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Royal wedding: Celebrities react to the ceremony on Twitter

Prince William and Kate leave Westminster Abbey after the royal wedding ceremony

The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton wasn't merely a sensation for the eyes (The dress! Those hats! Pippa!), it was also a Twitter affair.

Royal wedding Twitter reactions When crude hash tags referring to doing the nasty with a prince or queen are trending worldwide, it's safe to say the monarchy has reached new heights. (Though if either of those "I'd like to" acronyms had been applied to Prince Charles or Queen Elizabeth II  -- well, that's just disturbing.)

Tweets poured in with people chiming in on just about every detail. And we lowly citizens weren't the only ones hammering out our thoughts on the lavish affair in 140 characters or less. Even the stars got up in the wee hours (for some) to indulge in the modern-day fairy tale. 

From Stephen Colbert and Miley Cyrus to Kelly Rippa and wedding guest Victoria Beckham, all had something to say about the nuptials .

Click on the pic at right to read their musings in a photo gallery.


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William and Kate: Fairy tale continues with newlywed carriage ride ending in royal kisses

Interactive: Your guide to the royal wedding

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Prince William and Kate Middleton walk hand in hand in Westminster Abbey. Credit: Martin Meissner / Associated Press

Grammy Awards: Justin Bieber shakes hands with the Situation; civilization crumbles

Grammys-pictures Justin Bieber has the world in his underage hands.

The pop prince has a box office hit -- even if he's second to that old guy Adam Sandler. He has Selena Gomez as his girl (or, at least, that's the rumor). And he's so cool he can rock an all white suit!

As if that wasn't enough, the youngster even has "Jersey Shore" star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino screaming his name!

Watch it all go down.


Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler 'Just Go With It' at premiere

Justin Bieber 'lucky' to have Selena Gomez, 'Never Say Never' director says

Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' world premiere: When purple 3-D glasses attack

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Grammy Awards: Dominic Monaghan on Eminem, 'Lost,' 'The Hobbit' [Video]

Dominic  Monaghan, known to most as Charlie on "Lost" or Merry in the "Lord of the Rings" franchise, shuffled down the Grammy Awards red carpet with gusto on Sunday night in downtown L.A.

Not sure why he was there? The actor is featured in the music video for Eminem's hit song "Love the Way You Lie," featuring Rihanna.

"It was like two days of getting thrown around and being violent," he says.

The British actor will be noticeably absent in Peter Jackson's return to Middle-earth when the director takes on "The Hobbit," but he's dealing with it in stride: "I'm bummed in a nice way." He added that he didn't rule out working with the director in the future.

However, fans of his TV work -- he also appeared on ABC's short-lived "FlashForward" -- might have to wait a bit longer to see him return to the small screen.

"It'd have to be something as good as 'Lost,'" Monaghan said, "if not better."


Rihanna rallies for Jay-Z's Grammys brunch

Aretha Franklin promises to be at next year's Grammys Awards

Eminem's new video features Rihanna, Megan Fox and domestic violence -- what's not to love? [polls]

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Grammy Awards: Paramore members share the love [Video]

Paramore’s Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York walked the red carpet Sunday into the Grammy Awards, where they were up for a couple of awards.

The band earned a nod in the pop performance by a duo or group with vocals category for "The Only Exception," and singer Williams was also up for best pop collaboration with vocals for "Airplanes, Part II," her team-up with rapper B.o.B.

Williams, wearing a dress designed especially for her by Jeremy Scott, said the year was all about Nicki Minaj for her: "She pretty much ruled 2010 in my book."

Minaj, dressed in leopard literally from her head to her toes, ignored most reporters on the red carpet as she made her way inside, so we wonder, did Williams ever get a chance to profess her devotion?


Grammy Awards: Lady Gaga arrives in a giant egg

Aretha Franklin promises to be at next year's Grammys Awards

Grammy Awards: Rihanna tells the Situation, 'Lift your shirt' [Video]

— Yvonne Villarreal

Grammy Awards: Does Mya have Bieber fever? [Video]

Mya could never be into Justin Bieber, right? Hey, never say never!

The R&B songstress admits she's hasn't yet caught a viewing of the 3-D flick showcasing the Biebs, but she did have a small confession: "I don't have the fever, but I am a fan," she said before heading into the Grammy Awards.

Also in the video, see which of Sunday's performances she was excited about, which songs caught her attention this past year and what we can expect from her on the music side.


Justin Bieber shaves off his hair -- kinda [poll]

Grammy Awards: Lady Gaga has all eyes on her egg [Video]

Grammy Awards: Rihanna tells the Situation, 'Lift your shirt' [Video]

— Yvonne Villarreal 

Grammy Awards: Ciara gives herself props

Confidence is everything -- and Ciara certainly isn't lacking in the self-esteem department. Not when she's wearing a dress with that much leg showing. Yikes! 

When asked what her favorite song of the year was, well, she apparently thinks she has all the musical "Goodies." She credited her own song "Ride," featuring Ludacris, on her "Basic Instinct" album as being her favorite.

There's no room for humility on the red carpet.


