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'Jersey Shore's' Ronnie and The Situation reportedly brawl in Italy

Ronnie and Situation fight
"Jersey Shore's" Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino got into an all-out fistfight in Italy, according a report.

Though the cause of the Monday night brawl is unclear, it may have been sparked by a fight between Ronnie's on-again, off-again girlfriend Sammie Giancola, TMZ reported. All that Ron-Ron Juice must have gotten him amped because Sitch got pummeled quite a bit. We imagine their cameramen got it all on tape.

Jersey Shore cast in Italy Ronnie's knuckles were cut and bleeding and Sitch's eye was surrounded by red marks poorly concealed by a hoodie, the site reported. The two arrived separately at their apartment hours after the brawl. See the photos here.

The Situation has earned a reputation as "The Snitchuation" on the show because of his frequent tattletale tactics and instigating innuendos. Some "Shore" fans have probably been waiting for this moment for a while, but we're not sure if that warrants a beating.

The cast is shooting the fourth season of the hard-partying MTV reality show in their ancestral land, filming the series in Florence, Italy's Renaissance City. And Ronnie and Sitch aren't the only ones wreaking havoc in the old country.

Deena Cortese, the self-proclaimed "blast in a glass," was spotted plunging into Florence's Arno river after climbing a ledge, and the cast has incited a crosstown pizza battle, according to the New York Post. Florence's Mayor Matteo Renzi has barred the meatball-lovers from filming in bars, clubs and drinking in public. They also can't film at historic landmarks like the Uffizi Gallery and Boboli Gardens.

It remains to be seen how that will affect the next season.

Do you think "The Situation" deserved his beating? How do you think the next season of "Jersey Shore" will compare to previous seasons? Tell us in comments.


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Pregnant 'Jersey Shore' alum Angelina Pivarnick no longer engaged

'Jersey Shore' spinoffs multiply: Snooki, JWoww are moving in together [Poll]

-- Nardine Saad

Photos: Left, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images. Right, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. Credit: Charles Sykes / Associated Press. Lower left: "Jersey Shore" cast in Italy. Credit: Fabrizio Giovannozzi / Associated Press

'Jersey Shore' villainess Angelina Pivarnick is pregnant

Angelina Pivarnick is pregnant, 'Jersey Shore' star pregnant Holy juice-headed meatballs, Snooki! Former "Jersey Shore" housemate Angelina Pivarnick is pregnant!

The self-proclaimed "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island" and fiancé Dave Kovacs are expecting a little tan bundle of joy, TMZ reported.

Pivarnick did not say when the baby is due, but till then, no more Ron Ron Juice for this girl.

Kovacs proposed to the onetime shore house villain in February at Style360 Sachika's Fashion Show after only a few months of dating. She had previously been linked to "The Bachelor" alum Justin Rego.

Her baby daddy got down on one knee during the red carpet walk-up to the event — popping the question for all the lined-up cameras to see. Strategic, much? And he gave her a 2.5-carat platinum ring to seal the deal.

No word yet on when she plans to get married, but we have a feeling it'll probably be publicly displayed as well. 


Anderson Cooper picks on Snooki for being Snooki

'Jersey Shore' spinoffs multiply: Snooki, JWoww are moving in together [Poll]

PREACH IT! Pass the peppehs, we're going down the shore (the 'Jersey Shore,' that is)

— Nardine Saad

Photo: Angelina Pivarnick. Credit: Emily Shur / MTV.

Snooki on 'Letterman': Top 10 reasons to buy her 'Shore Thing'


Gosh, is there anything Snooki can't do? Add "reading from cue cards" to the growing list of accomplishments from Nicole Polizzi, the "Jersey Shore" star who is now an author and the stuffing for a New Year's Eve ball.

Snooki does a top 10 on her book for David Letterman The pint-sized tan one paid a visit David Letterman to deliver his popular "Top 10" list — offering reasons why the world should purchase her novel, "A Shore Thing."

