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Scarlett Johansson not entirely over divorce from Ryan Reynolds

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson may have moved on with a new beau, ad man Nate Naylor, but that doesn't mean ex-husband Ryan Reynolds is just somebody that she used to know.

"I don't feel on the other side of it completely, but it gets better," she told Vogue regarding her divorce, which the couple announced in December 2010 and finalized the following July, leaving the world tragically deprived of what might have been genetically perfect offspring.

"It's still there. More than anything, it's just that not having your buddy around all the time is weird."

Aww. OK, that almost, almost makes up for the dating-Sean-Penn thing, which started after the marriage was declared done but ended before her divorce was final ("I never put a title on it, really, but we were seeing each other," she told the mag).  

"This was something I never thought I would be doing," she said of the split. "And there's no way to navigate it. ... It's a very lonely thing. It's like the loneliest thing you’ll ever do, in some way."

Not to worry: Johansson has plenty of company coming up on the big screen, where she'll star with Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner and Gwyneth Paltrow in  "The Avengers," opening May 4.


Scarlett Johansson: I was 'burdened' as my 'Avengers' character

Meet Scarlett Johansson's new beau: advertising exec Nate Naylor

Who gave us Scarlett Johansson naked? FBI says Christopher Chaney

— Christie D'Zurilla
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Photo: Scarlett Johansson at "The Avengers" premiere April 11 at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Scarlett Johansson's hacked nude pics were for Ryan Reynolds

Scarlett Johansson is saying a bit more about the nude photos hacked from her smartphone in March -- particularly that it wasn't a vanity shoot, just for her husband at the time.

Johannson says that Ryan Reynolds was the intended recipient of pictures that showed her exposed backside and upper body, but we all know who got them: everybody

"I know my best angles,” she tells Vanity Fair, adding, "they were sent to my husband ... there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like I was shooting a porno."

"Although there’s nothing wrong with that either," she maintains. 

While the culprit who lifted the shots from ScarJo, and several other famous females like Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera, was nabbed by the FBI, the case of Reynolds and Johannson's quickie divorce remains a mystery. But "The Avengers" star shed a bit of light on the time after their split. 

"I didn’t really know what to do with myself. It was such a strange time. There was nothing that was interesting to me. I had a very public separation. It was difficult. I felt very uncomfortable," she said.

Reynolds has since been linked to Blake Lively, while Johannson enjoyed a brief romance with actor Sean Penn. 


Scarlett Johansson enlists FBI over allegedly hacked naked photos

Who gave us Scarlett Johansson naked? FBI says Christopher Chaney

Justin Timberlake says that's not his penis revealed in pictures stolen from Mila Kunis

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Scarlett Johansson broods opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Woody Allen's 2005 "Match Point." Credit: Clive Coote / DreamWorks

'The Change-Up': Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman mix it up

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock at "The Change-Up" premiere

Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman switched on the charm at Monday's premiere of "The Change-Up," their upcoming take on one of Hollywood's classic genres: the body-switching comedy. In the tradition of "Freaky Friday" or even "13 Going on 30," Reynolds and Bateman hit theaters Friday as two buddies who trade lives.

"The Change-Up" has Bateman playing a family man who puts in long hours at a law firm and comes home to change dirty diapers, and Reynolds cast as a slacker playboy who picks up women at Lamaze classes. In a totally believable turn of events, the two wish for each other's life -- while urinating in a fountain, no less -- and presto, change-o, bodies and lives are swapped.

Photos: "The Change-Up" premiere

When it came to learning one another's tics and mannerisms to sell the switch, Reynolds said of costar Bateman, "I got a few of the mannerisms down ... the slow-burn eyebrow raise that he does."

Bateman, however, said he and Reynolds were careful not to "do impressions of one another."

"Because we're not that talented, really," he joked. "So we just tried to play our versions of an idiot and a straight guy. It was easy. The script was so funny, we didn't want to distract from that by trying to do impersonations."

