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Not so pure well water

More than a fifth of the private domestic wells tested nationally as part of a federal study had at least one contaminant at worrisome levels.

A sampling of water from private wells in 48 states including California by the U.S. Geological Survey found that most of the pollutants "of potential health concern" were naturally occurring -- such as arsenic and radon.

Nitrate -- associated with human activities such as fertilizer use, livestock operations and septic systems -- was the exception. It was found in elevated concentrations most commonly in agricultural regions, such as California's Central Valley and the Midwest Corn Belt.

Nationally, the USGS says about 43 million people draw water from private domestic wells, which are not regulated by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act or by California. However some counties, including Los Angeles, do regulate them.

The State Water Resources Control Board estimates 1.2 million to 1.5 million Californians get their household water from private wells.

--Bettina Boxall


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From the news we hear on television to the cases that go unheard, it's been clear how often the foods and drinks we purchase or consume have gone unchecked. Everyday you hear of someone who was food poisoned and it's completely ridiculous that people keep purchasing from those same companies! I personally don't blame the media because they do their best (even if it's just to get viewers) to inform society of what's going on around them. Take this article for example, they're giving us facts; "domestic wells... are not regulated by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act or by California," and people who gather their water from private wells are not going to listen and continue to do what they're doing.

To Natasha: Bottling corporations do print on their bottles where their source of water comes from.

Let's hope that we'll be able to find out where water bottling corporations get their water from and how much so we can point out that they're rather unsafe too.

This is a severe threat to public health that occurs on a global scale.

Few countries have a control of water quality as severe as the U.S.. So, what to expect in developing countries.

Moreover, we are being poisoned by water only.

The greedy and speculative model of food production is poisoned the planet and millions of people fall ill.

Already there are countless studies confirming the milk contaminated with estrogens and drugs for veterinary use, the meat contaminated with antibiotics and food contaminated with pesticides.

The poisoning of our food is a silent catastrophe that no government controls or inhibits.

Henrique Cortez


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