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Charlie Sheen expands 'Torpedo of Truth' tour again; is your city next?

Charlie Sheen extends 'Torpedo of Truth' tour again Charlie Sheen's "My Violent Torpedo of Truth / Defeat is Not an Option" tour keeps expanding with dates set in more than a dozen cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The show "IS where you will hear the REAL story from the Warlock," according to TicketMaster. The Ministry translates this as live, extended versions of the tiger-blooded actor's broadcast interview diatribes and chain-smoking live-streaming segments.

We do know that the show is for or those who are 18 and older, and there will be "surprises."

Sheen will be on stage nearly every other night from April 2 to May 2. Duh, he has quite a bit of time on his hands since he's been fired from "Two and a Half Men," and his warlock lawyers are handling that $100-million breach of contract lawsuit with Warner Bros.

On Monday, he sold out his tour dates in Chicago and Detroit.

On Tuesday, he added dates in Ohio, Connecticut, Boston and New York City.

On Thursday, he announced via Twitter that the "#Torpedo Fastballs keep coming. 12 more shows on sale Sat.."

The torpedoes will fly through the East Coast hitting Washington, D.C., too. He'll be appearing at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and twice at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Sheen added dates throughout the Midwest, down south in Atlanta and various cities in Florida and Texas. Our neighbors to the north in Vancouver and Ontario also will be hit by the torpedoes.

He'll be hurling the fastballs west, as well, in Denver and San Francisco. Yet he's managed to steer clear of Los Angeles...for now.

Tickets range from $100 and to about $750 for a VIP package, which includes a meet-and-greet with the former Charlie Bender.

P.S. His Twitter follower count is now topping 2.9 million. Charlie dares you to keep up with him.


Jon Cryer goes on Charlie Sheen troll patrol on 'Conan'

We know what Charlie Sheen is going to do next -- really!

Top 10 requirements to be Charlie Sheen's #TigerBloodIntern intern

-- Nardine Saad

Photo: A file photo of Charlie Sheen from  May 21, 2006 at the 59th edition of the Cannes Film Festival Credit: Francois Guillot / AFP / Getty

Sharon Stone wins three-year restraining order against stalker

Sharon Stone get restraining order against stalker Sharon Stone was granted a three-year restraining order Wednesday against Bradly Gooden, a "possibly delusional schizophrenic" who allegedly broke into the actress' home last month with the intention of living there.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted the injunction request to the "Basic Instinct" actress Wednesday, Stone's attorney Evan Spiegel told the Associated Press. It orders 38-year-old Gooden to stay 100 yards from Stone, her three children and her property or workplace.

Gooden, who called himself Bobby Joe Clinton because he believes he is the son of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, allegedly traveled cross-country by bus after he believes Clinton bought him Stone's house as a "present," according to court documents. He also told police he wrote the script to the Oscar-winning film "The King's Speech" at age 2 and was an FBI agent.

He was arrested and remains under an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold.

An LAPD detective who investigated the case said Gooden had an "abnormal fixation on Sharon Stone and her property," according to the documents.

"I have been subjected to a course of conduct which has and is seriously alarming, annoying and harassing me," Stone declared in her February petition. "Mr. Gooden's ongoing, physical and harassing conduct are extremely distressing. I am in fear from Mr. Gooden for my personal safety, and that of those around me, including especially my children and family, as well as my friends and employees."


Mickey Rooney tells Senate panel about elder abuse

Sharon Stone goes topless (in bondage togs) for Paris Match magazine

Steve Harvey responds to ex-wife Mary Harvey's allegations after judge's OK

-- Nardine Saad

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Sharon Stone at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood on Feb. 27, 2011. Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

Charlie Sheen: Are we witnessing the crash in 'Sheen's Korner'?

Charlie Sheen on UStream in "Sheen's Korner" Charlie Sheen has his "Sheen's Korner" webcast in heavy production on UStream, and the results ain't pretty. Actually, things got downright disturbing with the Monday night installment.

Looking gaunt and generally creepy, the actor who was fired from "Two and a Half Men" earlier in the day made only shreds of sense during the brief webcast.

For example: "If you own the home in which you own the trash can, you should never have to empty it ever, ever, ever again."

Recycling recent catch phrases ("Winning!" "Duh!") and acting out the title of his imagined autobiography ("Apocalypse Me: The Jaws of Life -- Everybody Wins!"), Sheen suggested he get paid product-placement sponsorship money, tore at his hair and moved in and out of frame.