Talk about distracting: The two would later be joined on the red carpet by Sandra Bullock, Reynolds' costar in "The Proposal," who turned up to support her friend's most recent summer effort.

Olivia Wilde -- cast as a tempting love interest in the movie -- said she thinks audiences love goofy body-switching films because "it's a fantasy most people have had."

"The thing about body switching is the stakes are inevitably always really high, because you're gonna find yourself in awkward situations, and that's what people like to watch -- or what I like to watch, at least," she said, smiling.

Meanwhile, Leslie Mann -- real-life wife of Judd Apatow and onscreen wife of Bateman's "Change-Up" character -- was rather distressed over having to miss the "The Bachelorette" finale for the sake of the red carpet.

But if Mann had the opportunity to switch bodies with anyone, who might that be?

"Ryan Gosling's girlfriend," she said.

Amen, sista.


Olivia Wilde, Jason Bateman toast cover boy Ryan Reynolds

'Green Lantern' premiere: Ryan Reynolds is lively, Blake Lively is late

'Horrible Bosses' premiere: Jennifer Aniston goes over big-time as the bad girl

-- Amy Kaufman

Photo: Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock arrive at the premiere of "The Change-Up" at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood on Monday. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

'Green Lantern' premiere: Ryan Reynolds is lively, Blake Lively is late [Video]

Ryan Reynolds at the "Green Lantern" premiere

Ryan Reynolds may be the star of "Green Lantern," but it was Blake Lively who seemed to be the center of attention at the film's premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday evening.

Reynolds, who plays Hal Jordan in the film, arrived to the event in a timely fashion, stopping to speak individually to every one of the roughly 40 press outlets camped out on the carpet.

"All of these people out here, it's fantastic," he said, glancing at the horde of eager fans populating Hollywood Boulevard. "I'm always excited [when my movies open]. You're always excited to show your work.

While Reynolds continued to make his way down the media line, Lively was nowhere to be seen. Publicists explained she was stuck in "Hollywood Bowl traffic."

Photo-gallery  Sure enough, she showed up five minutes before the movie was supposed to premiere, dressed in a jaw-dropper of a Chanel number that seemed to turn just about everyone's head. She had about 20 of her family members in tow, and even conducted a few interviews with some of her young relatives flanking her.

But because she was late, she had to rush relatively quickly into Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Studio representatives promised she'd return immediately after the movie was introduced -- which she did about 20 minutes later, granting cheery-but-brief interviews to grouped bunches of media outlets.

That meant we didn't get to throw any questions her way, though we did get to listen to her enthusiastically explain what she believes makes "Green Lantern" different from all of the other comic book films out there this summer.

"I think the "Green Lantern" is unique because the emphasis is that he's a man, not that he's super, you know?" she said, smiling.

"He inherits this incredible amount of responsibility, but, he's like, 'Eh, I'm not really sure I want it. You can give that to someone else.' ... So it's pretty honest in such a fantastical world. It's nice to have these characters that are very human at the heart of it."

"Green Lantern" opens Friday.


Olivia Wilde, Jason Bateman toast cover boy Ryan Reynolds

'Green Lantern' star Ryan Reynolds: 'This is the movie the fans want to see'

Blake Lively says nude photos are fake -- but what about time with Leonardo DiCaprio?

--Amy Kaufman

Top photo: Ryan Reynolds greets fans at the "Green Lantern" premiere in Hollywood on Thursday. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

Left photo: A late Blake Lively, center, shows up at Grauman's with an entourage of family members. Credit: Robyn Beck / Agence France Presse / Getty Images

Olivia Wilde, Jason Bateman toast cover boy Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds poses with Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde Ryan Reynolds might have been only one star in a huge constellation of celebrities at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, but Monday found the actor headlining the night at an exclusive celebration of his new magazine cover.

