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Taylor Lautner 'out & proud' gay People cover is a fake

Taylor Lautner's "out & proud" People cover is a fakeTaylor Lautner has not come out as a gay man, despite an "out & proud" magazine cover making the post-Christmas rounds. Um, not that there's anything wrong with that.

The "exclusive" People cover, left, is a fake, a People rep confirmed to rumor-debunking celeb website Gossip Cop on Monday. Exclusively.

The clues are pretty obvious, even if you're not an expert at spotting Photoshop work. People publishes on Mondays; Jan. 7, the date on the alleged cover, is a Saturday. Also, People's special double issues happen twice a year, once in summer and once at year's end.

PHOTOS: Fans flock as 'Twilight' stars leave imprints outside Grauman's Chinese

The secondary stories on the right -- one of them, you guessed it, an exclusive! -- are lifted from a May 2006 cover of the mag, Gossip Cop noted. We're buying that one even without looking in our hoarder's pile of People magazines: Brad and Angelina were rumored to be spending this Christmas in Costa Rica, not Africa, and Carnie Wilson hasn't looked like that in a while.

One high-profile person who fell for the alleged cover? Russell Simmons, who tweeted "Proud of Taylor Lautner for his bravery and his courage" before nuking that message and replacing it with "Disappointed that people would joke about someone coming out about their sexuality. Let Taylor Lautner be whoever he wants to be." (And we suppose that we should let Simmons, famed Occupy Wall Street supporter, be wherever he wants to be, which this holiday season is apparently famed 1-percenter destination St. Barths.)

One story about Lautner that is true? His wax figure is expected to join Robert Pattinson's at Madame Tussauds in London this January, the museum announced earlier this month. And though it won't be an exclusive photo opportunity, we can't wait to see the pics.


'Abduction': Taylor Lautner gets a leading-man premiere [Video]

'Breaking Dawn' stars leave their handprints, footprints in Hollywood

Sara Gilbert of 'The Talk' has a new girlfriend, and wishes she'd told you herself

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Twitter

'Breaking Dawn' birth scene causing seizures in the audience?

Is 'Breaking Dawn' giving moviegoers seizures?

Apparently some of the fainting at screenings of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" isn't over the epic romance between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Folks are allegedly having epileptic seizures.

A report Friday said a California man and his girlfriend were watching the vampire love story when, during a particularly gory scene, he started convulsing.

"I didn’t really remember what happened after that I think I blacked out. According to her [his lady, Kelly Bauman], I was shaking and mumbling different noises," Brandon Gephart told ABC News.

The scene in question involves Kristen Stewart's Bella giving violent birth to half-human, half-vampire spawn, a situation not only bloody and frenetic in nature but also featuring special effects including sudden bursts of light. This kind of content has been known to trigger "photosensitive epilepsy," which can send a viewer into mini-seizures.

Another man who asked to remain anonymous reported similar symptoms after watching the scene at a theater in Salt Lake City. (Don't worry, dude, your "Twilight" secret is safe with us.)

A request for comment from "Twilight" production company Summit Entertainment wasn't immediately returned Friday. The frequency, intensity, pattern and size of a flashing light source, as well as the viewer's distance from the light, all factor into photosensitive epilepsy, according to the nonprofit Epilepsy Therapy Project.


'Breaking Dawn' premiere: live-streaming video from the black carpet

Robert Pattinson pleased after KStew walks a mile in his vampire contacts

'Breaking Dawn' stars leave their handprints, footprints outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: "Breaking Dawn" stars Robert Pattinson, left, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner arrive for the U.K. premiere of the film on Nov. 16. Credit: Jonathan Short / Associated Press

'Breaking Dawn' stages wedding reception for premiere party

Stephenie Meyer and Taylor Lautner at the Breaking Dawn premiere party

In theme with the anticipated wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1," Monday's U.S. premiere threw a massive after-party that re-created the characters' wedding reception -- and their honeymoon.

