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Ricky Gervais sings and dances in '80s pop duo Seona Dancing!

We knew about "The Office," "Extras" and his various other shows but, oh, Ricky Gervais... why did you never tell us about this?

The controversial Golden Globes host and sharp-tongued comic used to be in the '80s synth duo Seona Dancing.  And for the '80s and its unfortunate hairstyles, he looked real good.

Watch the music video for the band's chart topping single "Bitter Heart" above. A bounty that will live forever on YouTube. And yes, it's really Ricky!

Maybe he sees this as an unwanted blemish on his less-than-squeaky-clean career, but we see it as a goldmine. Are you as in love with this version of Ricky as we are? Tell us in comments.


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— Nardine Saad
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Katy Perry and Kanye West get spacey in 'ET' video premiere [Poll]

Katy Perry is extraterrestrial, or so she leads us to believe in her "ET" video with Kanye West, debuting her supernatural video Thursday in all its intergalactic glory and majestic moonscapes.

Perry dons alien-like nails, blue lipstick and unsettling reptilian eyes in the sweeping visual manifestation of her newest single about out-of-this-world love. The California Girl with teenage dreams even gets lusty over a robotic alien-turned-man ... and then there's a surprise ending!

What do you think of the video? Is it new ground for Perry or does if feel like a Gaga spinoff? Take our poll and shuttle your thoughts in comments.


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— Nardine Saad
Twitter.com / NardineSaad

'21st Century Girl' Willow Smith wins new-artist NAACP Image Award [Music video]


Kimberly Elise and Tyler Perry at the NAACP Image Awards Willow Smith is the kind of chick who knocks you off your feet, or so she says in her "21st Century Girl" music video that dropped Friday. And it's hard to argue with that logic.

On a night when Tyler Perry ruled the roost, the kid won an NAACP Image Award for outstanding new artist (beating Nicky Minaj and Bruno Mars, among others), is set to star in a remake of "Annie" and has a recording career clicking along, all at the tender age of 10.

She was in the company Friday night of fellow winners Usher, Mary J. Blige and John Legend and the Roots, to name a few, though Alicia Keys' "Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)" beat Willow's "Whip My Hair" for outstanding video.

Some more 2011 Image Award film winners of note: Halle Berry won for her "Frankie & Alice" performance, and the movie won for indie film. Denzel Washington was recognized for his turn in "The Book of Eli" -- besting Willow's brother Jaden Smith, who'd been nominated for "The Karate Kid."

Perry's "For Colored Girls" was named best film, and Perry also won the Chairman's Award in honor of his journey from difficult beginnings to a spot on Hollywood's A-list.

In the television group, "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" won for outstanding comedy series, with comedy lead-acting honors going to Vanessa Williams for "Desperate Housewives" and David Mann for "Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns."

Click for more photos of arrivals at the 42nd NAACP Image Awards.


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Kimberly Elise and Tyler Perry on the red carpet before the 42nd NAACP Image Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on Friday. Credit: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Lady Gaga, 10-year-old Maria Aragon sing 'Born This Way' together in concert [Videos] [Poll]


Did Maria Aragon expect to make it on stage with Lady Gaga when she uploaded her cover of "Born This Way" last month? That's what happened Thursday night in Toronto, when Maria, 10, took the stage and then sat on Lady Gaga's lap to perform a duet in front of a massive audience.

"Maria represents what this song is all about," the singer said before kicking off the song with her young fan, and her young fan's orange rally monkey. "It's all about the next generation and the future and no more divisiveness, only unity." (The lyrics of "Born This Way" celebrate all ethnicities and sexualities, with a chorus that starts, "I'm beautiful in my way / 'Cause God makes no mistake."

A Canadian radio station sent the Little Monster to her Mother Monster's Toronto concert show after hooking the two up over the phone and on the air on Feb. 18. It was a phone call that reduced the younger monster to tears, which you can see and hear in the video embedded below, along with video from their duet in concert.

The kid, who said she's been singing since she was 3, appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' show a few days later, performing the tune live. "It not every day you get to talk to a superstar, you get, like, feedback from a superstar that you did a great job on a cover of her song," Maria told Ellen.

Which rendition of the tune do you prefer, the one in Gaga's new music video, or Maria's viral version, above?


Grammys: All eyes are on Lady Gaga's egg [Video]

Lady Gaga makes runway debut for Thierry Mugler in Paris

John Galliano gets a break from Whoopi Goldberg; Lady Gaga stays mum

-- Christie D'Zurilla




Jennifer Lopez's 'On the Floor' video premieres on 'Idol' [Poll]


The premiere of the Jennifer Lopez "On the Floor" video on "American Idol" was a welcome distraction Thursday night after at the end of two intense hours of watching talented kids get sent home -- a relief, of course, until the guillotine came down for the last time moments after the video ended.

It was interesting to see the current style of music video (J. Lo's tune features rapper Pitbull) juxtaposed with the more classic songs the wild-card hopefuls chose to perform in their last-ditch efforts to stay in the running.

There'd been an interactive fan component to the "On the Floor" reveal. "Idol" fans were able to watch three endings online ahead of time, with the most popular version shown Thursday night. (Anybody remember "Choose Your Own Adventure"?)

Separate from the song, there are a few awesome shots of Lopez shaking her money maker, which is one asset that simply makes us happy. If it would make you happy to know the names of "Idol's" Top 13, visit Show Tracker.


