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On Our Blogs: secondhand smoke, wholesome foods and rescued wildlife

February 11, 2009 | 10:00 pm


SECONDHAND SMOKE AND PETS: The health consequences of smoking for humans are well-known, but a new study published yesterday in Tobacco Control revealed that secondhand smoke can have dangerous effects on pets as well.  More than one-quarter of smokers surveyed said the possibility of causing lung cancer and respiratory diseases in their pets was enough motivation for them to quit smoking. 

MAMMALS RESCUED IN MANILA: More than 200 melon-headed whales found stranded in shallow waters yesterday morning in the Philippines have been rescued and guided safely back toward the ocean.  The mammals may have been disoriented by damage caused by illegal dynamite fishing, or by a major underwater earthquake. 

VIRTUAL VEGETARIAN: Hungry for healthy food?  Post Punk Kitchen, a new kitchen website, offers fun and creative recipes and cookbooks, and discussion forums for vegan culinary lovers.  L.A. Times writer Lori Kozlowski interviews creator Isa Moskowitz about her cooking skills and her vegetarian website.

-- Stephanie Chang

Photo: Veterinarians, harbor police, soldiers and fishermen come to the aid of a weak melon-headed whale rescued along the coast of Balanga in Bataan province, north of Manila, on Feb. 10, 2009. Scores of fishermen and volunteers managed to guide more than 200 whales into deep water after they beached themselves in Manila Bay.

Credit: Romeo Gacad / AFP/Getty Images