In a setting that was part tropical island shore, part Washington forest, the film's leads Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner turned up to greet castmates, filmmakers and fans at the space constructed across from L.A. Live. 

PHOTOS: "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" premiere pictures

Director Bill Condon toasted his team under the approving gaze of the series' author, Stephenie Meyer, and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, as well as supporting cast members such as Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone.

Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facinelli smooch Elizabeth Reaser"I'm very happy with the film," Lutz told the Ministry while hosting a table of guys that included actor Ryan Rottman.

"Twilight" always brings famous fans as well, including Rob Lowe, Michael Chiklis and Arnold and Maria Shriver's boy Patrick Schwarzenegger. 

Produced again by Chad Hudson, the party featured a raised platform where the wedding tableau was re-created. More than 1,000 wisterias hung from vines above wooden benches and an epic trellis under which enthusiasts took photos.

Catching up with Rosenberg, who picked at sweet potato fries and sipped bubbly while twirling in her Carolina Herrera gown, she gushed that the designer had walked the red carpet with her.

"That was totally my highlight," Rosenberg said.

While Stewart changed out of her gown and into a white camisole, Lautner stayed suited to chat up industry types before all three leads left to grab a plane for London.

Across from the wedding reception stage was a beach scene with ocean waves projected onto the wall, romantic lounge furniture and even a few chess boards as a nod to Edward and Bella's honeymoon activity (well, one of their activities).  

While Rathbone puzzled folks in a crushed, red velvet suit, "Twilight" vampire parents Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser mingled with Billy Burke and Sarah Clarke from the human set.

Heads turned for Bruno Mars, who is featured on the soundtrack -- but there was one real showstopper: Hudson brought in the actual prop wedding cake from the film set, surrounding it with bejeweled cupcakes and ropes of pearls. 


'Breaking Dawn' premiere: live-streaming video from the black carpet

Robert Pattinson pleased after KStew walks a mile in his vampire contacts

'Breaking Dawn' stars leave their handprints, footprints outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre

-- Matt Donnelly

Top photo: "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer and Taylor Lautner. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Left photo: Jackson Rathbone, left, and Peter Facinelli smooch Elizabeth Reaser. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

'Breaking Dawn': Stewart, Pattinson, Lautner at a crossroads

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at the "Breaking Dawn" premiere

At "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1" premiere Monday night, there were the usual screaming fans, outlandish signs and slew of press outlets. But for the first time at a "Twilight Saga" premiere, stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner weren't preparing to film another installment in the mega-popular franchise.

Since "Breaking Dawn" Parts 1 and 2 wrapped this year, the actors have been free to pursue other film offers. Lautner, for one, just had his first leading-man turn in the action flick "Abduction" — which, unfortunately, did not do near the level of business typical for a "Twilight" film.

PHOTOS: "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1" Los Angeles premiere

Indeed, the 19-year-old admitted, he finds himself at an interesting crossroads. Asked if he is excited to be moving on to post-"Twilight" projects, he replied: "No and yes."

"It's moreso no, I'm not excited to be done. We have a lot fun making these movies together. We all get along great, and we're like a family by this point, so it's tough," he explained. "But yes at the same time, because we get to go off and do other things as actors, and this has been an incredible platform for us."

Stewart, meanwhile, is filming "Snow White and the Huntsman." Still, on the black carpet, she seemed comfortable jumping back into "Twilight" world, saying she found herself surprisingly at ease playing a mother in the latest film, out Friday.

"I really took to it. My favorite thing to play in this was that feral sort of mother," she explained. "None of it was really as strange as you think it would be.

"I guess it got strange when things were incredibly unreal, like when we had a fake baby. The real babies were amazing to work with, but suddenly you pick up this goopy, hairy doll, and it just doesn't really work.

As for what Pattinson found most surreal about shooting the infamous birth scene in the film, he offered up this, um, lovely gem:

"I mean, it's a little bit difficult to get more surreal than chewing through a placenta."