Kim Kardashian's song 'JAM (Turn It Up)' premieres [Poll]

Jennifer Lopez falls on her perfect posterior at the American Music Awards

A peek inside the 'American Idol' party, where the top 13 soak in the spotlight

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Lady Gaga: 'Born This Way' music video premieres [Poll] [Video]

Let it never be said that Lady Gaga takes herself too seriously when it comes to creations like her new "Born This Way" video. OK, let it never be said in this paragraph that she takes herself too seriously.

Let it also never be said that you can't create a very interesting view of the world through a ... well, through a kaleidoscope?

Let it often be said that Lady Gaga really likes dancing in public in her unnie-pantz. And let it also be said that this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

As for the "Born This Way" video, well, "This is the manifesto of Mother Monster," Lady Gaga intones. So check out the Nick Knight-directed clip above — viewer advisory just 'cause the beginning is pretty icky — then vote in our up or down poll below, and intone all you want in comments. (Just don't cuss, OK? OK!)


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Madonna has blessed 'Born This Way,' Lady Gaga tells Jay Leno

Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' music video debuts [Video] [Poll]

— Christie D'Zurilla




Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' music video debuts [Video] [Poll]


Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me" video debuts The Britney Spears music video "Hold It Against Me" debuted Thursday night on MTV, finally providing visual accompaniment to the tune that dropped in January.

At that time, "Hold It Against Me," the first single from Spears' upcoming "Femme Fatale," seemed to do just fine without much critical love, debuting at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Singles chart. The video is (of course?) directed by Jonas Akerlund, the guy behind Lady Gaga's "Telephone."

Yes, there's product placement galore. Yes, there's Auto-Tune. But there's also Britney and some boys dancing in outfits that look like a fashionista's take on men's tighty whiteys, or maybe on their childhood Spider-Man underpants, and what's not to love there? Not to mention the crouching-tiger-hidden-Britney kickboxing sequence pitting the pop tart against herself -- in platform stilettos.

The song is catchy enough that we're going to have to immediately counter-program RuPaul's "Jealous of My Boogie," below, to reboot the iPod part of our brain -- so maybe the video has done its job effectively.

Wait, first we liked the Justin Bieber movie, and now we're finding Britney's comeback video catchy? Are we losing our edge? Given that we're already imagining an Adam Lambert remake of "Hold It Against Me," all signs point to "yes."


Britney Spears' "Femme Fatale" cover: Hot or not? [polls]

Lady Gaga and Beyonce world premiere their "Telephone" video

Britney Spears' new single: "Hold It Against Me" (Oh, she *had* to ask ... ) [Poll]


-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Britney Spears on the "Glee" set in 2010. Credit: Adam Rose / Fox

Julianne Hough 'Is That So Wrong' official video 'kinda banned' by CMT [poll]

Julianne Hough told a concert crowd Friday in Maryland that her "Is That So Wrong" official video had been "kinda banned" by CMT, the Washington Post reports.

"Apparently I was taking off too many clothes as I was dancing across my bedroom," the "Burlesque" actress said, pausing. "But I don't know — I kind of liked it."

Of course we had to look, and fortunately the video falls well within the Ministry's never-super-high standards, so you can check it out too, above. But, for example:

Nobody gets beaten, and nothing gets burned down.

The official video in no way features Miley Cyrus grinding, smoking or dancing like a loon.

It's not shot in a women's prison, with performers in scanty underthings — and there's no mass murder.

So — are you scandalized by a beautiful woman dancing in short shorts and a bra that covers up just about everything? Even if she is Ryan Seacrest's 22-year-old girlfriend?


Lady Gaga, Beyonce world premiere their 'Telephone' video

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Eminem's new video features Rihanna, Megan Fox and domestic violence -- what's not to love? [polls]

— Christie D'Zurilla


Justin Bieber introduces rapper Shawty Mane [poll]


Justin Bieber rapping Who is Shawty Mane? Why, it's Justin Bieber, who says in his Shawty video, "You guys might know me as the guy, y'know, who sings 'Baby,' y'know ... I'm a singer ... I'm white. But y'know, I just wanted to do this just to prove that I got skills on, on, on the rap game, so yeah, what up ...."

"I killed that. Ai, peace."

Bieber posted the "Speaking in Tongues" video Wednesday via his Twitter page.

So watch it, then tell us which Bieber incarnation you prefer. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Justin Bieber at a promotional event in Tokyo on Oct. 13, 2010. Credit: Shuji Kajiyama / Associated Press

Related dispatches from the Ministry of Gossip:

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Hey, why not vote — because Justin Bieber can't!

Gwyneth Paltrow unveils 'Country Strong' music video [Updated]


Gwyneth Paltrow on Thursday premiered the video for "Country Strong," the title track for her upcoming drama of the same name.

Though movie sets and well-appointed homes are the actress' native stomping grounds, she slips right into the country vibe, jamming with a band in a minimal warehouse setting. [Updated, 3 p.m.: Unfortunately, the video's been taken down for the time being, but you can hear the audio above.]

"Country Song" has been released as a single to radio. The flick, co-starring Leighton Meester and Tim McGraw, will hit theaters Dec. 22. 

-- Matt Donnelly

Get the latest Gwyneth Paltrow news from the Ministry.


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