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What's Tori Spelling's kid doing? And do we need to know?

Tori Spelling and her kids Liam and Victoria, before Hattie was born.

This blazing news just in from megalo-mommy Tori Spelling:

"[Liam]'s 1st reaction to mama after new baby ... He immediately looked down at my stomach, saying, 'Mama do you have a hole in your belly now? You look so much prettier without that big belly.'"

Thanks to a tweet linking to the rest of that on her blog, we now know how much prettier mommy looks -- thanks Liam! -- and that, hey, Tori is still out there, doing stuff. Of course the revelations came via a minor who had no choice but to see his remarks distributed to millions, but so? It’s Tori, people! The world needs to know everything that happens to her!

Of course Spelling isn't the only celebrity out there who tweets routinely about what their children are doing in supposedly private settings. Sherri Shepherd recently tweeted an intimate moment between her son and her new husband: "What shall I call you, Stepdaddy? Hmmm, I think I'll call you Daddy." And Brooke Burke-Charvet overshared this tidbit: 
"I drive all the way to school to see my big girls off, first day. And they were too embarrassed to hang! Aaah the joys of motherhood :( ."

If it ever occurred to Burke that embarrassed adolescents might not want that fact broadcast across the planet, thus furthering said embarrassment, she hasn't tweeted about it. It may be the only thing she hasn't tweeted.

The Ministry summoned a family therapist and ran such scenarios past her. Psychologist Jenn Berman didn't have a huge problem with parents tweeting a kid's private comments, but she did take issue with stars blabbing particularly sensitive conversations.

"Where it becomes detrimental is when a Hollywood parent tweets something that the child considered to be private and the parent either doesn't recognize that to be private," Berman said, "or just doesn't honor the boundary."

By way of example, Berman told us a (possibly hypothetical) story of a star whose kid had a crush on another kid in class; the parent then disclosed that to the public.

In those cases, "The child becomes an extension of the star's brand, sold out for the sake of the brand," she said. "I see it enough for it to be a concern that comes up in my practice."

So what happens when Berman gently points out that maybe a celeb should put a rein on what he or she tweets?

Well, here's a bit of good news.

"The reaction is, 'Oh wow, I never thought of it that way,' and they change."


Petra Ecclestone buys Spelling estate for $85 million

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott welcome baby girl Hattie

Tori Spelling crashes car at her kids' school, tweets anger at paparazzi

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Tori Spelling with Liam and Victoria at an event in August, before third child Hattie was born -- when Mom had a "big belly." Credits: Getty Images


Madonna and those hydrangeas, the gift that keeps giving [Video]

Madonna says she loathes hydrangeas

The latest news angle in Madonna's ongoing Hydrangea Scandal? Madonna has apologized!

Actually, no she hasn't! Madonna has simply made a video that managed to turn her hatred of the puffy flowers into another 48 hours of total global supremacy!

For the record, Madonna's video -- a silent-film response, below, to people who would dare call her rude -- is not an apology, to the flowers or the fellow who presented one to her at the Venice Film Festival. La Grande Battleaxe de Photo Op has rarely, if ever, apologized for anything. In fact, a decade ago somebody made the mistake of asking Madge to regret something and all it did was generate more ink. (Madonna had been asked to present at the Turner Awards ceremony. But the organizers had refused to call her Mrs. Ritchie, per her demand. The Turner people also asked Madonna not to swear in her speech, so she did. Later, she explained, “People expect that sort of behavior from me.")

Cut to 2011, and Madge is still working the same schtick, only with subtitles. And the kids still love it.

Who are we to buck the tide? The Ministry of Gossip hereby declares this whole week to be Madonna Awareness Day -- because you can't capture all that is Madge in a mere 24 hours. And to celebrate, of course, we're encouraging fans the world over to send Madonna flowers. You guess what kind.

Given how much Madonna just loves dragging this out she's sure to love each and every hydrangea that is sent. No doubt she expects such behavior from us.


Madonna hates hydrangeas, though not to your face. Obviously.

Madonna enjoys her 53rd birthday with the kids and her 24-year-old boyfriend

Madonna: It'd be 'awesome' if the fans dug her critically panned directorial efffort 'W.E.'

