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Can photo ops stop global warming?

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Environmentalists across California have organized a series of colorful events Saturday to press for tough federal legislation and an international treaty to curb global warming. The participants are part of "an international day of action," with about 4,000 events in 170 countries at places including the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower, according to, a group started by environmentalist Bill McKibben.

Members of 30 Santa Barbara and Los Angeles-area environmental groups and their supporters will gather at 3 p.m. on the Manhattan Beach Pier for the "Amazing Waving Human Tide Line" to highlight the the sea rise expected from climate change. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted last month to endorse the International Day of Climate Action. (Click here to download a description of the South Bay 350 Climate Action Group.)

In Orange County, the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center will feature an International Day of Climate Action Festival from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., highlighted by an aerial photo of attendees gathered to form the number 350 on a field. Other activities will include a nature hike, a 5K walk, tree planting and talks by Orange County environmental and religious leaders. The United Methodist Church in Costa Mesa will host a lecture on "creation care," a movement to protect the Earth from climate-related threats.

At 9:45 a.m. a group will meet at 6284 Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles to pose with a giant "350"  banner beneath the Hollywood sign. 

In Northern California, activists will rally at the Ferry Building in San Francisco at 3:50 p.m. for an aerial photo and to welcome cyclists who rode 350 km from Arcata, as well as surfers with "350"-decorated boards. At Mt. Diablo, 350 people will encircle the summit while a helicopter takes a photo. And vintners will gather in Sonoma Plaza to learn about the effects of climate change on wine growing and, according to organizers, "raise their glasses to a clean energy future." Outdoor enthusiasts will take a "350" photo at  Lake Tahoe.

The group advocates reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million from the current 390 parts. Before the Industrial Revolution, the atmosphere contained about 280 parts per million, but the concentration is rapidly heading toward more than 500 parts as a result of the burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of rain forests.

The group, which seeks to spur grass-roots consciousness of climate-change dangers, has its work cut out for it. Polls show that Americans are growing less, not more, concerned about global warming -- despite warnings from scientists that warmer temperatures, drought, melting glaciers, water shortages, species extinctions and sea rise will result from the buildup of carbon dioxide.

-- Margot Roosevelt

Photo: Activists gathered near the Golden Gate Bridge last year. Credit:

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On the Southern CA beach where my family has lived since 1964, the mean high tide line has risen by dozens of feet since we arrived. The fire season has grown longer and more severe. Scientists explain that temperatures over the course of a few years is not the same thing as climate, which is a long term trend. I have watched first hand a long term trend toward higher seas and warmer air. Humankind's survival depends on our ability to adapt to change. Climate change skeptics are like a modern day Flat Earth Society, refusing to change at the peril of future generations.

By the way, Brian, I attended the Manhattan Beach event mentioned in the article, and hundreds of people arrived on bicycles, electric vehicles, and waste vegetable oil cars. I hope cynicism in your case is not just another name for fearful inaction.

The problem with the Cap and Trade legislation isn’t the underlying reason but the approach.

We are basing this legislation on a concept that is arguably affecting our Earth … Global Warming. Even though we have seen a Noble Prize, and an Oscar about Global Warming, that does mean we need CAP and Trade legislation to stop this impending dome day’s situation. Global warming for some is still a debatable item. In fact in an Editorial in the Los Angeles Time dated 8-26-09 we can read that the US Chamber of Commerce is seeking a “Scopes monkey trial for the 21st century” appointing a judge to hear evidence on the question of does global warming endangers Americans’ health. Since then we have seen numerous editorials about Global Warming and Cap and Trade legislation needed because of Global Warming.

How do I feel about Global Warming and its affects? Don’t give a damn. It is all hot air and goes against the real truth. The real truth is as follows …

I believe the approach should be similar to the way we might handle our own home environment. That is to say … we would not want our kids to play in a filthy toxic back yard, drink dirty water, breathe polluted air, swim in toxic or dirty water, and plant a garden in toxic soil … would we? I think not. Hence we need appropriate legislation to prevent the pollution of our air, land and seas. This is similar in fact to our military that protects us on land, on seas, and in the air.