At Los Angeles Italian joint Dominick's, plenty of Reynolds' famous pals came to toast the "Green Lantern" star and his Details magazine cover -- including Olivia Wilde, Leslie Mann and Jason Bateman, his costars in the August release "The Change-Up." 

Mann brought along her husband, producer and director Judd Apatow, who gazed upon another star couple: "True Blood" hunk Joe Manganiello and fiancée Audra Marie.

Jason Bateman and Judd Apatow Guests mingled with Details editor Dan Peres over cocktails before a sit-down dinner for 30 commenced. 

Reynolds dished a bit in the cover story about his split from Scarlett Johansson. Well, dished that their divorce had no business being discussed publicly.

"The media was not invited to my marriage, and they're definitely not invited into the divorce," he said.

Though exclusive, his Monday gathering certainly looked more inviting.


Ryan Reynolds files for divorce from Scarlett Johansson

Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds pal around on New Year's Eve

Ryan Reynolds talks divorce, baby-sitting for Sandra Bullock

-- Matt Donnelly

Right photo: Ryan Reynolds is the lucky center of a sandwich including Leslie Mann, left, and Olivia Wilde. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Left photo: Jason Bateman, left, and Judd Apatow. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images


Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn call it quits

Scarjopenn Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn have called it quits. After a whirlwind romance, reports People, it looks like this rebound relationship ran its course.

The A-list couple caused a media blitz when they were spotted together in Cabo San Lucas in March and then reportedly moved in together in April. Baby bump buzz and a trip to the White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, D.C., only fueled interest in the couple.

However, things didn't seem quite so lovey dovey when ScarJo skipped out on Penn's big Cannes premiere for "Tree of Life" in May. She stayed back in the States to film "The Avengers" in New Mexico instead. So far, a source has confirmed the break up to People, but no explanation was provided.

Both actors had gone through public divorces recently. Penn and Robin Wright were officially over in July 2010; Johansson and Ryan Reynolds split in December.


Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn heat up in Mexico

Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson step out as a couple

Report: Scarlett Johansson, Sean Penn move in together

-- Emily Christianson

Photos: Sean Penn at a discussion about Haiti in Washington on Jan. 10; Scarlett Johansson at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in West Hollywood. Credits:  Alex Wong / Getty Images, left; Craig Barritt / Getty Images, right.

Ryan Reynolds talks divorce, baby-sitting for Sandra Bullock

Ryan Reynolds covers Details magazine

Ryan Reynolds is making the rounds for his new comic book epic, "Green Lantern," and shows his softer side in a new interview. Just don't ask him about Scarlett Johansson.

"The media was not invited to my marriage, and they're definitely not invited into the divorce," Reynolds said of his and Johannson's parting last year.

Though he's not about to talk about his personal life, a few of his famous pals showed up to praise him in the new issue of Details, for which Ryan serves as cover boy.

"As his friend, any dark secrets that I may or may not know are forever safe with me," said his friend (just his friend!) Sandra Bullock.

"Unless he doesn't do something I want him to do, like baby-sitting. When that day comes, I'll be sure to hold a press conference."

Similar praise is lavished by funnyman Jason Bateman, who said, "It's still not the norm to be as decent as Ryan is. Decent without being a boob. He's the World’s Sexiest Man and all that ... but he's still a real guy, not a noodle."

Check out more photos and Reynolds' full interview here


Gwyneth Paltrow: I'm in the best shape of my life

"Twilight" alum Cam Gigandet is back in the vampire lane

Alexander Skarsgard on "True Blood" love scenes, competing with father Stellan

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Ryan Reynolds lounges in John Varvatos pants. Credit: Matthias Vriens-McGrath / Details

Report: Scarlett Johansson, Sean Penn move in together

Seanscarjo Scarlett Johansson's quick rebound relationship with Sean Penn might be more serious than we thought. The couple is reportedly living together, according to UsWeekly.

Playing house in Penn's $3.8-million Malibu pad? Not too shabby for ScarJo, who spent months living in a West Hollywood hotel after her December 2010 divorce from Ryan Reynolds.

