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Jennifer Lopez gets sexy with Casper Smart -- and the Easter Bunny

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart get down in her new video

Jennifer Lopez is vying for multitasker of the week, given the activities she's indulged in over the last few days: the release of a super-sexy music video, date night with boyfriend Casper Smart and a stop to see the Easter Bunny.

Indeed, "Dance Again," Lopez's uptempo track with rapper Pitbull, has been on lots of lips thanks to its sexual content and its co-star: Smart himself.

The video sees Lopez and Smart bump-and-grinding in an anti-gravity hotel suite, and in another scenario enjoying some high-fashion bondage, securing each other with a blindfold reading "Love is blind."

Some critics think the clip is too hot for TV, but the Ministry isn't fazed. In fact, it's nice to see that Smart is working with some decent moves, as his day job is that of a dancer.

Following their video romp, Lopez and Smart went for lighter fare Thursday, taking her and Marc Anthony's twins for a visit to see the Easter Bunny. Hitting up L.A. shopping mecca the Grove, Lopez rocked a white track suit and toted her kids by the hand to the furry candy creature.

A quick change ensued and the kids were passed off as Lopez and Smart stuck around for a date night, walking just a few hundred feet to the Grove's adjoining Farmer's Market, where they attended an opening for famed hospitality guru Robert Earl's new joint, Planet Dailies. 

The interactive eatery's launch drew J.Lo pal Mario Lopez, as well as former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cee-Lo Green, Joe Manganiello, Piers Morgan, designer Tommy Hilfiger, George Lopez and "Mad Men" cutie Sam Page.

Mingling led to cocktails in the adjoining Mixology 101 lounge, where Lopez's efforts came full circle as she and Smart screened the "Dance Again" video for the crowd.

If only we could look as good multitasking. Check out the video below.



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Jennifer Lopez, boyfriend Casper Smart enjoy a getaway in Hawaii

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart at the opening of Robert Earl's Planet Dailies and Mixology101. Credit: Getty Images

Madonna is a 'Girl Gone Wild' in sultry new video

Madonna's new music video for the track "Girl Gone Wild" hit on Wednesday and is a fitting return to the singer's roots. 

All the better that the forthcoming album is titled "MDNA," as the clip is heavily rooted in her "Erotica" days: We're talking bondage, muscle, weapons and smoke. 

Madonna releases a new video for 'Girl Gone Wild'

Not only is the sizzle factor trademark Madonna, but note the spoken intro (video above), a sort of prayer of penance for just being bad. She'll take you there. 

"She pushes things along at a rather forceful pace," said William Orbit, producer and longtime Madge collaborator, of this new project, "...but when she's on the mike, or listening, it's total, total concentration." 

Concentrate on the video, directed by fashion photography team Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, then tell us your thoughts in comments.   


Madonna, Demi Moore light up CAA Golden Globes bash

Golden Globes: Madonna hopes Elton John will one day forgive her

Madonna stalker Robert Hoskins returned to SoCal mental hospital

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Madonna poses with her Golden Globe statuette for original song for "Masterpiece" at the 69th Golden Globe Awards in January. Credit: Paul Buck / EPA

Lady Gaga's 'Marry the Night' video: five delicious moments

Lady Gaga has release her "Marry the Night" video

Lady Gaga has an early holiday present for her little monsters: a music video to accompany her new track "Marry the Night."

In the Ministry's time-honored tradition, we're bringing you our highlights of the video, which you can watch in all its 14 minutes of glory below.

A distinct '80s vibe permeates the usual arty Gaga fare; from color scheme to wardrobe (with a shout out to the sweet black Trans-Am the Lady grinds all over), there's a "Who's That Girl" situation happening. We do not fear any Gaga-Madonna comparison, so take it to comments if you have a beef.

While the choreography leans toward what we've come to expect — brisk movement but nothing exact or exciting on, say, a Beyoncé level — she more than makes up for in narrative.

Our favorite bits include ...

The procedure: The video starts with a tableau in what we can only imagine is the most depressing Berlin women's clinic ever, where Gaga is undergoing some kind of procedure accompanied by her own voice-over. It's a bit unpleasant to watch, but registers brave in a music category that's usually full of Katy Perry's candy shtick or Rihanna's blatant bath house romping. 

The silver lining: Even in her darkest hours, Gaga turns to the whimsy of her work for an injection of optimism. While being wheeled on a gurney by two nurses to some cruel fate, Gaga turns her frown upside down by saying, "For example, those nurses? They're wearing next season Calvin Klein. So am I." It really is the little things.