In fact, if we can secure ourselves militarily in the air, on the land and on the seas and rivers, then why can’t we secure ourselves environmentally in the air, on the land, on the seas, rivers and lakes?

The Global Warming discussion and influence disappears when we have as a goal to remove the toxic influence in the three major environments that are Global in nature ... Air, Land, sea, rivers and lakes?

Sooooooooo, like the financial deregulation that lead to the bursting of the financial bubble thus leading to regulation, that to some seems extreme; we need to regulate the pollution of our air, land, seas, rivers, lakes and other consumables that effect our quality of life. Perhaps in this way Global Warming will slow down or disappear.

Try this link for what renouned scientists think:

100-Plus Scientists: Obama ‘Simply Incorrect’ on Global Warming

Are they driving there and getting meaty fast food on the way home?

adpac... dave... where do your data come from? noaa is just a bunch of bloggers? are you able to think in complex terms or is this about the temperature at your house?

see eg
NCDC scientists also reported that the average land surface temperature for September was the second warmest on record, behind 2005. Additionally, the global ocean surface temperature was tied for the fifth warmest on record for September.

Based on preliminary data, the globally averaged combined land and sea surface temperature was the second warmest on record for June and the January-June year-to-date tied with 2004 as the fifth warmest on record.
Large portions of each inhabited continent were substantially warmer than average during June 2009. The warmest anomalies were most notable in parts of Africa and most of Eurasia. The most notable cooler-than-average temperatures were present from the southwestern U.S. to the Northern Plains, the Canadian Prairie Provinces, central Asia, and across the boundary of northeastern China and southeastern Russia.

adpac... what a laugh

A new survey by the non-partisan Pew Research Center reports a sharp decline over the past year of Americans who consider global warming to be a serious threat. According to the survey conducted between Sept. 30 and Oct. 4 among 1,500 adults, 35% of respondents say global warming is a serious problem, down from 44% in April 2008 – a drop of about 20%.
The survey also indicates a decline of Americans convinced that global temperatures are rising because of human activity. Only 36% are convinced currently, down from 47% last year – about a 20% drop.
Regrettably, fewer than half of those surveyed have heard of the “cap-and-trade” greenhouse gas tax scheme that Democrats want to add to Obama’s other big-government policies. Cap-and-trade CO2 control systems were first adopted by the European Union (EU) countries in 2005. The theoretical climate benefit of cap-and-trade or carbon tax systems is that by making companies pay for CO2 emissions, government forces the switch to carbon-neutral or renewable technologies. Since 2005, the EU’s cap-and-trade system has failed both the environmental goals and the market goals – all at considerably increased costs to conventional energy users with no climate benefits.

Ignorant, hysterical, and greedy politicians and journalists believe in anthropogenic global warming. Most climate scientists (including those who were associated with the IPCC) and others educated in science, more than ever, believe this view is a terrible mistake. Warming, besides not having taken place for the past ten years, contrary to predictions, is not caused by increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Increased CO2 follows warming which is actually caused by cyclical solar output, change in Earth's orbit, tilt, etc. as observed in data from the last 500,000 years. The suppression of true scientific views is going to lead to an increasing world economic disaster.

As the globe continues to COOL (for the last 10 years now), these anti-capitalist sheeple continue to support a cause they know absolutely nothing about!!! Their goal has nothing to do with climate, rather their goal is to stop capitalism and turn America into the latest zero-growth socialism-lite country. What a bunch of dolts!!

On December 10, Obama will receive his award in Oslo, just in time to energize the “Copenhagen” agenda. Whether or not he shows up at the UN meeting, the ideological intensions and expectations have been air freighted in the form a Nobel Prize.



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