We'll let you watch the countdown above but do offer you our favorite, No. 5: "Includes helpful tips on how to clean Ron-Ron juice out of your Camaro."



Snooki Polizzi's New Year's Eve ball drop booted to Jersey

'Jersey Shore's' Snooki promotes safe sex on her birthday

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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Snooki makes a book-tour stop at a Borders in New York. Credit: Charles Sykes / Associated Press.

PREACH IT! The Situation is taking over our brains. Our brains!

Mike-the-situation-sorrenti We just read an excerpt from the Situation's new how-to book. You know, the one that helps the planet live more like the Situation. And now every times we open our yaps, we speechify like a freakin’ beach gorilla over here.

Here's an excerpt from the Situation's new self-help tome, in which we learn how to scope out the fresh threads:

If you want to bust out a deep-V that's safety-cone orange because you think that's your color, then wear the hell out of that fruity shirt so everybody in the club knows that nobody owns it like you do. ... I wear what makes me feel good because I'm at the tip of the spear — the cutting edge of fashion that's fresh to death. ... When I enter a store, I trust my eye to zero in on what's mint. That's the single most effective system I have for knowing when to pull the trigger on a purchase. If I find myself hemming and hawing, that's a clear indication that the garment in question is not destined to make my rotation. I walk away from the rack because I've failed to make a connection to those threads.

Booyah, man! Own it like you mean it! Block those grenades! Beat up that beat with the blowout that ... I have no idea what I'm saying.

But we sure will buy that safety-cone orange T-shirt if you say so, Sitch.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Mike "The Situation" knows how to bust out his threads, like he did at an event in West Hollywood on Sept. 12. Credit: David Livingston / Getty Images

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PREACH IT! Snooki gives back to the community by writing her name

Snooki-in-a-hat Ever wonder how wayward celebrities pay their debts to society? You know, community service? Do they pick up trash, maybe serve soup in a homeless shelter?

New Yorkers know the answer already, of course. The procedure goes like this: Throw a phone a flunkie, get a plea deal, rock a Day-Glo vest during a stint at a trash truck garage, and then turn it all into a fabu photo shoot for W magazine. Right, Naomi Campbell? Fine. But what about for those stars born without killer legs?

Well, now we know. Poor Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, who recently got nailed for public drunkenness, must suffer through her community service by — and we are not making this up — signing autographs for three hours.

Per E! Online, Polizzi will do her penance at Seaside Heights Community Center this weekend to sign autographs, charging $10 per signature to benefit animal charity Donations of Love.

Asked how exactly this constitutes punishment, Polizzi’s attorney, Raymond Raya, told E!, "It can be quite painful to sign autographs for three hours."

Sure. Almost as painful as having to pay 10 bucks to get that autograph.

— Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi at the Hampton Chic launch party Sept. 27 in Marina del Rey. Credit: Toby Canham/Getty Images.


PREACH IT! 'Jersey Shore' kids are getting paid, but are they getting paid like stars?


Just how lucrative is your life, if you're a "Jersey Shore" guidette? It's pretty freakin' sweet, is what it is.

A new US Weekly report -- and we do mean gym-tan-laundry fresh -- reveals that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi commands $20,000 to merely walk from one end of a red carpet to another. (That’s the same amount that DJ Pauly D charges, though it should be noted that Pauly D must, you know, DJ.)

Ronnie demands $12,000 to $20,000, Sammi gets about $15,000, and Vinnie and Angelina each command in the four figures.

Exactly how might this pay change hands? Likely via check -- or, maybe not. Stars -- even mega-A-list ones -- have been known to collect such fees via good old-fashioned $100 bills.

In paper sacks, in fact.

According to someone involved in the transaction, Halle Berry was once paid $50,000 cash to wear ...

Continue reading »

PREACH IT! 'Jersey Shore' cast member says something smart


First Snooki abandons her pouf in favor of some almost-grown-up bangs. Then the Situation moves into an apartment complex that forbids noisy partying. Now we hear that other "Jersey Shore" cast members are speaking. In complete sentences. That actually make some sense.

