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PREACH IT! Spencer Pratt is either very patriotic, or very angry

Spencer prattWe’re shocked, just shocked, at reports that Spencer Pratt may not have come completely clean with the media this week.

Pratt, that shy violet and the husband of natural beauty Heidi Montag, claimed that he was quitting the reality show “The Hills” to pursue the life of a digital anti-terror warrior. The statement, which came via People magazine, indicated that Pratt was taking engineering classes at USC and that he would soon start working with a company called American Defense Enterprises.

Turns out, maybe, not so much.

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PREACH IT! Spencer Pratt, fighting for truth, justice and the American database

Speidi Where to begin with this one, where to begin ... Well, this story definitely falls under that extremely necessary MOG category of “There Are No Words.” Maybe we should just stick with the facts. When they’re this amazingly flabbergasting, you really don’t need much else.

People magazine reports that Spencer Pratt -- half of the most media-desperate couple on Earth -- has chosen a new profession. After studying software engineering at USC -- “with a focus on encryption” -- Pratt has announced he’ll work for American Defense Enterprises in its cyber security division.

"Upon learning of President Obama's declaration that the 'cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation,' I have decided to refocus my energy and devote my full resources to helping America face this and other unprecedented challenges," he told People in a very not-pre-written statement.

"My new mission is this: To do my part in maintaining the technological superiority of the U.S. military and prevent emerging technologies from threatening our nation's security,” Pratt continues.

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