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Why did Elin Nordegren demo her $12M oceanfront house?

Elin Nordegren's house will look very similar once it's rebuilt.

Elin Nordegren appears to be building an essentially identical house to replace the $12.3-million mansion she had demolished in North Palm Beach — but she had a couple of good reasons for getting rid of the old one.

Turns out the house, built in the 1920s, didn't comply with current building codes designed to keep the place together in case of a hurricane, and it would have cost more to renovate than to rebuild, her builder told People.

"We had an architect and a structural engineer out here and everyone agreed that it made more sense — structurally and economically — to tear it down and start over," Dan Reedy of Onshore Construction and Development told the mag.

And then they found the bugs. Termites and carpenter ants, to be specific. Nordegren had given a local Habitat for Humanity chapter four weeks to strip fixtures, cabinets and hardware from the six-bedroom house, and the volunteers were the ones to make the creepy, crawly discovery.

"When we pulled out the windows, the bugs were everywhere," Bobbi Blodgett, Habitat's director of deconstruction, told People. (The Ministry pauses a moment to shudder.)

TMZ obtained drawings submitted tothe Palm Beach County's Department of Planning, Zoning & Building that show the exterior of the new house looking similar to what was there — and why not? It was pretty darned beautiful. And that's without being able to see the soon-to-manifest couple of Jacuzzis, the wine cellar or the grotto. Not to mention nine bedrooms to replace the six originals and any number of other changes inside) — plus three guest bungalows to boot.

Also, for those with sticker shock, keep this in mind: One peek at an L.A. County property tax bill will serve as a reminder that with almost any property, the land is worth way more than the shack sitting on it, no matter how swell that shack may be.

So the $12.3 million Elin paid was not really the value of the house she knocked down — and as far as we can tell, that acre or so of oceanfront property remained intact.

Nordegren, of course, picked up a reported $110 million in her divorce from Tiger Woods.


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Tiger Woods' ex Elin Nordegren demolishes $12.3-million Florida house

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Elin Nordegren in 2009. Credit: David J. Phillip / Associated Press.

Tiger Woods' ex Elin Nordegren demos $12.3-million Florida house

Elin Nordegren has demolished the house she bought after divorcing Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods may have gotten off easy when Elin Nordegren took a mere golf club to his Escalade: Nordegren has finally taken a wrecking ball to the $12.3-million oceanfront house she bought last March, shortly after her divorce from the golfer.

That's 17,000 square feet of 1932 construction, including eight bathrooms, gone for good in North Palm Beach, Fla.

The plan is to build anew on a the Seminole Landing lot that one real estate agent told the Palm Beach Post has "incredible landscaping, fantastic ocean frontage."

Around the time she bought the lavish estate, it was reported that Nordegren intended to keep only the view and the security system. Click this link to see the "before" picture, and this one to see the post-demo "after" shot.

Elin and Tiger finalized their infidelity-induced divorce in August 2010, with Nordegren getting a $110-million settlement.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Elin Nordegren in 2009. Credit: Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

Betty White voted America's 'most trusted' celebrity

Betty White voted 'most trusted' celebrity by Americans in a new Reuters poll, beating out Denzel Washington and Sandra Bullock

Betty White has been voted America's favorite and most trusted celebrity, a new poll indicates.

White, the former "Golden Girls" funnywoman who is currently starring in TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland," beat out Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen as the person "whose endorsement of a company would be most likely to drive business," according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll of 2,012 Americans.

And she didn't have to go to the Marine Corps birthday ball to do it.

The 89-year-old animal lover won an Emmy last year for her "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig, has appeared on "Community" and in Snickers commercials and was named Associated Press entertainer of the year last December. Perhaps that trustworthy face of hers could help do some damage this fall on her "Punk'd"-style prank show "Betty White's Off Their Rockers"?

The other most favorable celebrities behind White are Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman (who tied for seventh place with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge), Will Smith and Johnny Depp.

Topping the not-so-hot list are: Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears (who ties for third with Kanye West), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Kim Kardashian, Mel Gibson, Donald Trump and LeBron James.


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-- Nardine Saad

Photo: Betty White in June 2011. Credit: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Elin Nordegren, Rachel Uchitel may have someone else (Jamie Dingman) in common [Poll]

Rachel Uchitel and Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren has another Rachel Uchitel connection? Say it ain't so. Or, for heaven's sake, tell us what Nordegren did in a past life that would earn her such a nonstop smackdown from the universe.

