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PREACH IT! And here we thought the Gary Coleman story was over. We’re so naive


Just days after Gary Coleman’s death stemming from a head injury, the aftermath is shaping up to be the biggest celebrity postmortem circus since Michael Jackson.

In the main tent: ex-wife-slash-maybe-also-future-wife Shannon Price. Price was present at the hospital when Coleman died and apparently gave the OK to pull the plug. That seemed OK, at first, until some reports started surfacing that maybe she didn’t have the authority to pull the plug after all.

Since then, the Gary Coleman death story has taken on a decidedly carnival atmosphere.

First some hospital spokesman popped up to assure us that everything was on the up and up the day Coleman died. Then Price herself started talking -- and talking, making sure everybody knew just how sad she was, and even finding a way to compare the actor to Muhammad Ali.

Meanwhile, over in the Ten-in-One, Coleman’s family has been making news of its own. It canceled ...

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