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Breaking: Obama to set national emissions standard based on California's

The Obama administration plans to announce on Tuesday that it will set national restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles, in what environmentalists are hailing as a major step to curb global warming and spur development of more fuel-efficient cars.

The national policy will mimic, with slight modifications, a California policy that state officials fought the Bush administration for years to implement, two sources with knowledge of the agreement said. California officials have signed on to the policy, one of the sources said. So have major U.S. automakers.

Combining regulatory powers across the administration, the policy will toughen existing federal mileage standards with a harmonized standard that automakers and environmentalists have long sought – and which administration officials have said for months they were working to set. “This is the biggest single step to curbing global warming,” said Dan Becker, director of the Safe Climate Campaign, an environmental group. “It’s a major step forward in cutting auto emissions, and California blazed the trail.”

Full story:  U.S. to limit greenhouse gas emissions from autos

--Jim Tankersley and Richard Simon

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Actually we have more like 200 years of oil if you include shale and other alternative forms of oil. But then you need to understand that we have another 300 years of coal (800 gigatons-which is one thousand trillion tons) which the military uses right now to operate their vehicles under a gassification technique.

It is a sad day when Americans fail to understand that 35 mpg efficiency standards do not mean light, dangerous cars, and that most Americans do not need an obnoxiously large SUV or full-sized pickup truck to cart their offspring to soccer practice, or pick up groceries. We have been sold a load of bu&&sh&t marketing from both the US auto industry, and the oil companies, both of whom profited from selling large, gas-guzzling vehicles to the naive consumers who thought (and many still believe) keep them safer and give them more "utility". Is any of it going to matter when the polar ice caps have melted, global temperatures have risen by a few degrees, our crops are withering due to drought, and catastrophic storm systems (due to increased heat and evaporation) are routinely battering our Gulf coast? Kudos to the new administration for taking the right stand, even though it will be criiticized and second-guessed. And the $1300 estimated "extra cost"? Rather than increasing, the basic principle of "economies of scale" would dictate that this projection will likely drop in the coming years, as technology improves and as more units are being produced. To the fellow who believes this $1300 will somehow "inflate" in six years to $6,000, please go back to basic arithmetic class. If our inflation has risen to 60% per year over the next five years, then we'll have MUCH bigger economic problems than quibbling about cars being a bit more expensive because they are more fuel efficient.
And finally, if you can't afford to spend a few extra dollars on your car, then yes, keep your old vehicle, or buy used.

It's a sad day in America for the government to mandate national emission standards. The cost, as they estimate will be $1,300, however, I think they failed to include inflation over the next six years, which will raise the cost more in tune to about $6,000 realistically. If the new Cube is any example of things to come, heaven help us all, it's ugly as sin. I'll keep my 3 year old F 150 at 19 mpg until I can't super glue or duct tape it any longer thank you very much. Also, keep in mind that Chrysler and GM are also being told what to build by the government. In addition, plants are closing as part of the restructuring process. Have you priced the 2010 vehicles yet? I have, can't afford one. So what makes you think we will be able to afford one that gets 35.5 mpg? Get real people, your being screwed again. Oh, one last thing, price of gas is going up drastically again, any coincidence? They will add a tax to gas to help pay for this fiasco at our expense.

I'd like to know what gives the federal government the right to initiate policies like this along with so many others. What allowance is made in the constitution for the government to have the power to dictate to the people things such as this? Beyond protection from foreign invaders and the regulation of interstate commerce; they shouldn't be involved in much else. Things are totally out of hand and the people must take back the power from this out of control, authoritarian government.

Well, the world will run out of oil in above 100 years and the price of oil will increase significantly as that time approaches, partly due to this and because Chinese citizens are buying cars like mad (using oil). However, car makers will make cars lighter to save gas, which will mean that more people will die in accidents. So, it's an odd tradeoff.


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