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Looks as if Sen.-elect Scott Brown is gonna be fun!

Cosmo Scott Brown, we wanna party with you! Seriously.

The Republican senator-elect, who on Tuesday won the Massachusetts seat held by Democrats since 1953, appears to have a personality -- one that doesn't err on the side of "prim and proper."

What a relief. 

He already has naked pictures (a Cosmo centerfold from 1982) and a gone-rogue, off-script quote for the ages (see the video above). Wife Gail Huff is a newscaster and onetime actress who appeared in an '80s music video wearing less than a burqa. One of his daughters, Ayla Brown, made it to "American Idol's" top 16 on Season 5 of the show. And he's had a brain-exploding effect on both Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann, which is hysterical any way you slice it.

Ayla, by the way, admitted to Politico that she was slightly embarrassed during the speech (if you watch her jaw drop in the video, gee, ya think?) but, she said, "that’s what gives people a chance to see my real dad.”

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