If anyone was going to find a way to sink further after wielding a machete and drinking "Tiger Blood" on the Live Nation rooftop in Beverly Hills on Monday, after proclaiming to paparrazzi that he was "free at last," we suppose it was going to be Sheen (see the video below). Nice move from a guy accused of threatening his wife with a knife -- but who are we to judge, right?

There's really no good way to accurately describe what went down on UStream; if you can handle the profanity and apparent insanity, see the video here.

Meanwhile, Fox's "House M.D." got in on the Sheen action Monday night with a scene riffing off "Two and a Half Men," featuring Hugh Laurie in one of those "ugly shirts" and taking on Charlie's bad-boy persona while encouraging lawbreaking and decadence from his girlfriend's young daughter.

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Jon Cryer finds work: 'Two and a Half Men' star is Ellen's receptionist

Jon Cryer gets a new job, without Charlie Sheen Don't count Jon Cryer among the out-of-work employees of "Two and a Half Men" -- the Emmy-winning actor has a new job: Ellen DeGeneres' receptionist.

In a short clip leading up to her Thursday show, DeGeneres walks through her offices only to discover that Cryer is her new receptionist.

"I needed the work," he says, just before answering the phone.

Historically, Cryer has refrained from commenting on costar Charlie Sheen's off-set antics -- but it seems some people were willing to accept that the shutdown of "Men"  by creator Chuck Lorre would finally push him to opine.

So when "Jon Cryer" showed up on Twitter over the weekend, with tweets claiming that he was "shocked" the show was "axed," the fact that the account wasn't verified didn't get in the way of several outlets that quickly reported Cryer had finally weighed in.

Alas, Cryer doesn't have a Twitter account -- and his rep has since debunked the notion that his client spoke out about his costar.

Perhaps taking the receptionist job is one comical way to silently protest Sheen's media blitz? Despite his high-profile boss, manning the phones is definitely is a downgrade from "Men."

"This is a trainwreck," he sighs in the clip. We're guessing he's talking about his tiger-blooded warlock costar, not his new gig. Watch the full clip on Show Tracker.


Charlie who? Jon Cryer is a team player and a half, man

Wait, wasn't Jon Cryer *joking* about Charlie Sheen on Conan?

Charlie Sheen loses sons, gains Twitter following; manic media blitz continues

-- Nardine Saad

Photo: Charlie Sheen, left, and Jon Cryer celebrate backstage at the 2009 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles. Credit: Phil McCarten / Reuters

Charlie Sheen loses sons, gains Twitter following; manic media blitz continues

Charlie Sheen "20/20" interview

Brooke Mueller The Charlie Sheen tornado keeps swirling, with the actor picking up even more camera time since his "20/20" interview was taped and then losing access to his twin sons with Brooke Mueller courtesy of a temporary restraining order granted Tuesday.

The children were collected from Sheen's home by a Mueller representative Tuesday night, L.A. Now reports, with the newly Twitter-enabled actor saying at the time that his sons were fine. However, the actor said Wednesday on "Today" that "at this moment on live television, I do not know where my children are, but I'm not panicking."

Sheen allegedly threatened Sunday to "cut your [Mueller's] head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom," Mueller said in court documents filed Tuesday, requesting that her future ex-husband stay away from her and their sons, Bob and Max. A temporary order was granted until a March 22 hearing, and the boys were removed from Sheen's house overnight. (Click to view the restraining order documents.)

In Sheen's "20/20" interview (see the first part, immediately below), he introduced "goddesses" Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin, a.k.a. Bree Olson — live-in girlfriends of the 24-year-old nanny and porn-star varieties — and the women talked about being there for the boys.

Sheen explained how the household functioned:

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Natalie Portman likes Ashton Kutcher's parenting skills

Natalie Portman No Strings Attached Natalie Portman says she'd take parenting advice from "No Strings Attached" costar Ashton Kutcher.

The newly knocked-up actress told MTV News that Kutcher would come to their movie set with sweet stories about advice he gave his stepdaughters, which showed her that he was a committed parent to Demi Moore's kids.

Did we mention that everyone's all up in Portman's business these days?

Recently engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied, she oh-so-ungraciously included mention of their sex life in her Golden Globes acceptance speech.

The once-private starlet is basking in the limelight thanks to critical acclaim for playing a psycho-ballerina in "Black Swan." Honestly, we think awards should go to the actors who take on roles where they have to naturally pack on the pounds, then shed them by award season. Hear that, George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon?

Pounds or no pounds, she's likely getting more awards if "Strings" doesn't ruin her chances, as "Norbit" did for Eddie Murphy. Her laugh has also taken on a life of its own.

