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Kim Kardashian lands a role in Tyler Perry's 'Marriage Counselor'

Kim Kardashian will play Ava in Tyler Perry's 'The Marriage Couselor'

Kim Kardashian has landed a role in the new Tyler Perry film "The Marriage Counselor," which is based on his play of the same name.

"Big news!! I'm co-starring in Tyler Perry's new movie!" Kardashian tweeted over the weekend (on her 31st birthday, actually). "It's gonna be such a fun experience!" she added.

Well, maybe the reality-TV starlet has learned a thing or two about married life seeing that she's been hitched, for what, three months now? Her lavish wedding to Kris Humphries has been the talk of the tabs for months. Could that be what caught Perry's eye?

Kardashian will play Ava, a friend and coworker of the titular counselor (played by Jurnee Smollett of "The Defenders" and "Friday Night Lights"), whose marriage takes a turn when she gets bored dispensing good advice and decides to sleep with a suave client, according to Deadline. But not to worry, Ava is there to give the counselor a big-city makeover when her life is in the dumps. Big stretch for fashionista Kardashian, no?

Mrs. Kris Humphries last appeared on the big screen in the 2009 film "Deep in the Valley" and made her big-screen debut in 2008's "Disaster Movie." 

Let's just hope the middle Kardashian's stab at acting is better than her older sister Kourtney's atrocious attempt on "One Life to Live." Shudder.

The Lionsgate film begins shooting in Atlanta on Wednesday.

Is Kardashian's acting ready for Perry's directorial touch? Or should she stick with TV? Sound off in comments.


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— Nardine Saad

Photo: Kim Kardashian. Credit: Evan Agostini / Associated Press

January Jones' virgin birth: 7 baby-daddy conspiracy theories

January Jones hasn't said who's the father of her baby son Xander

For those of you who cannot go for a single day without reading about a celebrity baby, here's your fix: "Mad Men" costar January Jones has had her infant, the birth certificate has been released — and the document definitely belongs in our very special Department of Mysterious Mysteries!

For, lo! There is no baby daddy cited!

Unlike most celebrities, who cannot wait to sell out their first family photo — you know, the one with with mommy and daddy hovering adoringly like Mary and Joseph on a Mexican prayer candle — Jones has bucked all trends.

She has never named the father of her son. She has not pimped an official photo of little Xander; heck, she hasn’t even issued the usual pap about being "over the moon." If we didn’t know any better, we'd say Jones is almost classy.

She might be classy. But we here at the Ministry of Gossip are not. By omitting the name of her baby daddy, she has given us a fresh reason to sling baseless speculations about who begat this stealthy, stealthy baby.

For the record, it appears that Jones hasn't shagged anybody named Xander in the past year, which makes our gossipmongering all the more difficult. But here are the names that have been bandied about, plus a few extra that haven't been but should be.

1. Jason Sudeikis: The "SNL" star publicly dated Jones from July 2010 to early this year. When a Washington Post reporter requested a comment from him about the Jones pregnancy, he babbled, "I'd rather — yes but no."

2. The Piv: Jones and Jeremy Piven, "Entourage" star, were linked in the tabloids circa January 2010. And, look, here’s a photo of the two of them standing totally near each other.

3. Pete Campbell: Didn't he knock up Peggy Olson on "Mad Men" in, like, a single episode? What's that you say? He's a fictional character on a TV drama? What's your point?

4. Matthew Vaughn: Like Sudeikis, Vaughn reportedly has distanced himself from the Jones pregnancy, which is wise, because the "X-Men: First Class" director is married to a very hot meal ticket named Claudia Schiffer. Then again, the "X" in Xander really isn't doing anything but fanning the gossip flames. And speaking of X ...

5. Jones recently costarred in a movie with a guy named Xander Berkeley. Let the irresponsible tongue-wagging commence.

6. Adrien Brody: He and Jones maybe dated for a minute.

7. Anonymous Donor No. 19450110: According to gossips, a big reason behind the Sudeikis-Jones split was the actress' desire for a baby. And you can buy sperm, you know.


January Jones is a "Mad" mommy of a new little boy

January Jones finally has a costar in her unapproachable corner

'Mad Men' creator says the show wants to make motherhood work for January Jones

— Leslie Gornstein

Photo: January Jones at the "X-Men: First Class" premiere in New York on May 25. Credit: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images.

'Jersey Shore's' Ronnie and The Situation reportedly brawl in Italy

Ronnie and Situation fight
"Jersey Shore's" Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino got into an all-out fistfight in Italy, according a report.

Though the cause of the Monday night brawl is unclear, it may have been sparked by a fight between Ronnie's on-again, off-again girlfriend Sammie Giancola, TMZ reported. All that Ron-Ron Juice must have gotten him amped because Sitch got pummeled quite a bit. We imagine their cameramen got it all on tape.