Johansson and Penn haven't been shy about their courting. In fact, photos of the couple out for a jog with Owen Wilson, erupted into online pregnancy rumors this week. Of course Johansson's rep quashed the rumors, telling People, "Scarlett is not pregnant. She's been training for 'The Avengers' for over four months and is in the best shape of her life."

Baby bump buzz aside, news of the relationship came as a shock in February due to their 24-year age difference. Penn, who has two kids with his ex-wife Robin Wright, is 50, while Johansson is 26.


Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn heat up in Mexico

Pia Toscano and 'DWTS' pro Mark Ballas do a dinner date

Benicio Del Toro is going to be a baby daddy — with Rod Stewart's baby girl Kimberly Stewart

-- Emily Christianson

Left photo: Sean Penn. Credit: Ronald Zak / Associated Press

Right photo: Scarlett Johansson. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

Jennifer Lopez tops People magazine's 2011 Most Beautiful list

Jennifer Lopez named People's most beautiful woman Jennifer Lopez has made it to the top of People magazine's Most Beautiful list.

The New York-born "American Idol" judge beat out the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner and Eva Longoria.

"Rarely am I left speechless, but I feel honored," the 41-year-old singer told the magazine.

Jenny from the Block, whose current single "On the Floor" is No. 8 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart this week, is married to singer Marc Anthony and has twins with him. Her upcoming album titled "Love?" will be out in May. And, lest we forget, Lopez recently debuted a reworking of the classic "Venus" song in Gilette razor commercials and has attained the unique title of "Venus Global Ambassador."

"I don't want anybody thinking it's easy. It does take time and it's hard work. HDTV wide-screen is nobody's friend!" Lopez, she of the perfect posterior, said of her beauty regimen.

Other women who made People's list: singer Jessica Simpson, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, "Tangled" star Mandy Moore, "Desperate Housewives' " Dana Delany, Mrs. Tom Cruise Katie Holmes and "The Office's" Mindy Kalig and Ellie Kemper.

On the men's side, Zac Efron took top honors. The 23-year-old "High School Musical" alum took first place thanks to his abs, pecs and chest.

"I think it's important to remember to live in the moment and enjoy every day to the fullest," Efron told the magazine.

Efron, who also topped last year's list, is set to appear in Garry Marshall's star-studded "New Year's Eve."

Behind him were "Twilight" hottie Kellan Lutz and newly single Ryan Reynolds, People's sexiest man alive.

This year's Most Beautiful issue hits newsstands Friday.


Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige do chic eats for UNICEF

Jennifer Lopez's 'On the Floor' video premieres on 'Idol' [Poll]

Jennifer Lopez shines at annual amFAR benefit in France [pictures]

-- Nardine Saad

Photo: Jennifer Lopez on "American Idol." Credit: Tony Duran / Fox

Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds pal around on New Year's Eve

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds Looks like Sandra Bullock had a proposal Ryan Reynolds couldn't refuse — a friendly invite to spend New Year's Eve at her restaurant in Texas.

Reynolds announced his split from actress Scarlett Johansson just before the holiday rush and took himself down to Austin to hang with his costar and her friends.

"A group of old friends that included Ryan and Sandra spent New Year's together at Sandra's restaurant Bess Bistro," a Bullock rep told People. "They all had a great time ringing in the New Year as they have in the past ... as nothing more than friends."

Friends, friends, friends. We think that's the message?

Regardless, the two must be thrilled to welcome a new year (and perhaps a new project). How better to do so than as a team?

If you've got an answer, tell us in the comments section below.


Ryan Reynolds files for divorce from Scarlett Johansson

Ryan Reynolds reportedly tried to keep marriage together

Jay-Z, Coldplay host an army of celebs for New Year's Eve concert

— Matt Donnelly

Photo: 10!...9!...8! -- whatever, we're just friends. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds star in "The Proposal." Credit: Touchstone Picture.


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