Grammy Awards: Lady Gaga has all eyes on her egg [Video]

Grammy Awards: Rihanna tells the Situation, 'Lift your shirt' [Video]

Grammy Awards: 'Glee's' Naya Rivera swoons, Mark Salling gets stuck

-- Yvonne Villarreal


Grammy Awards: Rihanna tells the Situation, 'Lift your shirt' [Video]

The Situation at the Grammys with Rihanna Rihanna may love the way you lie, but she also seems to love washboard abs with a burnt sienna hue.

The R&B songstress, who has been resting her voice as she fights bronchitis, bypassed most of the red carpet, trying to sneak through the back. But when she caught a glimpse of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of "Jersey Shore," who was playing red carpet reporter for "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," the songstress had to call him over.

"She wanted me to lift my shirt," Sorrentino later shared with reporters.

"She's no grenade. We'll have to see what happens."

Oh, Sitch.


Rihanna rallies for Jay-Z's Grammys brunch

Grammys: A little 'Jersey Shore' on the red carpet

Grammy Awards: Lady Gaga has all eyes on her egg [video]

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center in L.A. on Feb. 13, 2011. Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

Grammy Awards: 'Glee's' Naya Rivera swoons, Mark Salling gets stuck

Naya Rivera of Glee at the Grammy Awards "Glee" gal Naya Rivera admitted to a starstruck moment on the Grammy Awards red carpet Sunday. "I saw Nicki Minaj — died just a little bit!" said the actress, nominated with the rest of the "Glee" cast for pop performance by a group or duo with vocals.

This after Rivera revealed to the Grammys Live crew that at the series' start, she'd just hoped to hang in there for a few episodes.


"Don't Stop Believin' (Regionals Version)" was up against the ubiquitous "Hey Soul Sister (Live)" from Train, plus tunes from Paramore and Sade — with Train taking home the trophy early in the show. The first "Glee" soundtrack release is also up for compilation soundtrack album for motion picture, television or other visual media.

Meanwhile, costar Mark Salling had the tween girls swooning as he walked the concourse with a male friend. He stopped to pose for pictures with a pair of giggling junior high school girls before breezing past a concerned security guard and up the escalator to Premiere seating. That soon resulted in a bad-boy Puckerman moment — apparently Salling had the wrong ticket for that area, and Ministry eyes last saw him detained by another security guard just minutes before the show started.

And here we were thinking the "Glee" crew was getting too big for the red carpet — Rivera and Matthew Morrison were among those skipping interviews with the print media folks.

Morrison did tell E! News' cameras how the rest of the cast is handling that he's going to be out on tour with his solo album. "They're a little jealous, just because they have to go out on the 'Glee' tour," Morrison said. "They all have to go together!"


Rihanna rallies for Jay-Z's Grammys brunch

Grammy Awards: Lady Gaga arrives in a giant egg

Grammy Awards: A little 'Jersey Shore' on the red carpet

— Christie D'Zurilla, Jessica Gelt and Yvonne Villarreal

Photos: Naya Rivera, right, and Barry Manilow, left at the 2011 Grammy Awards. Credits: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times.

Grammy Awards: A little 'Jersey Shore' on the red carpet

Snooki at the Grammy Awards Looking like he just stepped out of a tanning salon, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino bypassed reporters on the Grammy Awards red carpet Sunday, throwing peace signs and flashing a grin on his way.

Perhaps he was giving first dibs on the spotlight to pals Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Paul "DJ Pauly D" Delvecchio?

Snooki-2010-grammys The Situation's "Jersey Shore" cast mates each had hosting duties for MTV and "Access Hollywood," respectively.

The year has treated Snooki well, in the Ministry's humble opinion. Though the smooch remains the same, she's taken a glam step up from last year's skintight purple number and black suede booties, above.



Grammys: Lady Gaga arrives in a giant egg

Grammy Awards: Live coverage of the pre-telecast

Grammy Awards: Lady Gaga producer RedOne says Her Highness has still got it

— Yvonne Villarreal and Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Snooki in silver at Sunday's Grammy Awards at Staples Center and at last year's event in purple. Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times, right; Mario Anzuoni / Reuters, inset.


Grammy Awards: Lady Gaga arrives in a giant egg [Updated]

Lady Gaga arrives at the Grammys in a giant egg

Leave it to Lady Gaga to make an arrival at the 2011 Grammy Awards, creating a stir on the red carpet before anyone even saw her face: The pop star arrived Sunday afternoon in a massive egg toted on the shoulders of nubile men and women clad in gold.

Lady Gaga arrives in a giant egg Security motioned everyone to clear the area. Publicists and artists mounted the media sidelines as Gaga's minions passed.  Screams erupted after it became known who was inside.

(The little black dot on the back of the translucent egg appeared to be some sort of camera lens.)

First the meat dress, now an egg sarcophagus? Lady Gaga may be many things, but clearly she's no vegan.

Updated, 3:49 p.m.: "Lady Gaga is in creative embryonic stage and won't be born until her performance this evening," supermodel nurse Anne V told E! News, chatting about what Gaga was up to in her egg-shaped "womb."


Lady Gaga samples new music for Paris runway show

Lady Gaga surprises New York's Oak Room with a song

Lady Gaga's meat dress still making a fashion statement

-- Yvonne Villareal and Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Lady Gaga arrives in an egg on the Grammy Awards red carpet. Credits: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times


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