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Susan Carpenter

Susan Carpenter is a senior features correspondent who often writes about her own experiences with sustainable living for the Home section.
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Hi Susan,
Park La Brea's Earth Day Celebration, Saturday April 16 from 10AM to 4 PM,
is open to everyone and may be of interest to your readers, who can enter the community at the 6th Street and Curson Ave. gate (right behind the La Brea Tar pits and LACMA). Never visit a gas pump again: The Petersen Automotive Museum with Jay Leno's electric Ford Focus; Kieran Mullaney's bio-fueled 1984 Mercedes 240D; bicycle groups Sustainable Streets and Grand Masters Cycling plus electric bike guy Bill Young. Kids' green activities all day with the Craft & Folk Art Museum, the California Science Center, Debi Doodles, the Origami Lady and Sierra Club. Yum factor: Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich Truck! Whole Foods Market's good food guidance and a ladybug dome. Three free films: What's On Your Plate? at 10:15, The Economics of Happiness at noon, and the outstanding Carbon Nation at 2:30. A day of Good (Green) Family Fun!

Dear Susan:
I've organized an environmental evening in Pacific Palisades that may be of interest to you and your readers. Please share/post if you wish. In honor of Earth Day, Palisades Cares is screening Bag It, a doc about plastic pollution, accompanied by a panel featuring Lisa Boyle, founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition, Lisa Foster, founder of One Bag at a Time (LA based mfr of reusable bags) and Sarah Sikich, Director of Coastal Resources of Heal the Bay. The goal is to increase people's awareness of the issues around plastic pollution and to get them to act, eg. remember their reusable bags, try to live without plastic for a week...Location is Calvary Christian School Fireside Room, 701 Palisades Drive, Pacific Palisades. 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. RSVP

Hi Susan,
You may find some of our water projects of interest. Our Garvanza Park Stormwater Best Management Practices project which we are currently working on, and our Baldwin Hills project which we just completed, are projects where stormwater is captured for reuse, or allowed to infiltrate to recharge the aquifer. You can get more information about these projects on our blog at

It would be great if more people could hear about these projects and do more of this type of work for water conservation and reuse.

Loved the fact that you tried out all of the eco-friendly projects yourself! Even better that you reported on their effectiveness and prioritized each project in terms of what paid off or not. (After 2 years, did all her eco-friendly projects pay off? Oct 2010) Thanks for one of the most informative articles I have ever read.

I think that years from now, your little video here, might be heralded as the single most important environmental piece of video since "An Inconvenient Truth." Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I do think your piece is amazing, in the sense that it has been produced by a consumer, or an environmental writer, who simply made the connection between the solar panels and the electric car. I too toyed with this idea in a different capacity. I don't have an electric car, but I am a photographer/videographer and I frequently need to charge large batteries for my shoots. So, I entertained the idea of buying a couple of solar panels to charge my batteries. Then I made the next logical leap, i.e. electric cars. So, I googled "powering electric cars from solar panels" and your video came up and I thought it was amazing. Brief, to the point and discussing this obvious, practical solution in real dollars. Like I said, without any attempt for exaggeration, years from now, much like the iPad would be regarded as the device that killed print, your video would be the catalyst that made the connection in the consumer's mind, between the electric cars and solar panels and in the process started the electric car revolution, re-froze the polar caps, got us off foreign oil, got the world off fossil fuels, etc. So your video pretty much saved the world. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, just a tad. :)

Hi Susan,
I came across several articles on electric vehicles and watched a short video where you show viewers how to recharge an EV with home solar panels. How and where can I get more technical information?

Hi Susan,

You may be interested in this press release about a recent funding boost to a Santa Monica-based non-profit's "Growing Greener Schools" initiative:
The Media and Policy Center's project includes the airing of a documentary on PBS stations next April, encouraging local community support for establishing healthier, greener schools for our children.


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