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Global warming: California pushes ahead

While Congress dithers over federal climate change legislation, and nations squabble over a global treaty, the nation's most populous state is doggedly pushing ahead with its own regulations to control the greenhouse gas emissions that are heating up the Earth's atmosphere.

In a milestone for the state's landmark plan to slash emissions by 15% over the next 11 years from today's levels, the Air Resources Board announced today that more than 97% of the state's 605 largest factories, cement plants, refineries and power plants have reported how much carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases they emit.

At the same time, California became the first state in the nation to accredit third-party professionals to make sure the polluters accurately report their emissions.The first 101 individual verifiers and 17 businesses completed a 40-hour course and final examination, the ARB announced.

Verification of all reported emissions will be required beginning next year, providing a key database for the state's proposed cap-and-trade regulations. A cap-and-trade system, which would take effect in 2012, would allow polluters to trade emissions credits among themselves so that facilities which can cut emissions for less money may sell their reductions to facilities which would have to pay more to install controls.

-- Margot Roosevelt

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I read it somwhere that if California is shutting down for a whole year. I mean like we would go back to the 1800. we will get 1.2% less CO2 release to the air. I will look for that article again.

How many more misguided initiatives will it take to completely ruin California's economy? I don't know, but "cap-and-tax" will take a huge step in that direction. How many more companies will up-and-leave or grow operations outside the Golden State due to onerous regulations already imposed and about to be imposed? Why would California's government be willing to chance losing another taxpaying entity? Surely there are too few left in what used to be the best economic incubator in the USA. No more. On top of onerous regulations are its criminally high taxes. As a former Californina, I Move years ago and have saved tens of thousands of dollars by moving to a state with no income tax. I've plowed the savings into retirement planning and will have a nice nest egg. Thousands of others have made the same exodus in recent years; thousands more will do the same. And there goes California's tax base; moved East where states actually want new citizens and prove it by providing a substantially lower cost of living. Bye-bye California; I knew you well.

California is broke, its economy is in shambles. It's paying for goods and services with IOUs.

Yet it continues to press on with efforts to raise energy costs for businesses and consumers alike.

California should call for an independent audit of climate science (if such a thing is even possible... it's never been done) to verify that there exists a genuine need to adopt such potentially unnecessary and ruinous measures.

A new report from the California State University–Sacramento predicts dire consequences if the state moves forward with plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The report concludes that California's pre-recession global warming solutions legislation would cost the average California household $3,857 a year, kill more than 1.1 million jobs, and cut the state's economic output by nearly 10 percent. Further estimates are that costs for food, fuel, electricity and housing would all rise – resulting in a 26% drop in discretionary spending, slashing California tax revenues and squeezing small businesses.
A freeze on climate regulations such as A.B 32, and their inherent costs, would assist California in economic recovery. California doesn’t need a green economy. California needs a growing economy.

Global Warming.....what a joke....its freezing in LA. more propaganda B.S. by the L.A. times....great thing i canceled their subscription service last year...

How much you want to bet that in 11 years at least 15% of the state's 605 largest factories, cement plants, refineries and power plants are shutterred and gone out of state? You'll likely more that meet your precious CO2 emissions reduction in the state but the tax base will be futhur eroded and the factories, building material suppliers, refineries and power plant will simply operate in a less restrictive environment and possibly less efficiently. Way to go CA.

Thank you for picking up this important news about an often forgotten dimension of creating a cleaner, healthier state. With this reporting program we are able to understand where pollution comes from, a key foundation for taking strong action. Once again, the California Air Resources Board is showing groundbreaking leadership in protecting our environment.


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