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Miley Cyrus supports Occupy Wall Street with new video

Miley Cyrus is supporting #OWS

Miley Cyrus appears intent on covering her controversy bases, adding support of Occupy Wall Street, a.k.a. #OWS, to her ever-expanding agenda.

She's had the sexually suggestive controversy (her pole dancing performance at the Teen Choice Awards in 2009), her drug controversy (smoking from a bong), her other drug controversy (comments at her 19th birthday party last week about being a stoner) and now, apparently, she's courting political controversy.

The pop singer has released a video for the remix of "Liberty Walk" off her album "Can't Be Tamed" composed entirely of footage from the various Occupy protests worldwide. Included are police beatings, things burning and lots of angry marching. It's strong stuff from the girl once known as Hannah Montana.

The video was posted Saturday to her official YouTube channel and bears the dedication, "This is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in..."

The video has predictably made Cyrus persona non grata in a number of households and stirred the ire of conservative media. Comments on her YouTube page include one from a dad who wrote, "Miley Cyrus is now banned from my house along with 30 other entertainment political wannabes. My kids are not allowed to have anything related to you or what you stand for.......and you know what? they actually said it to me that they lost interest in you and your cruddy music and movies and tv show.... Bah-bye Miley,.... you get no more of my hard earned money you one percenter liar."

Conservative radio host Dana Loesch tweeted, "A movement is dead when Miley Cyrus writes disco music for it."

Between this and the Bob Marley birthday cake, it's going to be an interesting week for Miley.


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-- Patrick Kevin Day

 Photo: Miley Cyrus at the Grammy Awards in February. Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

Beyonce releases 'Dance For You' video -- and does just that

Beyonce has released a new music video for 'Dance For You'
If Beyonce is vying for most prolific pregnant diva, she moves a step closer to the title this Thanksgiving holiday by releasing yet another music video -- this time in support of her concert DVD "Live at Roseland: Elements of 4."

"Dance For You," a sultry black-and-white clip filmed prior to her baby bump, courtesy of husband Jay-Z, B goes for a Jessica Rabbit vibe in the shadowy offices of a private detective (watch it here).

The video carries the standard Bey DNA -- wind machines, plunging necklines and lots of hair. Not that we're complaining. "Live at Roseland" will feature highlights of her four-night stint at the aforementioned New York City ballroom.

That performance block was, let's say, a micro-tour for "4." Beyonce never intended to produce an international showing, as she was due on the set of Clint Eastwood's "A Star Is Born" update first thing in the new year. "Babyonce" changes things a bit, but she's still on track to play leading lady.


Beyonce goes mod for her new 'Countdown' video

Beyonce throws a 'Party' with sis Solange, Kelly Rowland [Video]

Beyonce lifts the veil around her marriage, names her style icons

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Beyonce hosts a screening of her concert DVD "Live at Roseland: Elements of 4" at the Paris Theatre on Nov. 20 in New York. Credit: Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Beyonce throws a 'Party' with sis Solange, Kelly Rowland [Video]

Beyonce has a hot new video for 'Party'

Beyonce has released yet another music video, this time featuring the track "Party" from her new album "4." And there are several things we need to say about it.

To those feverish baby-bump skeptics who suspect that Mrs. Jay-Z is embellishing, or altogether faking, her pregnancy: Calm down. The pop star looks svelte in the "Party" video because it -- in all of its trailer-park sultriness -- was shot during the first week of August.

Secondly, let's repeat: trailer-park sultriness. In a glorious mess of fanny packs, headpieces, blender drinks, dice-throwing and dance circles, Beyonce reminds us that even without elaborate choreography, high fashion or cinematic elements she brings one heck of a party.

J. Cole guests, and old friends including B's sister Solange Knowles and former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland show up for the festivities, which were shot in an actual trailer park.

Peep the swagu, below, and tell us your thoughts in comments.



Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby is due in February

Beyonce goes mod for her new 'Countdown' video

Beyonce lifts the veil around her marriage, names her style icons

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Beyonce in Paris in April. Credit: Marc Piasecki / FilmMagic


MTV VMAs: Lady Gaga dines, Shia LaBeouf sees 'Red'

MTV VMA parties: Shia LaBeouf spotted

Lady Gaga and other musical heavyweights have been lighting up Los Angeles this weekend at pre-parties for Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards.

