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PREACH IT! Know what, Whoopi? Gloria Allred is right


And in our main tent: Gloria Allred versus Whoopi Goldberg in a debate over battered women -- with Allred cleaning Goldberg’s clock.

When Goldberg first showed up on "The View", the big question was which side she’d support: the dingbat Sherri Shepherd/Elisabeth Hasselbeck bloc, or the faction chaired by Joy "Who Cares?" Behar. Turns out, neither was correct. Goldberg actually belongs to a third column -- rich, famous, out-of-touch people whose grandees include folks such as Mel "You Deserved It" Gibson.

Goldberg’s latest gaffe came last week, when the executive vice president from gossip site RadarOnline came on "The View" as a guest. The hosts asked David Perel why Gibson’s ex ...

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President Obama knows Lindsay Lohan is in jail; clueless about Snooki (or is he?)

President Barack Obama graced the couch of "The View" on Thursday in what was billed as a "historic" first appearance on the chat fest by a sitting president.

Panelists Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselbeck hit topics including Afghanistan and "Jersey Shore" with Obama.

"Did you know that Lindsay Lohan is in jail?" Behar asked.

"I actually know that, yes," said the commander-in-chief.

Then talk turned to tanstastic guidette Snooki -- the outspoken star of MTV's "Jersey Shore." Behar asked if the reality star should run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

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Whoopi Goldberg defends herself for defending Mel Gibson

Before we discuss Whoopi Goldberg any further, let's get one thing straight -- she didn't defend Mel Gibson's alleged rants, she says, but rather on Monday made a personal observation, based on her time with him, that he's not a racist

An important point, and one she made again Wednesday on "The View" as she went after the "cowardly piece of dog mess" and others like Mr. Dog Mess who have come after her on blogs, in comments and in anonymous phone calls to her office.

"Being a black woman, you think you would give me a little bit of leeway to have some feel if I was around a racist," she said.

"OK, I understand that, but that people called my office and went off on the young lady that works there -- you're gonna call cause you think that I'm doing something wrong, and you do the same thing to this young lady, that you don't even know, that Mel Gibson supposedly did?"

Watch the whole thing for the full effect -- including the end where, with humor, she self-identifies as a racist. Then vote in our nonscientific online poll.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Click here for more Mel Gibson news -- in case you are having a hard time finding any lately. Or hit the link below for an interview with the actor conducted in early January.

Mel Gibson: The shadow in his smile

Whoopi Goldberg: Mel Gibson is not a racist

Comedian and "The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg declared that Mel Gibson is not a racist, as she and the rest of the daytime panel on Monday discussed recently released tapes allegedly featuring the actor -- including one in which a racial slur is used.

Whoopi-goldberg "I know Mel, and I know he's not a racist," Goldberg said. "He may be a bonehead."

Joy Behar was not of the same mind (check out their debate by clicking on the video above).

"Give me a break, you're an anti-Semite, you're a misogynist, and you're a racist!" Behar said of Gibson, referencing the audio tapes and the remarks Gibson made during a 2006 arrest for DUI.

"I can't sit and say that he's a racist," Goldberg said, "having spent time with him in my house with my kids."

What do you think Whoopi's remarks mean for Mel? Tell us in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Whoopi Goldberg on May 19, 2010, at the White House. Credit: Joshua Roberts / Reuters

We've got the all the latest on the Mel Gibson saga, and don't miss more drama from 'The View.'.

Sounds as if Elton John had an OK time at Rush Limbaugh's wedding

With all the speculation about why Elton John performed at Rush Limbaugh's wedding Saturday night, it was interesting to come across Mediaite reporting obervations from an actual guest, Megyn Kelly of Fox News.

"Tolerance and respect were on display at the wedding," Kelly said, pointing out that the hosts on "The View" didn't behave the same way Monday morning when they kaffeeklatsched about John's decision.

Among other things, "The View" gals made the point that John is married, which in fact he is not, as the Ministry learned a bit too late. Others who've not listened to Limbaugh may have also learned a bit too late that the guy's never pretended to be a member of the Christian right.

"This is a problem that we're experiencing through society right now, is people only want to be with 'like,' " Elisabeth Hasselbeck said. " 'OK, so, you think like me, you hang with me; you don't think like me, you don't hang with me' -- that's an issue -- why is that such a bad thing?"

