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First Lady Zsa Zsa Gabor? Her husband the prince is running for California governor

Prince It was good enough to attract Arnold Schwarzenegger. Good enough to lure Gary Coleman. Good enough to tempt Arianna Huffington, Gallagher, Angelyne and porn/reality TV star Mary Carey.

Why shouldn't the jewel of a job that is the governorship of California be good enough to paste into socialite Prince Frederic von Anhalt's questionable crown? Instant celeb status -- just add an electorate!

Zsa Zsa Gabor's most recent husband, who in 2007 said he might have fathered a child with Anna Nicole Smith, officially threw his bright red campaign cap in the ring as an independent Wednesday, saying he was inspired to run by watching Schwarzenegger's mistakes. Last month he'd announced his gubernatorial aspirations and more recently expressed his intention, if elected, "to change and give up Hollywood -- and mingle with the people, not the stars."

Hollywood is, um, sure to miss him?

His website, which invokes the name of President Reagan, also offers this logic: "We've had Irish-American, African-American, Armenian-American and Austrian-American governors and now its time for a GERMAN-AMERICAN to lead the state." 

So where does he stand on some of the issues? On illegal immigration: Legalize it, tax it. Marijuana: Legalize, tax. Prostitution: Legalize, tax. Cuban cigars: Legalize, tax. (We're seeing a pattern here.)

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