The world has gone mad. Mad, we say!

Well, OK, maybe we shouldn’t be completely shocked. The person who is making sense is Vinny, the stealth guido who went to college, but no matter. This is still a major accomplishment and shall be feted as such by the Ministry of Gossip. The first round of Ron Ron Juice is on us.

What did Vinny Guadagnino have to say, exactly? Well, here you go, courtesy of Us Weekly, which cribbed the quote from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

"One time we were in a bar and a guy walked by and said, 'You are everything that's wrong with this country today.’ I was taken back by that. There's the economy, poverty, equal rights — and 'Jersey Shore' is the worst thing that's wrong?"

And get this: Vinny ain’t the only "Jersey Shore" cast member who thinks. ...

Continue reading »

PREACH IT! The men of 'Jersey Shore' forgo shirtlessness for the sake of U.S. economy


Sorrentino-nyse The cast of "Jersey Shore" went incognito Tuesday morning for a trip to New York Stock Exchange. Clad in shirts, suits and other clever disguises, Snooki, J-Woww, The Situation and Those Other Orange People With No Names stymied the trading floor for several minutes until somebody made a fist pump and the cover was blown.

Then the cast got to ring the opening bell — sort of like beatin’ up the beat, only without DJ Pauly Disco on the ones and twos.

How the kids found the time to rally our economy isn’t clear; this is serious Ron Ron Juice season. The second round of the hit MTV show debuts Thursday — and these same people are already in the thick of shooting a third, presumably very shirtless, season.

Not that the show is all about skin and scandal. Snooki, for one, said recently she prefers ...

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Snooki pitches cookies in an effort to shed her 'Jersey Shore' booze butt [poll]

"Obviously, real cookies are not good."

Can we trust any woman who says a thing like that? Especially if that woman is Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi of "Jersey Shore"?

Attention baked-goods fans: This post is about Snooki, and cookies, but has absolutely nothing to do with the delicious, slightly underbaked treats known as Snookies Cookies that have been showing up in overstuffed Southern California gift baskets since Rick Dees first tried them on the air in 1983.

Yeah, 1983, a.k.a. "four years before Snooki was born" and "right around when we were in college."

To combat her booze booty, Polizzi reveals, she is on one of those trendy cookie diets; she appeared Wednesday on "Fox & Friends" to help Dr. Sanford Siegal hawk his portion-control wares.

"The reason why I’m on this diet is because of alcohol," she said. "On the show, obviously, we ...

Continue reading »

PREACH IT! The Situation records a new soundtrack for his abs

Situation-web Just in case you didn’t think the "Jersey Shore" theme song was annoying enough -- yeah, we know, you now have the phrase “go, Vinn-eh, go, Vinn-eh” stuck in your head, and you’re welcome -- here comes a new dance track. And it totally one-ups the "JS" theme song. Why? Because it’s by the Situation.

Let’s just make sure this is abundantly clear: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has his own music single.

TMZ got ahold of a sample of the track and has it up on its site. It’s definitely NSFW, so just in case you have a boss who doesn’t like hearing cuss words over an oontz-oontz groove, we’ll do some analysis for you.

1. Confirmed: There’s some grunting and some rapping. We can totally confirm that.

2. Affirmative: There’s a recurring riff that sounds a lot like a cop siren, which makes sense, if you’ve seen "Jersey Shore’s" first season.

3. Correct: DJ Pauly Disco apparently had nothing to do with the track; DJ Pauly D may be smarter than he’s letting on.

4. Apparently: The Situation is on the track somewhere. We’re just not sure which grunts are his. Help us out after checking out the sample -- that is, if you are strong enough. Might want to fortify yourself with some Ron Ron Juice first.


-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: What, did the musical vibe rub off? Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino attends the 2010 CMT Music Awards in Nashville, Tenn., on June 9. Credit: Peter Kramer / Associated Press.

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