Robert Pattinson's sex-scene regret: Ruining such nice pillows

'Breaking Dawn' stars leave their handprints, footprints in Hollywood

'Breaking Dawn' premiere: live-streaming video from the black carpet

— Amy Kaufman

Photo: Robert Pattinson, left, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at the premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1." Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press.

'Breaking Dawn' premiere: live-streaming video from the black carpet

PHOTOS: "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" premiere

"Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" premiere camp in L.A.

This post has been corrected, as indicated below.

One big difference between the "Breaking Dawn" premiere campers, and the folks farther northeast downtown at Occupy L.A.? The Twi-hards have a clear set of demands: "Twilight," "Twilight" and more "Twilight" -- and if you would cap that with a little Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner on the red carpet before "Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" premieres at the Nokia Theatre, everyone would go home happy.

The "Breaking Dawn" fans, who've been camped in tents gathered under a larger tent at L.A. Live since Wednesday, got some extra entertainment Sunday morning: Supporting cast members, including Cullen family patriarch Peter Facinelli, vampire Jackson Rathbone, werewolf BooBoo Stewart and Denali vixens Casey LaBow and MyAnna Buring showed up for a breakfast-time autograph session and photo fest ahead of Monday's big event.

The "big three" stars will hit the scene Monday evening.

Twilight saga author Stephenie Meyer also showed ahead of the red carpet for the first time, handing out 600 pre-autographed copies of "Breaking Dawn" and delighting fans, some of whom thanked her for friendships that had resulted because of her books. 

"They're really kind to each other, which I love, and all very excited," Meyer said in a video interview Sunday, "and looking pretty good for having slept on the street."

The Ministry of Gossip will have the premiere's official live-streaming video from the red carpet starting at 5 p.m. PST -- so either bookmark this post or come back to the Ministry later to see KStew, RPattz, Taylor and more from the red carpet in Los Angeles.

There's a premiere in London's Stratford district Wednesday, and the movie hits U.S. theaters Friday.

[For the record, 6:11 p.m.: As commenters Andrea Lavigne and Candice Davis point out below, this post originally mixed up details on roles played by Jackson Rathbone, Casey LaBow and MyAnna Buring. Should be right now! No excuses, just blushing bright red right -- now back to the live feed and Twitter!/cdz.]


New 'Breaking Dawn' trailer: Amazeballs, yes or no? [Video]

Robert Pattinson pleased after KStew walks a mile in his vampire contacts

'Breaking Dawn' stars leave their handprints, footprints outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Peter Facinelli -- who plays vampire patriarch Dr. Carlisle Cullen -- meets with fans at a Time Warner autograph and photo brunch at the "Twilight: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" premiere camp on Sunday. Credit: Casey Rodgers / Associated Press

'Breaking Dawn' stars leave handprints, footprints in Hollywood

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner got immortalized in a non-vampire fashion Thursday, as the "Twilight Saga" triumvirate left imprints of their hands and feet outside Hollywood's Grauman's Chinese Theater.

"You're not gonna kill us, right?" emcee Jimmy Kimmel asked the massive crowd of fans assembled on Hollywood Boulevard, introducing the bright young things before KStew, RPatz and Tay-Tay plunged their mitts into cement.

PHOTOS: Fans flock as 'Twilight' stars leave imprints outside Grauman's Chinese

"It's because of the unbelievably enthusiastic fan support that … the stars of this film are unable to come out of their homes," Kimmel said. 

"I think this is really cool to be a part of Hollywood history," author Stephenie Meyer — looking incredibly svelte — said of the three stars.

"I'm excited for them, and I'm also very proud of them," the "Twilight" world's creator said. "Their lives have changed so much over the past few years, and they've done it with so much class."

"This is so crazy for us," Stewart said as the crowd shrieked, "I've been so enamored by this business, Hollywood. … I think this is the coolest thing I've ever done in my life."

In a black-and-nude mini, Stewart turned over the mike to a sunglasses-sporting Pattinson, who thanked fans for their consistency before suggesting everyone come up and put their own hands in the cement.

For you fans, we note a signature KStew move: The actress, who arrived in a chic pair of Brian Atwood pumps, changed into a black-and-white-checked pair of Vans to leave her footprint.