"The weird thing is people knowing about something that's so private," she told MTV about her pregnancy. "But I mean, you get used to it. It's just wild to walk down the street and have a complete stranger be like, 'Congratulations!'"

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Surprise! Randy and Evi Quaid miss court date in Santa Barbara

Randy Quaid after an immigration hearing in Vancouver, B.C.

Randy and Evi Quaid failed to show in a Santa Barbara court Tuesday for arraignment on felony vandalism charges. A new arrest warrant was issued for Evi, whom the judge determined had no good reason to miss the hearing; one is on tap for Randy, effective Nov. 16, to allow him time to attend a Nov. 8 court date in Canada.

The Quaids' lawyer was granted an hour delay around 9:40 a.m. Tuesday, but it wasn't enough. The couple had posted $500,000 bail each to remain free after cruising to Canada and missing the original arraignment hearing on Oct. 18. Evi's half-million dollars is now forfeited.

Saying they feared for their lives, the two requested Canadian asylum Oct. 22 after they were arrested earlier in the week in Vancouver, B.C., on the original Santa Barbara warrants. Evi was revealed last Wednesday to qualify as a Canadian citizen, but Randy's status is under consideration.

Some experts have speculated that the Quaids may be suffering from folie a deux syndrome, also known as shared psychosis, in which two people who are closely related share the same delusion, ABC News reports.

Randy and Evi Quaid have maintained that they are in danger from "Hollywood star whackers,"

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PREACH IT! Yes, Jimmy McMillan, the rent is too high indeed [poll]


The Rent Is Too Damn High candidateJimmy McMillan with Andrew Cuomo and Carl Palaino Meet Jimmy McMillan, the political version of that Pants-on-the-Ground Guy. McMillan introduced himself Monday night as the Rent Is Too Damn High party candidate during a seven-way New York gubernatorial debate.

"Listen, some child’s stomach just growled," he declared. "Did you hear it? You gotta listen like me."

McMillan is also a self-proclaimed karate expert.

Until that moment, Carl Paladino had been the only clown in the race.

Though McMillan's organization lacks the slick presentation of, say, the Bald Brummies Against the Big-Footed Conspiracy Party (headslapping, anyone?), it does have a nice ring to it. Preach It! pays more than two grand a month for rent, people! And it doesn't even include parking! Parkiiiiinnng!

We would go into the other ding-nuts in the debate -- including, er, sex entrepreneur Kristin Davis -- but that would only dim McMillan’s dazzle. You can't create a genuine Internet star if he has to share his glory with a former madam, especially one like Davis, who, to her credit, knows how to sling a zinger.

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Jimmy McMillan, center, with Republican Carl Paladino, left, and Democrat Andrew Cuomo, at a gubernatorial debate held at Hoftstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., on Monday. Credit: Audrey Tiernan / Associated Press

PREACH IT! Gary Coleman: The Cremated Remains Tour 2010

Gary-coleman-1982 Here’s the latest in the ongoing Gary Coleman executorship saga: Coleman’s former in-laws would like to take the actor’s cremated remains on a fun whistle-stop train tour sometime in the future. The bad news: We probably won’t be able to buy tickets.

Right now, the remains of the onetime child star are being stored at Lake Hills Memorial Mortuary in Utah while various factions squabble over executorship. But eventually, the parents of Coleman’s ex, Shannon Price, want to get hold of Coleman’s ashes and take them on a train, maybe even sprinkling some of his remains over the tracks.

"Anybody that knows Gary knows that he's an aficionado for trains,” Price’s father, Dale, tells Radar. “There is a place up north of Salt Lake called the Golden Spike Monument, where back in the 1800s, the trains met from the east to the west. We thought about taking some of his ashes up there and spreading them over the train tracks."

Will we get to watch? Sadly, no.

If the tour goes forward, it will be a private, family affair. That is, as private as the affair can be ...

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PREACH IT! Prince declares Internet 'completely over,' Web somehow continues to function


Speaking unto the people the other day, Prince announced that the Internet is "completely over," indicating that the time has come for his loyal subjects to return to the era of the hard copy.

Prince has a new album coming out, see, but don’t look for it on iTunes or such. If the people want to hear Prince’s word delivered unto them, they must venture forth from their huts and villages and pick up a CD. (Fans might be able to find the album online and have it shipped -- U.S. distribution is still being worked out -- but then again, that would involve the Internet. So if you go that route, fine, but expect to be banned from Paisley Park forever.)

"The Internet's like MTV," the 52-year-old legend told the UK's Daily Mirror. "At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can't be good for you."

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