Joy Behar was quick to explain to Hasselbeck that the only reason John performed for Limbaugh, and for $1 million, was because the singer, like so many others she notices anymore, is greedy.

Wedding-guest Kelly's observations: "Elton John actually had nothing but nice things to say about Rush Limbaugh and the happy couple, and said he's all about tearing down walls and building bridges." He even invited the newlyweds to join him and David Furnish at their home, she said.

Irony: Limbaugh, who's had cochlear implants since 2001, has said he can't really "hear" any music he didn't experience before he became deaf. One can hope Elton played some of those classics, out of respect for the groom.

(Click here to weigh in on the Ministry's poll asking whether it was cool or uncool for Elton to play at Rush's wedding.)

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Video credit: via Mediaite.

Barbara Walters taking time off from 'The View' for heart surgery

Barbara-walters-web Barbara Walters, the 80-year-old creator of "The View," announced on the show Monday that she'll be taking time off starting "later this week" for surgery to replace a heart valve.

Her co-hosts got the news Monday morning shortly before viewers did. "I thought it best not to talk about it too far in advance," Walters said.

The recovery process is expected to take one to three months. With a break in July and hiatus in August, Walters and her doctor decided that now was a good time to take care of business. Walters said she's known about the problem for "many months." 

"You scared?" asked Whoopi Goldberg.

"Oh, only you would ask that question," Walters replied -- laughing and making the point that "it's not elective, it's not like ... having your face lifted." After praising her doctors and mentioning the support of her daughter, she continued: "I don't think I'm really scared; I'm glad it's going to be over with. It's going to be taken care of."

She plans to come "roaring back" in September.

Click here to watch video of Walters' announcement and the discussion that followed. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Barbara Walters attends the "Women in the World: Stories and Solutions" global summit at Hudson Theatre on March 12 in New York City. Credit: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

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Whoopi Goldberg joins cheaters club on Jesse James' behalf

Whoopi Whoopi Goldberg had Jesse James' back for a few minutes Tuesday on "The View," working the perennially winning arguments "It's nobody's fault" and "I did it too."

Whoopi's admission that she cheated "five or six times" isn't that earth-shattering, given that the third of her marriages ended in divorce 15 years ago, and the American public probably isn't the first to know. And she speaks the truth when she says, "It happens sometimes, it happens." Because it does happen. 

But the part where, while not excusing him, she wants to look around for a deeper explanation beyond just calling James "a bonehead"? This is where we part ways.

Yes, there probably are deeper reasons. Yes, it does happen. But when it happens multiple times, no matter the reason, it's "happening" to a bonehead.

"Maybe he wanted something wonderful in his life," she said, "and couldn't deal with it." 

Nobody's fault.

Everyone else is doing it.


-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Whoopi Goldberg takes part in a panel discussion in New York on April 6, 2010. Credit: Tina Fineberg / Associated Press. 

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Adam Lambert will be on 'The View' and '10 Most Fascinating People' -- on ABC [Updated]


The L.A. Times' Maria Elena Fernandez just posted word on Show Tracker that Adam Lambert will appear on "The View" this coming Thursday. (Follow her on Twitter -- it's worth it. Seriously.)

And Adam tweeted shortly after his "View" news that he will be on Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009" special. Guess the Appalachian Trail hiker wasn't the one bringing the total to 10.

Yes, it's "The View" that today interviewed Portia de Rossi. "The View" that airs on ABC. That ABC.

The ABC that might be listening to its audience?

Adam will be interviewed and will perform. 

[Updated at 10:41 p.m.: An earlier version of this post misspelled the last name of actress Portia de Rossi as DiRossi.]

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Adam Lambert on CBS' "The Early Show." Credit: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images.

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And Show Tracker has an  interview with the president of GLAAD further explaining the organization's recent trio of statements.

'The View' breaks down Adam Lambert's AMA performance [VIDEO]

Girl Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg really wish they could show you what you missed on the American Music Awards.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, not so much.

Sherri Shepherd delivers the play-by-play, and Joy Behar, it seems, loves a lesbian kiss.

No matter which side of the Great Adam Lambert Debate of 2009 you fall on, there's something here for you. 

We think this clip is best without further comment from the Ministry. And if you're of a mind with Behar, why, there's a video for you after the jump.

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