Jersey Shore cast in Italy Ronnie's knuckles were cut and bleeding and Sitch's eye was surrounded by red marks poorly concealed by a hoodie, the site reported. The two arrived separately at their apartment hours after the brawl. See the photos here.

The Situation has earned a reputation as "The Snitchuation" on the show because of his frequent tattletale tactics and instigating innuendos. Some "Shore" fans have probably been waiting for this moment for a while, but we're not sure if that warrants a beating.

The cast is shooting the fourth season of the hard-partying MTV reality show in their ancestral land, filming the series in Florence, Italy's Renaissance City. And Ronnie and Sitch aren't the only ones wreaking havoc in the old country.

Deena Cortese, the self-proclaimed "blast in a glass," was spotted plunging into Florence's Arno river after climbing a ledge, and the cast has incited a crosstown pizza battle, according to the New York Post. Florence's Mayor Matteo Renzi has barred the meatball-lovers from filming in bars, clubs and drinking in public. They also can't film at historic landmarks like the Uffizi Gallery and Boboli Gardens.

It remains to be seen how that will affect the next season.

Do you think "The Situation" deserved his beating? How do you think the next season of "Jersey Shore" will compare to previous seasons? Tell us in comments.


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-- Nardine Saad

Photos: Left, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images. Right, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. Credit: Charles Sykes / Associated Press. Lower left: "Jersey Shore" cast in Italy. Credit: Fabrizio Giovannozzi / Associated Press

Jennifer Love Hewitt and boyfriend Alex Beh have split

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alex Beh break up

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her director-boyfriend Alex Beh have split after dating for less than a year.

The couple called it quits about a month ago, a source told E! News. Though the reason for the split is unclear, the 32-year-old "Ghost Whisperer" star told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this year that she had already picked out three wedding rings for her future husband to choose from, whoever he may be. Um, could that have been it?

"She's doing fine," Hewitt's rep told People.

With Jamie Kennedy, Carson Daly, John Mayer and former fiancé Ross McCall on her list of exes, the author of "The Day I Shot Cupid" is living up to her book's title -- but not quite living up to her middle name.

She and Beh were set to costar in "Warren," a film he is also directing and producing that was supposed to start shooting in Chicago this spring. She was supposed to play his ex-girlfriend in the film, E! reported. Fitting, no? Whether the film's fate will mirror the couple's was unclear.

Hewitt, however, is set to appear in an upcoming episode of FX's Betty White sitcom, "Hot in Cleveland."


Jennifer Love Hewitt his 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' premiere

Sightings: Jennifer Love Hewitt gets slim, Lauren Conrad lunches

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Heather Locklear, Hayden Panettiere -- who would you save?

— Nardine Saad

Photo: Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alex Beh attend a MOCA event last November. Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images.

Royal Wedding: Prince William, Kate Middleton juggle something old, something new

Royal Wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton

This post has been corrected. See the note below for details.

Like any couple prepping to tie the knot, Prince William of Wales and his fiancée, Kate Middleton, have their hands full. But thanks to his regal lineage, and unlike "any couple," the royal couple have a litany of additional traditions they must adhere to.

The Ministry talked with an expert on the royal family to see how the couple will juggle something old and something new, to make comparisons with Prince Charles and Princess Diana and to check in on contemporary attitudes toward the monarchy.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding "The royal family has thought about how to balance tradition and modernity since 1981," said royals expert Susan D. Amussen, a British historian at UC Merced. "Since Diana's death, they really had to figure out where royal tradition got in the way of making sense in modern society.

"When Diana died, there were things they wanted the queen to do which the palace said she didn't do, and that wasn't satisfying to observers."

Timeline: Windsor family weddings

The public is obsessing less over this wedding than they did over Diana and Charles' nuptials, Amussen said, despite the glut of coverage the event has received.

"The monarchy has had a rough 30 years, with Charles' divorce, the death of Diana and Anne and [Andrew's] divorces," she said. "The queen's children have not been great moral exemplars and have been seen often as too much interested in their own pleasure by many critics."

That unfairly puts the pressure on William. But he's smashingly getting away with quite a few modern touches. Since, unlike his father Prince Charles, Wills isn't the direct heir to the thone, it's easier in his case for the monarchy to be more flexible when it comes to embracing modernity. This modernity was instilled in William by his late mother, who "gave him a sense of the world outside the royal bubble," Amussen said.

Continue reading »

Is Kim Kardashian priming fans for a big Kris Humphries announcement?

Kim Kardashian is in love with Kris Humphries Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries may be turning up the heart.

The reality TV star and her New Jersey Nets forward have been keeping their relationship in the public eye, especially on Twitter.

"Its hard to remember how it felt before, now I've found the love of my life..." Kardashian tweeted Monday after the two spent the Easter holiday decorating eggs together.

