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More cuts to California state parks


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger whacked another $6.2 million from state parks funding when he signed the state budget today. The cuts could force the closure of an additional 50 parks, for a total of 100 that may be shut for lack of money this year.

“This is a dark day in the history of California’s state park system," said Elizabeth Goldstein, president of the California State Parks Foundation. "At a time when Californians are most in need of their low-cost, accessible state parks, the gates are being slammed in their faces."

Altogether the parks are losing $14.2 million in funding. In his original budget plan, Schwarzenegger proposed closing 220 parks, or 80% of the state park system, to save about $143 million.

Schwarzenegger also took an axe to the Williamson Act, a program that gives property tax breaks to farmers and landowners who maintain open space. The state compensates local governments for their property tax losses.

In signing the budget, the governor used his veto power to trim nearly $500 million more from the state budget, the subject of a protracted legislative battle over how to close the state's deficit.

-- Bettina Boxall

Photo: The governor discusses the $85-billion revised state budget before signing it at the Capitol today. Credit: Rick Pedroncelli / Associated Press

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What is he supposed to do? You guys out there think its so easy to balance the State's financial woes? Anything he cuts, people will be bitching at him. He is not in charge of the whole thing. There are other cogs in this sytem.

this man is a disgrace. and for all those who thought gray davis was bad-think again!! he has NO right eliminating California's last beautiful resorts. This state already is concrete and pollution and every turn...and with his signature, it only gets worse.


I'm leaving CA, Hasta la vista!!

i have an idea!
how about EXXON MOBIL / SHELL!
then they can reap the benefit of real climate change while aleviating their guilt!

i think that would be a great way to give back to the people of california!!

someone should tell this guy to go suck an egg.

Shame on you, Governor Schwarzenegger! Your tenure has proven far more disastrous for this state than Gray Davis's ever could have. You have broken California's park system. What's next? Are you going to sell the lands off to the highest bidder to raise more money rather than daring to raise taxes on the uber rich?

Arnold really is the terminator. Protector of the rich at the expense of the peasants.

responding to budget/resign now write a check for 50 million dollars


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