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Five days of 'The Runaways'! Kristen Stewart on Joan Jett -- and the whole blogger problem


Joan Jett has a great admirer in Kristen Stewart. The young actress told me about her respect for the rocker Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival. 

"My biggest problem is bloggers," Stewart said of her modern struggles, compared to Jett's burden of breaking into the boys club of rock music. 

For being a girl playing guitar, "Joan had bottles thrown at her," Stewart marveled.

"What she has now is a thick, developed armor," Stewart said. "She's in tune with herself, honest, and has a self-preservation thing."

And about those pesky bloggers, perpetuating a maybe-romance with "Twilight" leading man Robert Pattinson?

"Hearsay is sometimes really awesome and sometimes really destructive," she said. "I don't care."

Bw run logo What are your thoughts on the girl power in "The Runaways"? The Internet speculation over Stewart and Pattinson? Tell me in comments.

— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Kristen Stewart banters with photographers at "The Runaways" premiere Sunday in Park City, Utah. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press.

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'Howl' star Jon Hamm: No beard secret -- just being lazy

JonhammbeardsdanceI've made no bones about my obsession with Jon Hamm's facial hair (this predates the Golden Globes beard bonanza, mind you). 

A little dream came true Friday when I caught up with the actor at Stella Artois' the Cutting Room, where he was promoting his Sundance flick "Howl."

"It's one of those things where I really wish it was on purpose," he laughed, "but it's just me being lazy."

As I previously told you, the scruff started for his character in Ben Affleck's just-wrapped "The Town." 

"That was meticulously cultivated scruff. When you're on a set for two months and they decide that your character is unshaven, it becomes this whole ordeal, hours and hours every day," he said. 

Come spring -- Hamm anticipates an April start for the fourth season of "Mad Men" -- he'll shave it off and get back into Don Draper's well-tailored suits. 

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Bill Gates thanks Ashton Kutcher for Twitter welcome, ponders Kristen Stewart, shows his Redford fanboy side

Gates and Guggenheim Microsoft mogul and charitable billionaire Bill Gates alerted the world via Twitter that he'd be in Park City, Utah, for Sundance -- using his verified account created last year but fired up only last week.

One thing that's different about being Bill Gates, however, is that when you post your first tweets, you get a same-day welcome from Ashton Kutcher, the unofficial mayor of the microblogging site. 

"I was very thankful for that; it was nice of him," Gates told me at the House of Hype's Bing Supper Club, where a dinner party was held for the flick. The chance to support the picture, in which he has a cameo, is part of what lured him to the indie film festival for the first time.

I got to chat with the philanthropist about the documentary "Superman" and its underscoring of the education crisis in America, his entry into the wonderful world of Twitter, and even about festival darling and "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart ... 

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Josh Radnor: the 'happythankyoumoreplease' Sundance sit-down

Josh radnor Regarding life as a writer-director-star, Josh Radnor seems to be adjusting quite well, thank you.

"I go back and forth between manic panic and total euphoria," the "How I Met Your Mother" actor told me about his work on "happythankyoumoreplease," a film that's a series of interwoven stories about friends in their 30s adjusting to adult life.

"I wanted to create a great acting opportunity for myself," he explained as we sat down in Park City, Utah. The stories came together -- one in which an unassuming subway rider finds himself in charge of an abandoned boy, one about a woman living with alopecia, another about a couple coming to terms with their bond. 

The flick's biggest audience to date has been a 40-person screening. At this weekend's Sundance Film Festival, it will play to around 1,250.

"I have no reference point for this kind of excitement," he said. "I'm just excited for people to see the movie."
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The Ministry presents: A celebrity guide to Sundance 2010

Sundance2010 It's fast approaching: the time of year when stars flee Hollywood and its megawatt award shows for the sleepy town of Park City, Utah, where Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival celebrates independent filmmaking.

And raging parties.

And swag for miles.

And throngs of Angelenos blowing dust off their snow gear.

So -- I am also headed to Park City, where I'll be tweeting live on @LATcelebs and posting daily here at the Ministry about all things celeb. But first let me give you a taste of where the bold-faced names will be screening, drinking, primping and getting showered with swag:

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'Zombieland's' Abigail Breslin beats 'Little Miss Sunshine' to Broadway

AbbyzombieAbigail Breslin is headed to Broadway, where she'll play Helen Keller in a revival of "The Miracle Worker," Culture Monster reports.

Guess the Oscar nominee couldn't wait for the next incarnation of "Little Miss Sunshine," which the Sundance Institute is adapting for the stage. (The Academy Award-winning "Sunshine" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006.) No worries -- at 13, Abigail's clearly way too mature to reprise the role of adorable, fashion-forward Olive.

The role is a big departure from her recent turn in the box-office hit "Zombieland."

From Michael Ordona's L.A. Times' review (emphasis mine):

"Clearly, the horror-comedy 'Zombieland' is not your average gore-nucopia. There are plenty of exploding heads, sure, but while there are a number of gross-outs and jolts in it, 'Zombieland' is mostly about character-based laughs. ... Emma Stone ( 'The House Bunny') is saucy as a hard-bitten survivor, and Abigail Breslin ('Little Miss Sunshine') is killer-cute as her rifle-toting little sister."

From where we sit, we think anyone who can tote a rifle and pull off this scene from the finale of "Little Miss Sunshine" has a dang good chance of rocking Broadway's house as well. (Please don't click that link, however, if a doctor, or your conscience, has cautioned you to avoid videos containing Rick James' funk-a-licious "Super Freak," or one tiny little f-bomb from Steve Carell.)

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Abigail Breslin, above left, with Emma Stone in "Zombieland." Below, the future Helen Keller in the finale of "Little Miss Sunshine." Credits: Columbia Pictures, above; Fox Searchlight, below.



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