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Look, Madge! It's hydrangeas, with diamonds on top! Credits, from left: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times; Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Demi Moore is back. Or is naked Demi Moore all a front?

It's a weekday, which means that Demi Moore is once again getting naked in a picture on Twitter.

Well, to be fair, the shot above right, posted Friday, is the first time she's gone all-out topless; so far we’ve seen Demi in a bikini, Demi bending over and regaling us with her panty-clad buttocks and Demi in bed wearing nothing but glasses and what looks like nothing but a sheet. So this is Demi’s nakedest Twitter shot yet!

We could partner with a celebrity therapist of some erudite stripe, and, together, wax forth on what this all means about Demi's brain. (Have we seen any Twitter pics of Demi's brain? Geez, get on that, Demi.) Is this a case of exhibitionism? Narcissism? Some nefarious combination therein? Well, it would be totally irresponsible to diagnose Moore like that while having met only her back. So instead, we’ll note something else.

Her project slate. Which, for the record, is slimmer than Moore's very trim back.

Note that Moore is currently filming a comedy called "Magic Mike," playing a supporting role to Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Olivia Munn. (No comment.) Moore also plays Miley Cyrus' mom in the yet-to-be-released-stateside comedy "LOL." According to reports, Moore has lines such as, "You're my daughter, and I won't let you turn into a porn star!"

Beyond that, Moore has no announced films, as far as the, well, naked eye can see. (Thank you! We'll be here all week.)

Could the two facts -- a half-naked tweet, a lack of work -- be related? Well, in the old-timey days before Twitter, over-40 stars would often stage paparazzi photo ops in bikinis, a not-so-subtle assertion that the actress can still keep it tight, and her agent would sure like to hear from you.

Was that Moore's motive? Put it this way: If our work schedule looked like hers, we’d probably strip on Twitter too.


Joe Manganiello to join ridiculously hot cast of 'Magic Mike'

Alex Pettyfer joins male-stripper film with Channing Tatum, Steven Soderbergh

Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher recruit Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper against child sex slavery

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Classic 1990s glossy-magazine naked Demi Moore, left, and postmodern, social media, naked-self-portrait Demi Moore, right. Credits: Vanity Fair, left; Demi Moore / Twitpic, right.  


Beyonce's pregnancy sucks Jay-Z into over-the-moon celeb hive mind

Beyonce is pregnant

Now that a pregnant Beyonce has revealed her baby bump unto us (come, let us adore it), husband Jay-Z has come forth with his own proclamation of joy.

Except he didn't use the word joy. Instead, an "insider" close to Mr. Z told Us Weekly that the daddy-to-be is "over the moon." If the phrase sounds familiar, that's because it is.

As soon as a star gets pregnant, the couple's vocabulary shrinks to a half-dozen words, including the perennial "ecstatic" and, of course, the pablum "over the moon." Stars who have been over the moon in recent years include, well, everybody, among them Britney Spears, Lindsay Price, Lily Allen, Victoria Beckham and Nicole Kidman.

Khloe Kardashian, who is not pregnant, nonetheless has said she would be "over-the-moon excited" if she ever were.

Most of these insipid statements are coming from personal celebrity publicists, of course -- people not exactly known for their creative gifts. Still, we couldn’t help wondering why nobody ever thought to mix things up, especially Mr. Hova, who is generally known as a master wordsmith. ("I got 99 problems but the fetus ain’t one." See? We just made that up. Mr. Z can pay us care of Tribune Inc.)

Our first instinct was the bring down the banhammer on every publicist who feeds us those words from now until the End of Days, but instead we floated the question: Why over the moon? Why not infused with jubilation, or chock full o' jollies, or a-brim with jouissance, or tap dancing on a wave of reproductive felicity?

"My guess?" ventures personal publicist and new mom Heidi Krupp-Lisiten. It has something to do with the harking back to the baby lullaby about "the cow jumping over the moon."

"I mean, how would it sound if you found out you were pregnant and said the dish ran away with the spoon?" Krupp-Lisiten offered. Well, OK, there’s that.