New 'Breaking Dawn' trailer: Amazeballs, yes or no? [Video]

First Look: Kristen Stewart in 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson's slight sex-scene 'adjustment'

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Robert Pattinson, left, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at their handprint and footprint ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theater on Nov. 3. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

Taylor Lautner going indie for a Gus Van Sant film

Taylor Lautner will star in a new Gus Van Sant movie.

It looks as if the sun is setting on Taylor Lautner's frothy action flicks including "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" and "Abduction" -- at least for his next project.

The chiseled actor will star in an indie film under the direction of Gus Van Sant, and will also reportedly serve as a producer.

A script is being developed from an optioned nonfiction New Yorker article, THR reports, and will give Lautner a chance to show some range. 

While wrapping up the "Twilight" franchise and keeping an eye on a still-gestating "Stretch Armstrong" over at Universal will still occupy the youngster's time, this left turn seems like a priority for Team Taylor.

A screenwriter has yet to be announced for the possible paradigm shift, but we can only take a leap and guess it's the wonderfully, um, verbal Dustin Lance Black -- who recently grabbed some attention over an Australian GQ cover story about Lautner.

Bringing up a recent dinner outing that saw Taylor breaking bread with openly gay Black and Van Sant, the writer of the GQ piece had asked the young star if his gay friends ever tried to make a pass. Black didn't appreciate the predatory insinuation. 

"Really Mr. GQ writer? I’m curious, will you be asking all of the handsome actors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with or meeting if I made passes at them as well?" Black said in a blog post in reaction


From abs to 'Abduction,' it's a new dawn for Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner explains how to freak out an insurance company [Video]

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg's OMG moments from the 'Breaking Dawn' trailer

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Taylor Lautner attends the September premiere of "Abduction" in Madrid. Credit: Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

'Abduction': Taylor Lautner gets a leading-man premiere [Video]

Taylor Lautner at the "Abduction" premiere

Taylor Lautner is no stranger to red-carpet fanfare. As a veteran of the "Twilight" franchise, he's become accustomed to girls lunging toward him, desperate for autographs or photographs. 

But at the premiere of each "Twilight" film, all of the attention isn't centered on the 19-year-old — fans also go wild for his costars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. That wasn't the case Thursday night, when Lautner's new film, "Abduction," premiered in Hollywood.

Pictures: 'Abduction' movie premiere in Hollywood

The John Singleton-directed film is the actor's bid to become an action star and leave his identity as a young heartthrob behind. But if the reception Lautner got outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre was any indication, it'll be a while before he can entirely abandon his teen pinup reputation.

Hundreds of girls lined Hollywood Boulevard, chanting "Taylor!" repeatedly in unison as Lautner made his way down the street, stopping to greet fans for nearly 40 minutes. Though "Abduction" is Lautner's first major role on the big screen, he came across as a veteran movie star, looking polished in a tailored suit and waving to those he didn't have the time to meet. 

It's no coincidence that Lautner exudes the presence of a Tom Cruise or a Matt Damon, said Singleton: The director asked the actor to watch the films of such stars to prepare for "Abduction."

"We studied Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon — I mean, we even studied James Dean — because I wanted him to see people that were kind of in his position when they were young and how they evolved and changed as artists, just so he could get a sense of what his own path would be," the filmmaker said.

Lautner, who said he was dazed by the "surreal" scene unveiling around him, said Singleton's suggestion helped him to "get the tone" for "Abduction."

"For Harrison Ford, we chose 'The Fugitive,' for Tom Cruise, 'Minority Report' — like, leading man on the run," he said. "And we got that tone right before we went to film."

In the film, Lautner is Nathan, a high schooler who discovers his face on a missing-persons website and begins questioning his identity. Nathan's psychiatrist is played by Sigourney Weaver, who said she believes Lautner will have a long career in Hollywood.

