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Beyond Rick Sanchez: Who should Jon Stewart fight with next?

Jon-stewart-rick-sanchezHost Jon Stewart has hated on a lot of people since he took over "The Daily Show," and most of the time the outcome for many victims who attempt comebacks has not turned out well.

Rick Sanchez, the Twitter-happy CNN anchor, was fired last week most likely because, after getting lobbed with "Daily Show" jeers for some time, he lashed out at Stewart, calling him a "bigot" and implying that Jews run CNN and "all other networks." Stewart, who is of Jewish descent, fired back over the weekend at a charity event — "all he has to do is apologize to us, and we'll hire him back — and via his TV show. If Sanchez's wife's Facebook page is to be believed, the anchor has since apologized.

But he's not alone. Way back when, Tucker Carlson also left CNN after a bout with Stewart on "Crossfire" and eventually appeared on "Dancing With the Stars"; Carlson now blogs for the Daily Beast, where he's poked this bear some more. Meanwhile, CNBC's "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer was simply made to look like a fool when he appeared on "The Daily Show." (In Cramer's corner after the fight: Tucker Carlson.)

Stewart, of course, is famous for skewering politicos and pundits — but what about celebrities?

Is there anyone in Hollywood you'd like to see him take on? Share in the comments.

— Whitney Friedlander

Photo: Jon Stewart at Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education," the Oct. 2 charity event at which he addressed Sanchez's firing. Credit: Jason Kempin / Getty Images.

PREACH IT! Which is hotter, Russell Crowe's face, or his temper? [Poll] [Updated]


Recently one of my readers wrote in to ask me if I thought Russell Crowe had finally mellowed out. You know, given up on the phone throwing and the cussing and the general scrumming.

The answer? Not so much.

Many inconveniences have set off Crowe in the past, including a hotel concierge who once declined to help him make a phone call. Now we may add another flashpoint to that list: telling Crowe he sounds Irish.

During an interview with the BBC, journalist Mark Lawson -- who certainly knows more about British regional accents than Australian-by-way-of-New Zealand Crowe -- noted that the actor sounds a bit Irish in his new film, about the legendary English hero Robin Hood.

"You've got dead ears, mate, seriously dead ears if you think there's an Irish accent," Crowe snapped.

Lawson responded by asking if Crowe had been trying for a "Northern English" inflection instead. Crowe retorted, "No, I was going for an Italian, yeah. Missed it?" The sarcasm was followed ...

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PREACH IT! Naomi Campbell strikes again -- literally

Naomi Another day, another smackdown for some mortal who dares to speak unto Naomi Campbell. The glamazon is already infamous for her fashionable fists of fury, having faced accusations of assaulting more than a half-dozen people, including, but not limited to, a maid and a driver. Now comes word that Campbell has turned her wrath on the press.

The whole scrum started at an interview. ABC News sat down with Campbell this week to discuss, among other things, the current war-crimes tribunal against former Liberian President Charles Taylor. Taylor is accused of using blood diamonds to fuel a campaign of terror against the neighboring country of Sierra Leone, and there’s a story going around that Taylor once gave Campbell just such a blood diamond.

The war-crimes prosecutors would love to talk to Campbell to confirm that story; it sure would help send Taylor to jail, after all. But so far, she’s declined to cooperate. When ABC asked her about the blood diamond, Campbell got antsy.

"I didn't receive a diamond and I'm not going to speak about that," Campbell told ABC News. She then ended the interview. And punched the camera in a producer's hand.

Actually, there’s some indication that Campbell isn’t merely a bully but also, maybe, a liar. Take it away, ABC:

Campbell's alleged receipt of a "blood diamond" first surfaced after actress Mia Farrow told prosecutors she heard Campbell describe a "huge diamond" she had received from Taylor. "You don't forget when a girlfriend tells you she was given a huge diamond in the middle of the night," Farrow told ABC News. ... "She said during the night, some men had knocked at her door and she, half asleep, had opened the door and it was representatives of President Charles Taylor and that they had given her a huge diamond," Farrow told ABC News. "We were like, 'oh my gosh.'"

Does all this add up to evidence that Campbell is being dishonest with the law? Possibly. But it definitely proves something else: She hasn’t changed. Like so many other celebrities who have been given second and third chances, Campbell has been at this bullying-and-denial business for -- no joke -- a decade now, catwalking in and out of anger-management classes and courtrooms.

In a February interview with CNN, she called herself a “work in progress” who has nonetheless faced her "demons." Maybe she and her demons need to pencil in a few more meetings.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Naomi Campbell speaks at a Women for Women International campaign at the Brooklyn Bridge on March 8, 2010, in New York City. Moments later, Campbell calmly sold the bridge to onlookers who'd been admiring her collection of anger-management certificates. Credit: Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images.

If you believed everything you read in the caption above, don't bother touring the Preach It! archives. Want the headlines? Follow the Ministry of Gossip on Twitter (we're @LATcelebs) or become a fan on Facebook at facebook.com/ministryofgossip.

PREACH IT! Is your family prepared in case of a Naomi Campbell attack?

Naomi In light of the most recent alleged attack on a civilian by Naomi Campbell, we here at the Ministry of Gossip have prepared the following guidelines on protecting yourself and your family in the event of an onslaught.

As any decent follower of gossip knows, the zombie apocalypse is nothing compared with the raging, curiously sharp knuckles of a supermodel with an anger management problem. In this latest case, Campbell was riding in a car in New York when she allegedly struck her driver, causing his head to slam into his steering wheel. Campbell then vanished on foot; no criminal charges will be filed.

At this hour, all parties are said to look fabulous.

Given the number of documented daytime assaults waged by Campbell (at least three, including one blitz against a pair of police officers), one must be prepared for staging a defense at any hour. Unlike vampires, Campbell has not been known to weaken in the presence of the sun; she's similarly immune to silver -- as she has modeled plenty of that during her more than two-decade-long career -- crosses, holy water and, presumably, garlic.

One must also keep in mind that Campbell does not limit her attacks to manual salvos. She also is skilled with projectiles, having once thrown a mobile phone at a housekeeper in a scrum over a pair of jeans. Campbell spent five days mopping floors and cleaning toilets as part of a 2007 community service sentence in connection with that incident. Still, better safe than sorry. If you or a family member should encounter Campbell in person, it’s best to duck preemptively, and maybe say something nice about Azzedine Alaia.

Lastly, it should be noted ...

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