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Marching for water in Los Angeles

Organizers of a Los Angeles March for Water, part of an international World Water Day movement, are expecting thousands to turn up for the three-mile march Sunday. Participants will protest water waste and pollution in Southern California, as well as draw attention to a global water crisis, according to the group.

The march comes at a time when Los Angeles, the nation's second largest city,  faces a possible water shortage and has raised rates for heavy users. Local officials are expected to address the marchers, including state Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills), co-author of the state's landmark global warming law; David Nahai, chief executive of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the nation's largest municipal utility; and Board of Public Works Commissioner Paula Daniels.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a drought emergency in the state, but march organizers disputed the view. "We've created a drought crisis by mismanaging our water and not being sustainable," said Conner Everts of the Southern California Watershed Alliance. Activists from two communities, Alpaugh and Maywood, are attending to protest unreliable tap water in their cities.

The march, which begins at 10 a.m. in L.A. Historic Park at 1799 Baker St., in downtown Los Angeles, ends at Rio de Los Angeles State Park, 1900 N. San Fernando Road, with live music, food and information for activists.

"Three miles is the average distance that millions of people walk each day to fetch water and carry it back home," according to the March for Water coalition. Some participants are expected to carry water jugs on their heads "in an act of symbolic solidarity."

--Margot Roosevelt

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The documentary "Flow" (2008) gives an eye-opening look at how quickly water can run out and who is getting rich off of a natural resource. If you don't think we could ever face a water shortage any time soon, I suggest you find this film at your nearest B'buster, via Netflix, or Redbox.

This march is a wonderful thing and its exposure could help raise awareness to the crisis we could face in the near future.

The Water issue shouldn't be taken lightly. The whole southwest of the US along the Colorado river will soon be under some serious pressure. If everyone doesn't act soon there will be a point of no return. The combination of increasing heat and longer heat periods and decreasing rainfall and water levels will break our necks eventually. Definatly time to act. Especially for the every day and 2 a day showering folks.

I think this march was a wonderful idea. Something really needs to be done about all the water that we are wasting. I think a march like this probably impacted a lot of people and showed them that this is a serious problem. Most of us just overlook a problem like water shortage because we don't think its that serious but it actually is.

Pretty soon, all SoCal 'lawns' will consist of sand, rocks, and cacti. There will be a booming business in fake grass for those who want a 'green' lawn but aren't allowed to water it. The only green grass will be on the golf courses of the rich and powerful who own them. The lower classes--everybody else--will be limited to 'virtual golf' at home or 'virtual golf clubs'.
If this specie expects to survive, it has to stop the pollution and manage the water. Otherwise, we're history. And the planet will shed not one single tear.

i wonder if these are the same people who are not marching for rooftop solar, and who are supporting water-wasting Big Renewables like geothermal and concentrating solar power, both of which require billions of gallons of water a year?

if we don't support rooftop solar, and STOP all the wilderness-killing, water wasting, GHG spewing power plants that are being greenwashed, we will have a lot more than a water shortage to worry about.


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