"Seriously," she assures the Ministry, "having a 6-month-old at 45 and re-reading and learning the songs does make you wonder about the moon."

Now you know.


Beyonce is pregnant! Baby bump revealed at MTV VMAs

Beyonce and Jay-Z get close in 'Watch the Throne' making-of video

Pregnant Beyonce flaunts baby bump, Jay-Z and Kanye jump for joy [Video]

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: The moon, Beyonce and Jay-Z. Over it yet? Credits: From left, Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times; Chris Pizzello / Associated Press; Mario Anzuoni / Reuters.

Lindsay Lohan is just like Marilyn Monroe, Lindsay Lohan says

Lindsay Lohan has compared herself to Marilyn Monroe

Because every starlet at some point must compare herself to Marilyn Monroe, we bring you this latest utterance from Lindsay Lohan: “People in their mind have created who I am and act as if there is no real person inside of me. Just like Marilyn. ... Marilyn never wanted to be just a celebrity. Neither do I.

"I don't want to be remembered as someone who just wanted to be photographed, who goes out at night, and gets in trouble."

The statement comes courtesy of "Marilyn: Intimate Exposures," a new book on the late bombshell. Lohan is credited with writing the foreword.

It's always a good time to watch stars compare themselves to other famous people, mainly because the doppelganger is always so totally inappropriate -- such as, say, Hitler. In the case of Lohan putting herself in the same category as one of the most recognized icons on the planet, well, at least she didn't bring up Tokyo Rose.

But is there any merit in her choice of soul sister? Well, yes. And by yes we mean not really. Maybe a little bit. Or, seriously, not.

"Marilyn never wanted to be just a celebrity. Neither do I."

For one thing, of course Marilyn wanted to be a celebrity. One does not get a nose job and a chin implant, correct an overbite on the orders of a producer, sign contracts with major studios, ardently pursue a career in the movies, pose for cheesecake photos on the covers of magazines and wear dresses cut to the navel at the Miss America Parade if one wants to remain under the radar. Lohan, however, may very well have never wanted to be a star; unlike Monroe, she started her career as a child under the thumb of stage mom Dina. Arguably, Lohan had no choice in the matter.

"I don't want to be remembered as someone who just wanted to be photographed, who goes out at night, and gets in trouble."

Lohan might want to take a vacation from the cameras if that's the case. Just a thought. As for Marilyn, she isn't really remembered for any of that. She's remembered for being an underrated, overly sexualized actress who starred in some of the most memorable movies of her time, who struggled with her own inner demons, and who died too young. Of the two stars, only Lohan is known for going out at night and getting into trouble. And that's something she can fix whenever she decides to stay home.

And finally:

“People in their mind have created who I am and act as if there is no real person inside of me.”

Oh, sweetheart, there's a person in there all right. We wouldn't keep writing about you if we weren’t always wondering what that person is thinking. Now we know.


Megan Fox nuking Marilyn Monroe tattoo; calls the ink 'negative'

Lindsay Lohan done with 35-day house arrest; ankle bracelet finally set free

Lindsay Lohan can't afford court-ordered counseling, her attorney argues. Really. [Poll]

-- Leslie Gornstein

Left photo: Lindsay Lohan in 2005. Credit: Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Middle photo: A detail of the "Marilyn Forever" sculpture on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Credit:

Tannen Maury / European Pressphoto Agency

Right photo: Lohan in February. Credit: Mark Ralston / AFP/Getty Images

Kanye West finds his inner Hitler

Kanye West

Know who really, really gets Adolf Hitler? Kanye West. Because when you think of brown-shirted white supremacists goose-stepping in time to a Wagner opera, you totally think Kanye West. Not true, you say? Too bad. Kanye West agrees with us.

West's personal Beer Hall Putsch happened this weekend at England's Big Chill Festival, where he was the closing act. At one pivotal point during his set, West experienced a revelation: He needed to educate the 40,000 people in the audience, right that very minute, on the two most important topics in the world: history and Kanye West.

So he said, "I walk through the hotel and I walk down the street, and people look at me like I'm ... insane, like I'm Hitler. One day the light will shine through, and one day people will understand everything I ever did."