After wrapping "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" with her older sister, the coy bad-girl-gone-good decided to stay in the Big Apple instead of moving back to L.A. Humphries had been introduced as a love interest, suggesting he was the reason she would stay on the East Coast.

Kim hasn't been the luckiest in love after a tough breakup with New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush. Her love life has also taken a backseat to Kourtney Kardashian's infamous romance with Scott Disick, and Khloe Kardashian's happily-ever-after hitched to the Lakers' Lamar Odom (and making a show of it).

Now things seem to be looking up for Lady K, who had been somber about the Armenian genocide earlier this month. Might she and Humphries be gearing up for a big move-in announcement? Perhaps -- for months, rumors have been flying that the couple are planning to cohabitate -- though the middle Kardashian sister strikes us more as the engagement type.

Despite the Ministry's general wariness regarding a love interest who shares the same first name as a girl's mom, we're staying tuned.


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-- Nardine Saad

Photo: Kim Kardashian. Credit: Toby Canham / Getty Images

Nicole Crowther regrets leaving Twitter over 'Glee' spoiler, says she didn't work prom episode

Nicole Crowther, who tweeted a "Glee" spoiler Nicole Crowther, the one-time "Glee" extra who was skewered for tweeting a spoiler of the hit show's prom episode and incurred the wrath of co-creator Brad Falchuk, is trying to set the record straight: She did not work the episode in question and heard the information secondhand.

"I had no idea it would blow up like this, I do regret it," she told the Ministry on Monday. Crowther, 21, appeared on only one episode of the show, she said, in 2010. Reports last week had characterized her as working "Glee" regularly, and tweeting after learning the prom king and queen's identity in person.

"I'm afraid my career is in jeopardy -- my career that hasn't even started because of this lie," she said. "Nobody took the time to check the facts. But I do understand why [Falchuk] would be upset ... the truth of the matter is that I wasn't on set."

Crowther, a film student, revealed the cryptic spoiler last week to her nearly 2,000 followers, with whom she had a "Glee"-related rapport. Fans of the show were able to decipher the code, but she said she wasn't even sure if the rumor was true.

Then a Twitter tirade from Falchuk seemed to confirm her speculation: "@nicolecrowther Hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment," he wrote, adding "Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?"

"That's what surprised me the most," Crowther said. "I was very stunned by what he said to me regarding my career. I honestly think that my heart stopped beating for a minute that he even heard what I said."

So where did Crowther get her info? She said she heard the secret at an April 16 dinner party, from a girl who claimed to have been an extra on the "Glee" prom set the day before -- and it was Falchuk who appeared to confirm its veracity.

"Nobody really knows who I am, I'm just twittering away and he goes on and he confirms it. Only a few people would have heard what I said. And he's the one that spread it even more than I did and seemed to threaten my career." She deactivated her Twitter account soon after.

Now, the actress says she's been blackballed. The extra casting agencies she works through suspended her for two to three weeks, and the agency that casts background specifically for "Glee" told her she'd never again work on the Fox show, or on any show it handles.

Crowther's background gigs are a side job while she pursues training to becoming a director. The Fort Myers, Fla., native is a student at the Los Angeles Feature Film Academy, and has found herself in the background on TV sets including Disney's "Shake It Up," "Kickin' It" and "A.N.T. Farm"; Nickelodeon's "Big Time Rush," "Victorious," and "Supah Ninjas"; Fox's "Traffic Light"; and TNT's "Men of a Certain Age." She also worked on the upcoming movies "Prom" and "The Muppets."

The self-proclaimed "Glee" fan had been tweeting about Fox's hit show for about five months, building her following among the Gleek community last October after tweeting that she'd been an extra on the show. She said she's tried to reactivate the account, to no avail, and regrets having deactivating it in the first place, despite knowing that she'd upset a lot of people.

"I deleted it because I thought it would help," but in doing so might have convinced people she was in the wrong. "I shouldn't have deleted it."

"I have nothing to be ashamed of, I have nothing to hide. I'm telling the truth and I'm going to prove that to everyone."


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'Glee' extra Nicole Crowther fired for revealing prom king and queen on Twitter

Ryan Murphy of "Glee" apologizes for using f-bombs, says Kings of Leon are "cool"

-- Nardine Saad

Photo: Actress Nicole Crowther. Credit: Kevin Johnson

'Glee' extra Nicole Crowther fired for revealing prom king and queen on Twitter

'Glee' producer Brad Falchuk gets angry at extra for tweeting prom spoiler

"Glee" extra Nicole Crowther was fired from the hit show for tweeting spoilers about the upcoming prom episode, specifically, who would be prom queen and king.

The somewhat cryptic message was understandable to fans of the show, and "Glee" co-creator Brad Falchuk was less than pleased about the leak. So he went off on the actress, which ultimately resulted in Crowther deactivating her Twitter account and getting the boot from the Fox show.