"He wants it, and I think that's the most important thing," Weaver said on the red carpet. "I always thought he was very good as the Indian-slash-werewolf or whatever he is [in the 'Twilight' films]. I actually think that's a harder role. Because this is in a way — he's playing a normal kid who's thrust into this incredible adventure. So I think actually you get to see more of who Taylor is in this."

For more on Lautner's transition from teen hunk to leading man, check out the profile of him that will be published in Sunday's Los Angeles Times print edition. Yes, ladies, with pictures.

"Abduction" opens Sept. 23.


From abs to 'Abduction,' it's a new dawn for Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner explains how to freak out an insurance company [Video]

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg's OMG moments from the 'Breaking Dawn' trailer

— Amy Kaufman

Photo: Taylor Lautner at the premiere of "Abduction." Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press.

Melissa Rosenberg's OMG moments from the 'Breaking Dawn' trailer

"Breaking Dawn" trailer insight from "The Twilight Saga" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg

Upon release of the full "Breaking Dawn" trailer, the Ministry had a tough decision to make: Let our heads explode with all the Edward-Bella-Jacob shenanigans, or call our friend Melissa Rosenberg for some insight.

We chose the latter. "The Twilight Saga" screenwriter, entrusted to adapt Stephenie Meyer's vampire series for the big screen, clued us in on her favorite moments from the new clip. Such as:

Ever after: Rosenberg was pleased that the trailer in part indicated that this film is about a marriage. "It teases the fact that this a story about ... a marriage going through some unusual stresses ....  At one point in the movie there's a line where Edward says, 'They say the first year is the hardest.' It's very funny."

Jacob's heartbreak: We were struck by Jacob's emotional goodbye to human Bella, as he knows she'll soon be promoted to Edward's immortal beloved. Rosenberg says that scene resonates more than we know. "It's a really sweet moment, and it's the moment the film turns. It turns into a horror film," she said. Speaking of which ....

The horror: Robert Pattinson's previous comments that Bill Condon was making a horror movie were ominous, and the trailer in fact reflects terrible times ahead for the residents of Forks, Wash. "We're beginning to get into the second half of the film, which turns more into a horror story. The images of Bella -- trust me, it only gets more intense," Rosenberg says.

What you never expected to see: If some footage surprises fans, or doesn't conjure memories from Meyer's books, Rosenberg understands. "I think fans may be a little freaked out. There's some conflict with the wolves that they may not remember -- there's a lot of conflict in the book that's resolved with a conversation and we only hear about it. For this movie I was able to play off of that," she said.


New 'Breaking Dawn' trailer: Amazeballs, yes or no? [Video]

Kellan Lutz learned to play guitar from Rob Pattinson, Jackson Rathbone

'Twilight' screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg talks Kristen Stewart, Bill Condon and 'Breaking Dawn'

--  Matt Donnelly

Photo: "The Twilight Saga" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, right, has been busy putting Stephenie Meyer's words in the mouths of actors Robert Pattinson, left, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Credits: Matt Sayles / Associated Press, left; handout


Taylor Lautner relives 'best kiss' kiss from Robert Pattinson

Taylor Lautner at the MTV Video Music Awards

Taylor Lautner showed his dimples at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, but talked more about his lips -- specifically, an award-show moment in May when Robert Pattinson planted a big, old kiss on them.

At the MTV Movie Awards in June, Lautner's "Twilight: Eclipse" costars Pattinson and Kristen Stewart snagged the trophy for best kiss, and during their acceptance speech Rob dashed into the audience and lip-locked Taylor.

"Oh, I was definitely kissed by [Rob]," Lautner told MTV News. "It was quite a shocker."

We hear you, Taylor: You did nothing to warrant the smooch, but Rob definitely threw down the gauntlet. Can the "Abduction" star steal his back thunder back by one-upping Pattinson?

"I honestly have no idea," Lautner said. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see."


Taylor Lautner builds it — and locked-out NFL players come to play [Video]

Taylor Lautner in 'Abduction': Lily Collins and Lautner's abs star in the trailer [Video]

'Breaking Dawn' invades Comic-Con: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images


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