You're welcome, booing fans!

West, of course, is not the first celebrity to get loose with the Hitler references. Megan Fox used to have a job providing eye candy for the "Transformers" franchise until executive producer Steven Spielberg reportedly got wind of a certain Hitler reference and had her fired. The reference was to director Michael Bay. Fox had said, "He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is."

Other celebrities who have invoked Hitler include disgraced couturier John Galliano -- who, literally, loves Hitler -- and Lars Von Trier, who put his foot in his Danish mouth during the latest Cannes Film Festival. Von Trier said, "I understand Hitler, but I think he did some wrong things." He later apologized. (Lars, seriously, next time, just put a Danish in your mouth. It's tastier, and it won't get you kicked out of a film festival.)

So why do celebrities keep bringing up Hitler even though they know it's just going to antagonize folks? Each celebrity Hitler gaffe is different, of course, but West's zinger might be the most clueless, according to two psychologists who treat stars.

"For Kanye West to compare himself to Hitler in that way, it suggests a certain level of narcissism," posited psychologist Jenn Berman, who treats celebrities at her Beverly Hills practice. "It was ignorant. To empathize with someone responsible for the deaths of millions of people, it can indicate a lack of  sensitivity to how other people are going to feel about your comments. And, again, it can be a sign of narcissism."

And, just in case we're not totally clear here, Kanye West is a narcissist.

"Kanye West's referencing of Hitler is about narcissism and identifying with people in positions of power," said Dr. Soroya Bacchus, a Los Angeles-based psychiatrist. "I think everyone can agree that he has had issues with narcissism in his career, which lends itself to associating himself with fame and power, whether positive or negative.

"In his comments, he also referenced Michael Jordan. By referencing both of these men, he connects himself with both the most famous and most infamous names in his mind. I don't get the sense that he is associating himself with Hitler's belief system –- he's obviously aware of racism –- but due to his narcissistic tendencies, he sees himself as big and powerful as men like Hitler or Jordan."

Or maybe West is about to do an album of Wagnerian opera covers instead. You just never know.


Jay-Z, Kanye West leak their new track, 'Otis'

Jay-Z, Kanye West's 'Watch the Throne': First listen

Kanye West keeping his mouth shut? It's much less fun

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Kanye West in New York City in June 6. Credit: Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Must Amy Winehouse be crowded into the '27 Club'?

Amy Winehouse and the 27 Club concept

Because we cannot speak about a celebrity's death without inventing some sort of trend, let's take a second to deal with Amy Winehouse and the so-called 27 Club.

Just hours after the tragic demise of the vocal powerhouse, entertainment outlets settled on their preferred angle: Winehouse was 27. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and a slew of other artists also died at 27, many of them from conditions related to drugs or alcohol. (Joplin died of a probable heroin overdose, heroin-user Cobain's death was a suicide, and Hendrix's autopsy concluded that he drowned in vomit after pairing sleeping pills with wine.)

So. All this 27 business must mean something, sayeth the laws of entertainment journalism. The dreaded Return of Saturn has been suggested -- that span between ages 27 and 30 that astrologists say marks a time of developmental tumult as the planet returns to the angle it occupied at the person's birth.

Addiction specialists, however, have a slightly earthier take on the 27 Club.

"If there is a connection, it's developmental," says Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, an addiction specialist with Caron Treatment Centers in Manhattan. "Prior to our 30s, people really don't have a sense of their own mortality, and they're still reckless and aren't able to really, fully appreciate their vulnerabilities.”

That goes double for stars, "because they’re given their sense of immortality by fame; people worship them and turn them into gods and goddesses."

OK, so age certainly explains a part of the 27 Club phenomenon -- if there really is one -- but not all of it. The other factor is the human body itself, Hokemeyer says.

For the record, we do not yet know exactly how Winehouse died, only that she battled major addictions to drugs and alcohol, as well as mental health problems (depression) and respiratory ailments. However, Hokemeyer says that for addicts, the late 20s bring a host of new ailments and complications.

