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Before Kate Moss speaks again, we want to shove a sandwich in her mouth

Kate2009oct "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"?

Well, Kate Moss, say what you will to WWD, but if it's you versus those uptight health professionals and others who consider eating to be a necessity, we're siding with the snacks.

Why the uproar? Because when the original sunken-eyed face of heroin chic speaks out about weight -- or wears fur, or loses contracts after allegations of drug use -- there's no proper response except an uproar. 

See, the "nothing tastes as good" motto started among people trying to lose weight for healthful reasons. That's a good thing.

But now it's also commonly used in online communities that support anorexia and bulimia for starving's and barfing's sake. Do a search for "thinspiration" if you think Lifetime movies don't come true. But beware -- the results can be gross.

Katie Green, the model who was "too fat" for Wonderbra and is now campaigning to stop the use of ultra-thin models, told the Sun newspaper Moss' comments are "shocking and irresponsible."

On the other side, the agency that reps Moss said in a statement that the phrase was part of a longer answer and had been taken out of context: "For the record, Kate does not support this as a lifestyle choice."

Thank goodness we don't take many tips from supermodels.

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Russian billionaire makes Jay-Z and Beyonce look cheap

Beyonce It seems not all waiters have to worry about the dangers of celebs who dine and dash and don't leave a tip.

On Monday, Beyoncé and Jay-Z made headlines with a $1,200 lunch and $500 tip at Nello's Italian restaurant in New York.

Then Friday, again at Nello's, Russian billionaire/soccer squad owner Roman Abramovich showed them how it's really done: $39,892.89 in food and drink plus tax, plus an included 20% gratuity -- after math is done, that's $7,328.20. And there are the rumors of a five-grand tip on top of that.

Check out the Daily Mail's detailed account of the lunch, including a copy of the receipt. Probably can't find those wines at Trader Joe's, eh?

And we thought The Times' cafeteria had gotten a little pricey. Silly mortals.

Is there a lesson here for Jane Adams?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Beyoncé onstage in Japan on Oct. 18. Credit: Getty Images

Britney Spears hands out 'Fun Size' pieces of her '3' music video

Halloween's this Saturday and gosh, it seems as if all the sugary childhood stuff that you know is bad for you is out there in irresistible little one-bite, "Fun Size" packages.

Including tiny tastes of Britney Spears' upcoming music video for her song "3."

No, that video link isn't broken -- that's just all you get in one bite.

Over at BumpShack, there's a roundup of Brit's teaser videos and pics, which we've been nibbling on all day, but we simply must share with you a couple of "Fun Size" chunks of the lyrics as well:

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Jerry O'Connell writing an owner's manual to go with his twins

JerryJerry O'Connell, child actor turned teen heartthrob turned stay-at-home father of his and Rebecca Romijn's now 10-month-old twins, is writing "Cry, Feed, (Make Love to Wife), Burp," a book about being a dad, MediaBistro's GalleyCat reports.

Hey, why the heck not? Dude had the answers to the most important child-rearing questions handed to him in the script to his breakout film, "Stand by Me."

On nutrition: Stock up on cherry-flavored Pez.

Safety: It's OK to play on the train tracks, as long as you don't fall down.

Conflict resolution: Superman > Mighty Mouse.

Sharing: Calling "dibs" is not the answer.

And on taking the gang to see a dead body? Please, people, do today's parents really need a book to answer that question?

Wait, really?

Um, OK then. (Clears throat.)

On taking the gang to see a dead body: Field trips are good -- just remember to bring a lunch, 'cause you know the kid in the striped shirt is gonna get hungry.

P.S.: And if your kids want to book a play date with the likes of the O'Connell-Romijn clan? We suggest watching the video below, and then considering your options carefully.

Very carefully.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo credit: Gregg DeGuire / WireImage.com


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