Nordegren last week was linked to a new guy, Jamie Dingman, an international businessman and son of a billionaire, which didn't seem so bad. Then over the weekend, a story came via TMZ alleging Dingman and Uchitel had a little something going on as well, and were living in the same Miami home when the Tiger Woods scandal broke.


The comes courtesy of Uchitel pal Jennifer Lee Madden, who TMZ said overheard the dish while staying at that Miami house. Madden is the Playboy model and former Bellagio VIP host who was outed last year by Vegas Confidential as one of two sources who brought the Rachel-Tiger affair story to the National Enquirer in November 2009. Uchitel was a VIP host in Vegas and New York, and Woods' path to several of his mistresses wound its way through the VIP-club scene.

Though the facts of Uchitel's love life have been misreported in the past, Gossip Cop gives this scenario better-than-average odds in the accuracy department.

The way TMZ tells it, when Dingman heard from Uchitel that she was getting serious with Woods, he joked that it was OK, he'd just date Tiger's wife.

So we have to ask ...


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Elin Nordegren reportedly dating financier Jamie Dingman [Poll]

More gory details on Tiger Woods' sexcapades emerge. And boy are they gory.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Rachel Uchitel, left, and Elin Nordegren. Credits: Kevin Winter / VH1; Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Elin Nordegren reportedly dating financier Jamie Dingman [Poll]

Elin Nordegren has a new boyfriend Elin Nordegren, the former Mrs. Tiger Woods, reportedly has been dating a new man for months and was spotted with him in Sweden earlier this week: He's Jamie Dingman, an American finance guy with a billionaire dad.

Nordegren and Dingman met in January at a charity ball in Florida, the New York Post said Friday, and have been photographed smooching and hugging outside her Stockholm apartment, according to TMZ.

"He's never been so happy. He and Elin have strong feelings for each other," a friend told the Post's Page Six about Dingman, who splits his time between China and the Bahamas. "He's a classic all-American guy. He's handsome, a total gentleman and low-key.

"He's never been in the press."

Can't quite say the same for Woods, whom Nordegren ditched after a simple car accident around Thanksgiving 2009 resulted in the disclosure of the golfer's habit of sleeping with many, many women who were not his wife. Their divorce was final in August of last year.

Michael D. Dingman, Jamie's father, is a businessman and investor with a resume a mile long, a company (Shipston Group Ltd.) based out of the Bahamas and a business school named after him at the University of Maryland. Jamie has been handling his dad's interests in China for six years after getting his start with Russian investments, Post sources said.


Meet the ladies of the Tiger Woods scandal

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More gory details on Tiger Woods' sexcapades emerge. And boy are they gory.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Elin Nordegren. Credit: Kim Ludbrook / EPA

10/10/10: Celebrity scandals from a spicy year so far

6a00d8341c630a53ef01348544e626970c-pi[1] Batten down the hatches -- it's 10/10/10, a day of some sort of reckoning, because humans enjoy these kinds of mathematical patterns, yes? (That said, those who pay attention to such things might surmise that the new moon of 10/7/10 was probably a more auspicious date, in terms of big-picture life shakeups. But we digress.)

It's a time to take 10 and look back on a year that brought us the "breakup" of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the lurrrrve patterns of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the brain bleeds of Bret Michaels, the upskirt photography and "Hannah Montana"-ditching and gay-man grinding and envelope-pushing of an "OMG I'm almost 18 now!" Miley Cyrus, and nationwide auditions for "Glee," which if nothing else revealed an insane lack of reading comprehension among the youth of America.

And don't forget the deaths of Corey Haim, Andrew Koenig and "Deadliest Catch" Capt. Phil Harris, and the arrest of Jake Harris.

But moving forward, we present 10 spicy celebrity scandals and sagas from the first 10 months of 2010. It's enough to leep you talking about for at least 10 minutes -- or you can chat about a different story with 10 different people.

10. Artie Lange, Howard Stern's sidekick, attempted suicide in January by stabbing himself nine times, only to be rescued in time when his mom stopped by to bring him food. He's recovered now, playing his first club standup date Sept. 26, coincidentally one day after the accidental prescription drug overdose of comic Greg Giraldo, on whom the plug was pulled Sept. 29.

9. Casey Johnson, heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune and "fiancee" of Tila Tequila, was found dead on Jan. 4. Johnson's death was ruled to be the result of natural causes including not attending to her diabetes, but Tequila worked it for all it was worth. Oh yeah, Miss Tila's trying to get a sex tape with an old boyfriend pulled from the market now, but the judge pretty much laughed at her.

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Divorce final for Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren


It's official -- Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are divorced.