"Cocaine users start to have heart issues," Hokemeyer explains. "For alcoholics, the impact is on the liver. It loses its ability to process the alcohol. It may take someone days or weeks to recover [from using], compared to a few hours."

And finally, Hokemeyer says, people in their late 20s, particularly men and especially addicts, tend to be at the highest risk of suicide.

"If you look at the highest-risk group for suicides, it's males in that age range who are substance abusers,” Hokemeyer tells the Ministry.

"They have poor impulse control, and the alcohol and drugs interfere with that, basically make them step on the gas and hold off on the brakes. It's an issue of compulsivity and lack of judgment."

So maybe there is something to the idea that 27 is a dangerous age for troubled artists. Let's just hope that this club is now, finally, closed for membership.


Russell Brand remembers friend Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse funeral: Kelly Osbourne attends, cremation follows

Rome Ramirez pays tribute to Amy Winehouse with his cover of 'Rehab'

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Amy Winehouse onstage in Spain in July 2008. Credit: Juan Medina / Reuters

A Justin Bieber wedding crash is just that much more special, no?

Bieber wedding crash: When you're Justin Bieber, do you really need an invitation?

Justin Bieber, wedding crasher? Impossible, unlikely, irritating -- you decide.

Say, for the sake of argument, that you're having a wedding in Malibu. (Of course, then, you're not reading this blog yourself. That's what assistants are for, silly!) You've shelled out the $30,000 required for the inevitable fireworks, you've bought the air space above your estate to make sure no paparazzi helicopters fly over your event (because that’s what Jennifer Aniston did when she married Brad Pitt, and it sounded like a cute thing to do), and Vera Wang has dropped off the strapless, white floor-length but still totally unique gown.

The Big Day arrives. You say your "I do's." Everybody cheers, including the roughly 40 of your 200 guests whom you've never, really, technically, met. The music cranks up: It's a karaoke version of Bieber's "One Less Lonely Girl."

At the very moment when this song is tearin' up your bash, Bieber himself happens to be walking by on the beach. He hears the song. Lo! The natives are clearly praying for his intervention in some grave matter, and he must intercede immediately! He has no wedding invite, of course, but he does have a publicist, and that trumps an invite, in Malibu at least. So and his plus-one, girlfriend Selena Gomez, just walk in.

Why are we posing this scenario? Because it happened! And it was glorious! Granted, we can't say for sure whether there were fireworks or a Vera Wang gown, but there was a Bieber all right. Per TMZ: “We're told Justin snuck up on some guests -- who predictably OMG'd and LOL'd -- and then hopped on the mic, saying, 'We just crashed it. We heard a party so we decided to just come. So let's party.'"

Bieber then reportedly blew the minds of these undeserving hobbits for another 10, photo op-filled minutes before leaving everyone a little more special than they were before.

There is no record of Bieber bringing a gift. Then again, just being with Bieber for more than three minutes is a gift to everybody.


Justin Bieber survives a wild day in New York City

Justin Bieber gets around at the ESPY Awards [Pictures]

Justin Bieber goes to the movies with Selena Gomez — for her 'Monte Carlo' premiere

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Justin Bieber performs in Manila -- no, not Malibu -- in May. Credit: Reuters

With the newest Beckham baby name, a brief moment of hope for normalcy

The Beckhams' choice in baby names has been interesting. David and Victoria Beckham have a new baby. Given that this is Posh Spice's infant we're talking about, the bambina probably has her own line of skinny denim by now, but that could not be confirmed at press time. What we do know is this: The baby has a name that's almost normal. Almost.

The first name, we have learned, is Harper. With all due respect to the creator of Scout Finch, as well as women who currently bear this name, Harper is only sort of obnoxious -- moderately chafing, as celebrity names go.

(By contrast, recall the all-out preciousness we suffered under the naming of the other Beckham children, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz; not to mention Gwyneth Paltrow's kids, Apple and Moses; Pink's new daughter Willow; Natalie Portman's baby son Aleph; as well as less recent tot monikers such as Peaches Geldof, Kal-El Coppola and, natch, those of the Jolie-Pitt brood, aka Those Who Shall Not Be Uttered Lest We Drown in All That Specialness.)

