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Unchecked global warming may lead to greater 'dead zones' in oceans


Unchecked global warming would lead to a rapid expansion of oxygen-starved “dead zones” in the world’s oceans by a factor of 10 or more, according to researchers at the University of Copenhagen.

Dead zones are low-oxygen areas in the ocean where sea life including fish, crabs and clams cannot survive. In shallow coastal regions, dead zones can be caused by air pollution and runoff of excess fertilizers from farming. The expansion of dead zones would lead to more fish and shellfish deaths, said Gary Shaffer of the University of Copenhagen’s Niels Bohr Institute, who led a team of researchers at the Danish Center for Earth System Science. The study was published online in Nature Geoscience.

While dead zones in coastal areas can be mitigated by controlling the use of fertilizer, expanded dead zones caused by global warming will remain for thousands of years and have harmful long-term effects on ocean ecosystems, Shaffer said.

“The future of the ocean as a large food reserve would be more uncertain,” Shaffer said.

The number of dead zones in coastal waters has doubled every decade since 1960, killing fish, crustaceans and other marine life, according to a 2008 study published in the journal Science.

Dead zones off the coast of Oregon and Washington are likely to be linked to global warming.

--Catherine Ho

Photo: Expansion of dead zones in coastal areas due to global warming; Credit: Wildlife Conservation Society, Rian Prasetia / Associated Press

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The Only way to halt Global warming and to save our planet is to GO VEGAN.
Its up to each of us, not the government. Government can help Green technology only so much and that takes time.They should try spend the money promoting a vegan diet. Its good for you health and the planet. No need for medical etc etc. Each person Go's Vegan it will stop Global warming by 80%.
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DashRIPROCK III : if they're so safe, why don't you help yourself to an asbestos, swine flu, bird flu, silicon, saccharine sandwich, while real scientists published in peer reviewed journals sound the alarm to try to save the planet so you can pollute it further? in another study published this week: even if we stopped emitting CO2 today, it would take at least a 1,000 years to stop the impact of climate change. so i guess we should give up. maybe you can save a sandwich for me DashRIPROCK III?

Study: Global warming effects to last 1,000 years

Gosh, when right wingers try refuting G W science they provide bogus websites with bogus science like DashRIPROCK III. They are so embarrassing but nonetheless they think they are America's greatest patriots.
My advice for them: Go back to the zoo!

and, to be clear, the answer to dead zones in the ocean is not to slaughter other intact, healthy, functioning ecosystems like our deserts. the answer is to stop killing our planet both indirectly (via global warming) and directly (via Big Energy development - including Big Wind, Big Solar and Big Transmission). it is disgusting to hear these greenwashers gabbling their nonsense about how we have to completely destroy certain ecosystems, which happen to be highly-effective carbon-absorbing ecosystems (like the Mojave), to save other ecosystems. it's a lie, and it's done for private profits, and we need to expose those lies and get the truth to the people.

the US has enough solar resources on it's rooftop to supply more than 100% of the electricity it needs, right at point of use. it has enough solar resources just on brownfields located in urban load centers to produce 90% of the US' electricity needs, even if the super-cheap thin-film is used. factor in some conservation, storage, loans, and payments to ratepayer generators who feed excess power into the grid, and you have a total solution.

so, not only are point of use clean generation systems totally feasible, across the entire US, but they are also more affordable, emit no GHGs (unlike their oversized cousins), require no new transmission/eminent domain, and also don't create "dead zones" in our deserts. if anyone tries to tell you it can't be done, they are lying.

One day global warming will go the way of global cooling, swine flu, bird flu, asbestos, breast implants, saccharine, and Y2K.

For now, it should be noted that the issue is far from settled and many scientists do not agree with AGW. Here are just a few:


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