It's the conclusion to a saga that began with a minor car accident outside their Florida home around Thanksgiving 2009 and ran an ugly course through myriad mistresses, millions of dollars in lost endorsements and wild speculation about how much the divorce settlement would cost the world's top golfer.

"We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future," the two said in a statement released by her lawyers. Both Tiger and Elin appeared Monday ...

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Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods and the lawyering of independence [poll]

Elin-nordegren-and-tiger-wo It's Independence Day, and with Sandra Bullock's divorce done and gone, the most famous woman seeking her freedom these days is Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods'  future ex-wife.

Lawyers and leakers have been hard at work on both sides. The current settlement floating for a trial-free divorce is $100 million -- that from a source TMZ says has direct knowledge of the terms of the divorce. The number is down from a $750 million guesstimate first floated by the Sun, and a $700 million possibility pondered by People.

What would Tiger get, in addition to the liberty that comes with having "cheating" turned back into "dating" or simply "booty calling"? A confidentiality clause, People and TMZ sources say, barring Elin from doing any post-divorce interviews or writing a tell-all book about their life together.

Elin Nordegren and other Swedish pop culture names According to People, Nordegren has been holding out on the confidentiality agreement as Woods offered increasingly large sums of money.

Another sticking point, reported by the Sun and People: "Elin does not want Tiger to have female friends around when he has the children," the source tells PEOPLE. "This is very important to her, and she will not give in to anything less." 

Lawyers are also reportedly still hashing out custody details, which get a bit more complex when dad's a globe-trotting U.S. golf superstar and mom's clan is centered in Sweden.

Elin Nordegren's far from the only Swedish name to hit America's pop-culture radar (Think, the late Stieg Larsson). Click the picture of her to the right (it's from 2003, when she and Tiger were just dating) to launch a gallery of pictures with a certain Swedish accent.

We have a nonscientific online poll about the settlement too -- just keep reading.

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Reports: Tiger Woods' divorce settlement won't hit $750M


Tiger Woods' divorce couldn't cost him $750 million, because he doesn't have that much money, Forbes' SportsMoney column argued Thursday, countering a Wednesday report in London's Sun that came courtesy of an unnamed source allegedly on Elin Nordegren's side of things.

Forbes says that by its math, the golfer's net worth is $600 million. 

TMZ, citing sources close to Tiger and alleging that the divorce is a done deal except for the filing, concurs that the $750-million rumor is way too high. One TMZ source does say Elin is likely to take away more than she agreed to in their prenup.

Reporters from the Sun-Sentinel, meanwhile, have their eyes on the courthouse in Orange County, Fla. -- not Orlando County, as the Sun's report professed -- waiting to see if this rumored divorce filing actually takes place.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Tiger Woods blasts the ball out of the sand on the second hole during the opening round of the AT&T National golf tournament in Pennsylvania on July 1, 2010. Photo: Laurence Kesterson / Philadelphia Inquirer / MCT

Related dispatch from the Ministry of Gossip:

Report: Details set in Tiger Woods-Elin Nordegren divorce

It's been a crazy ride since Tiger Woods crashed into that tree back in November -- it's astonishing the icky details we forgot we knew, so hit that link and browse if you've forgotten them as well. 

Want the headlines as they break? Follow the Ministry of Gossip on Twitter (we're @LATcelebs) or 'like' us into your news feed on Facebook.

Report: Details set in Tiger Woods-Elin Nordegren divorce

Tiger Woods divorce settlement reportedly set. A divorced Tiger Woods would have to keep any new girlfriends away from his children, and a divorced Elin Nordegren would have to keep her mouth shut about anything to do with his old girlfriends, according to a report published by the Sun.

The British tabloid, quoting an unnamed friend of Elin's, says the golf star's wife is ready to file for divorce in a Florida court in the next seven days.

Other details, according to the tab: She'd keep the Windermere house and properties in Sweden; he'd get a Jupiter Island, Fla., property and an apartment in L.A. Physical custody of the kids would be hers, but they'd have joint legal custody.

Total tab for Tiger? About $750 million, the Sun says -- and Elin would surrender the cash if she decided to talk.

Even if Tiger dies first. 

So all eyes will be on the Orlando County Court in the days to come. Nothing like a looming holiday weekend to bring out the big guns, eh? Then again, it was the news on a holiday weekend that landed Tiger here in the first place.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Tiger Woods talks to members of the media before the AT&T National tournament in Pennsylvania on June 29, 2010. Credit: Steven M. Falk / Philadelphia Inquirer / MCT

It's been a crazy ride since Tiger Woods crashed into that tree back in November -- it's astonishing the things we forgot we remembered, so hit that link and browse if you've forgotten too. 

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