When we at the Ministry learned that the new Beckham baby was named Harper -- as opposed to Delphinium or Flypaper or Muse -- a bit of hope rose in our gnarled hearts. Maybe, we supposed, this was the signal of some new era in celebrity baby names. Maybe this next wave of celebrity spawn will spare us from all the twee, and bathe us in soothing monikers such as John or Hope or Fabio.

Then we saw Harper's middle name. It is Seven.

So much for moderation.


'Octomom' kids raise exponential havoc on 'Today' show [Video]

Natalie Portman reveals her baby son's name: Aleph Portman-Millepied

Victoria Beckham's baby arrives to the name Harper Seven -- and why not?

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Victoria Beckham, with cleverly named sons Romeo, left, and Cruz and ordinary-named hubby David Beckham in October 2009. Credit: Andrew Gombert / European Pressphoto Agency


Anna Faris cuts her hair, joins elite pixie squadron of fearless femmes


Yet another starlet, Anna Faris, has hacked off her hair and ventured out, naked-necked, into Hollywood. Let's not underplay the magnitude of the situation. Around here, an actress undergoing a pixie cut is the high-fash equivalent of Harry Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Cell Escape. Will she pull it off? Will she? Will she?

At any given time on planet Earth, exactly four women can pull off a pixie cut. Audrey Hepburn, after all, was built like a elf from "Dragon Age 2." And Mia Farrow got away with it because she has cheekbones on her cheekbones. There are two reasons why people still refer to that cut as the "Rosemary's Baby": One, Farrow wore the cut in a film by that name. Two, just thinking about getting a pixie cut is terrifying.

So why are so many actresses doing it? Faris isn't alone. Michelle Williams, Emma Watson, Mia Wasikowska, Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Elisha Cuthbert, Ginnifer Goodwin -- not to mention, in her own heyday, Halle Berry -- have gone nearly naked from the neck up in recent years. (Yes, we did say that only four women on the planet can pull off this cut at any given time. We'll let you figure out which actresses don't make the, um, cut.)

If you suspect that such a choice doesn't come easily and that there may in fact be a small conspiracy of people involved, you are correct.

Turns out, the gravity of the pixie cut has never been lost on Hollywood's most powerful suits. When a rising actress suddenly shaves her locks, the choice, likely, wasn't so sudden.

"Often it's a discussion between the talent, her agent, her publicist and manager," explains Prive salon's Carla Gentile, who maintains pop star Robyn's short locks. "They all agree that it's time to make a change.

"They might call you on the phone first to discuss it or even come in for the haircut and go over what we are trying to achieve first."

And that change isn't always for the benefit of the next director. Yes, Faris did it because she had to, for the upcoming film "The Dictator," costarring Sacha Baron Cohen. But that's not always the case. Sometimes there isn't even a gig at stake but rather a different kind of prize.

"The fashion press is always looking for the next new young look, someone who is not afraid to take that chance," Gentile points out. "It can be such an amazing transformation. It can show off an actress's whole form: face shape, eyes, cheekbones."

Ergo, when Watson finally went pixie after wrapping the final "Harry Potter" film, those scissor snips were heard 'round the world.

Maybe that's why Gentile oftentimes has company when she is giving a pixie cut?

"It can be a really intense experience for everyone," Gentile notes, "because maybe you even have the agent or publicist in there when the cut is happening. They may stop in and leave, or come back.

"But it just shows it's really a huge transformation. We rely on the hair to give us our sex appeal, and when you remove it all, that really leaves just the person you are. You're exposed."

Or, really, maybe the word is "covered." After all, didn't we just give more press to every single one of these actresses?


Emma Watson cuts her hair -- finally [poll]

Lady Gaga is losing her hair -- but what does it mean?

Jennifer Aniston debuts her new, shorter hairstyle in Madrid [Poll]

— Leslie Gornstein

Photos: Will Anna Faris, shown at left in the movie "Ally," have what it takes to pull off the pixie haircut? Fellow pixie-power starlet Emma Watson might know. Credits: Claire Folger / 20th Century Fox, left; Valerie Macon / Agence France-Press / Getty Images, right.


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