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In today's forecast: Angelina, Hugh, Barack and Bender the Futurama robot


"What's the weather? What to wear? Obama helps you everywhere."

President Obama, Hugh Laurie, Angelina Jolie and Bender the robot from "Futurama" all have side jobs as forecasters and models on www.obama-weather.com.

Not sure what to wear? Check with the president! When it comes to weather, he's a man of few words, but he looks cute in shorts, if the forecast includes L.A.-style weather. He also knows how to rock a hoodie if the weather takes a turn.

Want to keep your weather apolitical? Get your forecast (Hint: It's not lupus) from Hugh Laurie as Dr. Greg House.

Tired of seeing Angelina Jolie take advantage of the world's good weather with all those sexy, safari-appropriate ensembles? This has to be the frumpiest version of her ever.

And it's obviously scientific, because there's a robot! Who doesn't love robots?

The humor site (keep that "humor" thing in mind if you click) runs off Weather.com and defaults to Bay St. Louis, Miss.  And you can expect it to be a little glitchy. Really, who among us can control the weather?

Who runs it? We have no idea, because we can't read Russian -- it's just a little ha-ha for the ayem, kids. To be safe, don't give Hugh Laurie any of your personal info if he asks, OK? You're on your own when it comes to Angelina.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Screen grab of Hugh Laurie as House, dressed for this week in Los Angeles, as seen on www.obama-weather.com.

Paranormal activity (and Alicia Silverstone) on Craig Ferguson's show

Craig Ferguson, you nut! This man knows how to work a flashlight.

E! Online points us at something this morning that makes us giggle like a crazy person. (We're a little sleep-deprived in SoCal today after those gentle breezes turned our wind chimes into stark-raving attention hounds last night.)

E! has the scoop on the lights going out during Craig's Tuesday taping.

The takeaway? Read Alicia Silverstone's book, or you will pay a steep price. (And if you're not the reading type, just click and fast forward to around the nine-minute mark to see the Power of Alicia. Be afraid. Be very afraid.)

-- Christie D'Zurilla


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