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A cap-and-trade exercise riles Copenhagen

Ironies abound here at the global climate talks, from the simple (holding a global-warming summit in freezing cold, inviting thousands of delegates from impoverished nations to one of the world’s most expensive cities) to the sad (the Danish people, some of the nicest on the planet, being represented on television by baton-wielding police cracking down on protesters).

But perhaps the most fascinating irony of all is playing out inside the host Bella Center, where environmentalists and other nonprofit groups are getting a quick and brutal immersion in the “cap-and-trade” system that President Obama has proposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

The problem here in Copenhagen is space: The Bella Center holds 20,000 people at capacity. The United Nations issued more than double that many credentials for the climate summit. So as more and more people arrived this week – delegates, environmentalists, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez – summit organizers started limiting who could come inside.

They started by issuing “secondary passes” to nonprofits and requiring those passes for admission. The groups, commonly referred to as non-governmental organizations or NGOs, are free to trade the passes amongst themselves.

The number of passes has declined each day. By some groups’ estimates, the entire U.S. environmental movement – consisting of 90 groups and thousands of people – will be down to fewer than 10 total passes by Thursday.

If that plan sounds familiar, it should. It’s a super-compressed version of how Obama wants to reduce the emissions that scientists blame for global warming: declining cap, tradeable permits, near phase-out in the long term.

Not that the parallel is any comfort to NGOs, who complained bitterly today that their numbers would be reduced from 15,000 total last week to 1,000 total on Thursday.

Mary Robinson, the honorary chair of Oxfam International, said in a statement that her group “is extremely concerned about the limited access which observers have to the international climate talks and the outright exclusion of some organizations altogether. With the negotiations here in crisis we desperately need the engagement and witness of people's organizations to keep the pressure on political leaders to deliver a fair, ambitious and binding climate deal.”

Conference organizers said today they will open an overflow center offsite on Thursday for the locked-out NGOs to watch proceedings. No word on whether a secondary pass market has sprung up yet.

--Jim Tankersley in Copenhagen

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I hope what is being talked about in Copenhagen will be implemented as soon as possible. Everybody needs action and not words that promises many things. What is at stake is very important to many lives.

Copenhagen Climatology: Attack Capitalism

All of the predicted horrors of climate change are theoretical – unsupported by any empirical scientific data. Thus, the Copenhagen climate change enclave will attempt to extort “green guilt” money for the U.N. to hand out to favored tyrants in desperate developing countries based upon the fanciful belief ( a sort of "neo-paganism") that a manmade and existential warming apocalypse is occurring. As with many U.N. aid programs, these billions in climate change reparations will be used to prop up corrupt third-world tyrants; having little effect in improvement of the environment or in the lives of the suffering masses.
The climate crusade has become the central front in the war against capitalism.

!000 years ago Greenland was GREEN. Why? Because a thousand years ago the earth heated from an overactive sun with more sunspots That is just what happened in the 1990's to the early 2000's. Why was the data set for that last warm up excluded from the IPCC report? Fraud science is not science and we can not base major decisions based on fraud. The Danes lived in Green Land a thousand years ago and grew food. They took a right hand turn off the island and discovered Finde Land, found land, not vine land. The Danes were in North America 500 years before Columbus. Cut the fraud and lies.

Actually, it was not a cap-and-trade system, as passes could not be exchanged. It was a command-and-control system, with no offsets or offramps.

I noted this parallel three days ago. (

For more comedy, read the Copenhagen Prognosis, which says that to have any reasonable chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change, emissions have to peak by 2015 and go to practically zero by 2050. (

The Prognosis also explains how it can be done.

Cap and trade is a scam that will give power to the world bank and big polluters. Direct investment in some of these technologies would yeild green energy at 1% the cost.

The Insanity of Globull Warming:
The pop culture psychosis of Climate Change will be observed in history as Freudian en-mass “denial of death" transference, where humans had elevated themselves to the immortal God-like status of Destroyers of Planets, thus making all of nature seemingly mortal, along side humankind.
In other words: "If we are all ultimately dying, I'm takeing everyone and everything with me.

My massage on the Hopenhagen development.

1. China will follow lead again once America sets an example.

2. A bit lower yet strict reduction level for the developing regions could work best, given the developed states are more liable for the environment impacts.


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