Those Gleeks don't mess around.

SPOILER ALERT: Do NOT click on the upcoming link if you prefer to be in the dark. Read the tweet here.

A series of angry messages from Gleeks bombarded the micro-blogging site after Crowther sent out the spoilerific tweet, which prompted Falchuk to speak out.

"Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create? Hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment," he tweeted to the regular extra.

Ouch. And so Crowther was fired from the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning Fox show.

"They are not doing reshoots because of my careless mistake so shut up haters and leave me alone. Grow up and get a life," was her final tweet before deactivating her account.

However, a source close to the show said standard Screen Actors Guild day-player union contracts used by the show do not contain non-disclosure agreements, which lay out punishments when plot secrets are blabbed, so the legal ramifications are less serious.

But still, she better watch her back or else she might be thrown up against a locker or get a slushie to the face. Just saying.


Heather Morris of "Glee" shows off dance moves

Ryan Murphy of "Glee" apologizes for using f-bombs, says Kings of Leon are "cool"

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-- Nardine Saad

Photo: "Glee" creators Brad Falchuk, left, and Ian Brennan, right. Credit: Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Rihanna's secret family: two half-sisters, a half-brother — and two nieces

Rihanna's has three more half-siblings Barbados bombshell Rihanna has a secret family — two sisters and a brother from three mothers.

The "S&M" and "Umbrella" hitmaker is also an auntie to two adoring nieces, the Sun of London revealed.

Rihanna's long-lost sibs were each born during different relationships before their father, Ronald Fenty, married Rihanna's mother, Monica.

Rihanna, whose family calls her by her given name, Robyn, was 15 and not famous when she first met her eldest sibling, 32-year-old Kandy, who showed up at the Fentys' door and explained who she was.

"I guess you could say I was shocked," Ronald Fenty told the British tabloid. "But I was a bit on the wild side and something of a ladies' man back in my early days."

Ya think?

Rihanna has devoted fans in her nieces, 14-year-old Brandy and 11-year-old Crystal.

"My girls thought she was great fun and now, of course, they love the fact their auntie is one of the most famous singers in the world," Kandy said. "They love her music and are always singing her songs at the top of their voices."

The other secret siblings are Samantha, 30, a policy consultant for Caribbean regional governments, and brother Jamie, a 27-year-old graphic artist.

The R&B star maintains a warm relationship with them, the Sun said, dropping by for visits when she returns to Barbados for family events or official functions.

Rihanna is also close with her younger brothers, Rorrey, 21, and Rajad, 15. On her way to see Arcade Fire at Coachella, she tweeted birthday wishes to her baby brother: "Happy BIRTHDAY to my baby bro (I still think he's my son) RAJAD!!! Sis love you booj, even from a million miles away! Wish I cud squeeze u."

Sounds like one bigger, happier family.


Rihanna tells the Situation, 'Lift your shirt' [Video]

Coachella 2011: Rihanna, Usher, Leo DiCaprio light up Neon Carnival

Britney Spears remixes Rihanna's 'S&M'; Spears to tour with Nicki Minaj

— Noelene Clark

Photo: Rihanna at the Coachella festival in Indio on April 16. Credit: Christopher Polk / Getty Images.

PREACH IT! Kate Middleton and Audrina Patridge are the same person


Kate Middleton and Audrina Patridge are the same person.

Well, OK, no they're not. But has anyone seen both of them in the same room together? Exactly. And until we do, we are running with this crazy conspiracy theory until one or both of these ladies' lawyers tell us not to.

After all, the future queen of England and the reality-TV star share strikingly similar features, including long brown hair, toothy grins, elusive upper lips and large, widely spaced eyes. Plus: Nobody can say for certain exactly what either of these women does for a living.

Yes, one gal is supposedly British. And one is also allegedly shorter -- Audrina's at 5 feet 8 inches, Kate's closer to 5 feet 10 -- but we shall withhold a final report until these two people prove, once and for all, that they are not each other.

Still not convinced? Well, OK. Let's see how you do with a pop quiz:

One of these two was once a photographer. The other used to work at a photo studio. And you have no idea which person matches which job, do you? Touche! Point for us, we say! And now we’ll tell you: Middleton was the photographer. She took catalog pics for her parents' mail-order toy company. Audrina had a job answering the phones at Smashbox.


And now, back to ironing the creases out of our tinfoil hats.

Carry on.



Prince William, Kate Middleton are engaged [pictures]

Nice ring, Kate and Wills -- just don't stand by Hilary Duff

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photos: We have no idea who these women are -- or should we say, no idea who this WOMAN is? Credits, from left: Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images; Katy Winn / Associated Press; Chris Jackson / Getty Images; Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images.



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