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Kim Kardashian booted by Prince: a fairy tale/nightmare [video]

Kim Kardashian choked up when Prince invited her to dance onstage during his Madison Square Garden concert Monday night, then promptly gave her the boot when she failed to bust a move.

The artist had been pulling audience members up to dance all night and declared Kardashian "too sexy" before she traipsed onstage. But when she finally came up, all she did was smile and clap her hands while he danced around her. Then he yelled, "Get off the stage," practically flinging her back down the stairs.

But apparently he brought her back to redeem herself later that night while he played piano.  

Don't believe us? Here's what happened straight from the exclamation-mark happy diva's Twitter account (and a few Ministry embellishments for context):

Once upon a time there was a half-Armenian, booty-licious reality star who dreamed of meeting a famous prince. Then one day, her dream came true.

"About to start getting ready for the Prince concert!!!! I am soooo excited!!!!!!" she told a little social-networking bird.

So she joined Kris Humphries, the handsome basketball player she was dating, and two friends for a concert the Prince was giving at a nearby garden.

"Pulling up to the Prince concert with @KrisHumphries @JonathanCheban @TheguyinMN," she announced.

She tweeted and took pictures throughout the night, reciting the Prince's famous words: "Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999."

But she did not expect what the prince would do next: He pulled the fair maiden onto the stage and told her to dance. Starstruck, the TV star only smiled and clapped, unnerving the famous Prince.

"Get off the stage," he shouted, and she carefully walked down the stairs.

"OMG Prince just pulled me up on stage!!! I'm shaking!!!!" she said. "I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!"

And the reality princess could not bear the embarrassment. So the Prince kindly invited her back to dance.

"Went up on stage AGAIN! This time I redeemed myself! We all danced while Prince played the piano! Wow! What a night!"

And they all lived happily ever after. That is, until they realized this wasn't a fairy tale but rather real life, documented by hordes of people.

And in the words of Miss Kardashian: "Come on people! Doesn't anyone have a sense of humor?! Prince must not have seen Dancing With The Stars! LOL"

We guess he had not ...


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PREACH IT! Prince declares Internet 'completely over,' Web somehow continues to function

-- Nardine Saad

PREACH IT! Prince declares Internet 'completely over,' Web somehow continues to function


Speaking unto the people the other day, Prince announced that the Internet is "completely over," indicating that the time has come for his loyal subjects to return to the era of the hard copy.

Prince has a new album coming out, see, but don’t look for it on iTunes or such. If the people want to hear Prince’s word delivered unto them, they must venture forth from their huts and villages and pick up a CD. (Fans might be able to find the album online and have it shipped -- U.S. distribution is still being worked out -- but then again, that would involve the Internet. So if you go that route, fine, but expect to be banned from Paisley Park forever.)

"The Internet's like MTV," the 52-year-old legend told the UK's Daily Mirror. "At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can't be good for you."

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PREACH IT! Dear Prince: You are beautiful. Love, Prince.

Prince at the 2010 BET Awards

Prince at the 2010 BET Awards

Dear Prince:

Hey, you scarcely human orchid of a human being, it’s me. You know, Prince.

I miss you, baby. I want to light candles and cradle your head, so great is my love for my beautiful one. Why don’t you return my calls? I ring you and ring you and it goes straight to voice mail.

And you can’t say I’m not persistent, because I keep on letting it ring even while my call waiting is going off the whole time. And then I check my voice mail, and you’ve always called me back, like, right away, but it’s not the same thing as talking to you live, baby. I think you know that.

Now your stone cold coldness has driven me to extreme measures. I’m putting your divine image on every single one of my outfits until you return my calls. It’s called true love. Deal with it.



-- Leslie Gornstein

Prince at the 2010 BET Awards

Photos: Why, that's Prince. Wearing clothing featuring, um, Prince -- at the BET Awards on June 27. Credits, from top: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters; Mario Anzuoni / Reuters; Matt Sayles / Associated Press.

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