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Birds Must Take a Back Seat to Planes, Lawmakers decide

Worried that geese and jets don’t mix, the state Senate passed a measure today that would give airports greater authority to kill birds that might interfere with airplanes -- without being cited by state wildlife wardens.

The legislation, previously approved by the Assembly, now goes to the governor’s desk.

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A human being is before an animal. Call PETA. Have the government people arrested. Who cares if a place crashes - after all they were only people. They bought their tickets they should have known this could happen!

Yeah, right. Kill the critters that are good to and for us and permit the individually most dangerous human device to continue polluting our atmosphere and widening the ozone hole. Yeah, our cars and rampant tree felling don't do our atmosphere any good, but airplanes are, by far, the worst!

Why can't we simply slow down, reduce all our stress, and live longer?


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