks – some 600 risks regarding global warming. Often, this leads them to become personally, emotionally and financially wedded to their own theories, and scientific objectivity is lost. Today, a successful government regulatory scientist can find possible environmental problems, and then publicize them as probable environmental crises to get the attention of legislators for follow-up work and renewed funding.

Often the incentives in government are to save, rather than solve the problem, and thereby save bureaucratic power with it’s vast taxpayer-supported civil service employment opportunities and massive partisan voting blocks. Today, there is an unholy alliance of environmentalists, media and regulatory bureaucrats worldwide that conjures up environmental evils, and dresses them up as science in a system that is perfectly positioned to endlessly fund and grow the global government establishment. There are legions of academics and regulatory scientists whose occupation it is to invade, critique, punish, and ultimately dictate your lifestyle.

Global warming and climate change are not the first (or, unfortunately, the last) eco-threats that ultimately proved to be grand and very expensive hoaxes. The following are recent historical false alarms and erroneous predictions from the environmental movement:
“... the debate about global warming is over.” (An Inconvenient Truth, 2007, Al Gore.)
“The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s and 1980s, hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now.” (The Population Bomb, Paul Ehrlich, 1968.)

“… as much as a fourth of the world’s reliable water supply could be rendered unsafe for use by the year 2000.” (Save Our Planet, Dell Trade Paperback, 1990.)

“… Harvard University calculates that forest destruction worldwide causes the extinction of about 10,000 species every year.” (Our Earth, Ourselves, Bantam Books, 1990.)

“By the year 2000, 20% of all Earth’s species could be lost forever.” (50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth, Earthworks Press, 1989.)

“The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that in the next five to ten years more than twenty-seven states and half of the country’s cities will run out of landfill space. Major cities including New York and Los Angeles will exhaust their landfill space in just a few years.” (Earth Right, Prima Publishing, 1990.)

“The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that even with an immediate total ban on ozone-depleting chemicals, recovery of the ozone layer will take more than a century.” (Earth Right, Prima Publishing, 1990.)

“Most scientific researchers are convinced that global CFC emissions must be reduced substantially, if not completely, to avoid a catastrophic depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer.” (Save Our Planet, Dell Trade Paperback, 1990.)
None of the preceding predictions proved true. It’s clear among recent science frauds that partisan ideologies and cultish environmentalism have replaced prudent science in the issues of climate change. What is also clear is that environmentalism no longer offers any product or service in support of our future security and prosperity. Militant environmentalism and green-obsessed bureaucrats have become an “axis of antagonism” that we can no longer afford.

Copenhagen will go no where, with climategate constantly accelerating (now an amazing +30million hits on google!), it is clear that the climatologists are not scientists, but crooks that are screaming louder and louder to get more and more billions for their research.

Great article just appearing:

Join the call for re-review by real scientists (read non-climatologists) of all the AGW (and GW, since these crooks have even tried to make the MWP disappear) research over the last 20 years. Before that is done, nobody should demand ANY action!

Sad to see "science" bought off by government grants awarded by politically "correct" motivated slugs. At one point in the USA at least physicians and scientists were pretty much trusted to look for, discover, and truthfully report findings - today, with "obamacare", "global warming and 'cap/trade'" exposed as hoaxes committed by prostituted frauds in white lab coats there is a high level of scepticism, distrust, and anger directed toward these same groups of individuals and their "unbiased" opinions. The focus of the public's weath really needs to be on the politicians, like Obama, who just cannot bring themselves to do or to say anything truthful - they need to be fired.


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