Lady Gaga hosted a private dinner Friday at the Beverly in West Hollywood, welcoming Mary J. Blige, rapper Nas and "The X Factor" host Nicole Scherzinger.

The performer greeted her guests in a massive diamond bib, plunging red jumpsuit, beehive and sunglasses. The dinner was prepared by chef Ken Lee, and Ciroc offered a  Berry Bad Romance house cocktail to lubricate the evening.

Across town in Hollywood, Cafe Entourage played host to a party in honor of Drake. Joe Jonas made the ladies swoon, as did Jake Pavelka, Spencer Falls and Joe Slaughter.

Gaga's go-to choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson, circulated among singers Kimberley Locke and Kristine Elezaj, while guests sampled XBox's latest, Just Dance 2 and Gears of War 3. As the evening progressed, folks headed a few blocks away to the Box, a pop-up of the New York City nightlife venue.

A scruffy Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, came to party within the Paul & André space, in celebration of Project Red's collaboration with Belvedere vodka. Chelsea Handler, Jon Hamm, Marilyn Manson and Alessandra Ambrosio also attended.

On Saturday, Demi Lovato performed at Perez Hilton's One Night in Los Angeles concert, hosted by Carrera. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick enjoyed date night at the Wiltern show while Gavin DeGraw seemed in good spirits backstage, despite his recent beating in New York City.


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Gavin DeGraw recovering after attack in New York City

Lady Gaga does a striptease to promote her upcoming VMA gig

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Shia LaBeouf at the Box pop-up in Hollywood. Credit: Getty Images.

Drew Barrymore directs Chloe Moretz in 'Our Deal' music video

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore gave herself a lesson in modern teen idols as the former child star recently directed a music video starring Chloe Moretz, Miranda Cosgrove, Donald Glover and Tyler Posey of "Teen Wolf."

Best Coast's song "Our Deal" got the video treatment from Barrymore, who combined elements of "Romeo & Juliet" and "West Side Story" for the video, produced with MTV and Mean's Supervideo.

Moretz, of "Kick-Ass" and "Let Me In" fame, plays a pompadoured member of the gang Night Creepers who falls for Posey, a member of the Day Trippers. The star-crossed lovers meet for twilight bonding, but soon confront their fate as born enemies (watch the video below). 

Not to spoil anything, but those who stayed awake in freshman English class know it doesn't end well for Romeo and Juliet. Barrymore, however, pulls off a solid effort with some of the teen set's biggest names. 

The video serves as an appetizer for Barrymore's next directing gig: helming the feature "How to Be Single," a decade's worth of stories about solo New Yorkers. Her first time behind the camera was in 2009, for the roller-derby flick "Whip It!"


Drew Barrymore to direct "How to Be Single"

"Going the Distance" premiere: Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Christina Applegate

Taylor Swift, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres celebrate CoverGirl's 50th anniversary

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Drew Barrymore at the 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Credit: Jay Clendenin / Los Angeles Times


'Real Housewives' star LuAnn de Lesseps cuts a single about being one of the 'Real Housewives' [Music video]

First "Real Housewives of D.C" alum Michaele Salahi performs her club tune "Bump It" on live TV -- and now "Real Housewives of New York's" Countess LuAnn de Lesseps inflicts her "Chic C'Est la Vie" music video on the world. What is up with these women and their recent forays into what we assume is supposed to be music?

Incidentally, we now understand that Auto-Tune was created for a reason, and it's a reason that makes us wish De Lesseps had given it a chance.

Though she told PopEater she invited all her co-"Housewives" along for the ride, the countess is joined in the video only by co-"Housewives" Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon.

"They said it was not the right image they wanted to portray," De Lesseps said, "and I was like 'Excuse me, not the right image?' Who goes out without their panties, another rubs her husbands naked chest on the show, please."

The Ministry is, oddly, speechless. Share your thoughts?


'Real Housewives of New Jersey': New season, new fistfight [Video]

'Real Housewives' star Teresa Guidice, Bravo, producers sued over bar brawl

Michaele Salahi sings 'Bump It' on purpose, sexy-poses in a white bikini. No, really.

-- Christie D'Zurilla


Michaele Salahi sings 'Bump It' on purpose, sexy-poses in a white bikini. No, really.


Michaele Salahi, late of "The Real Housewives of D.C." and infamous for the White House state dinner she swears she and her husband didn't crash, has a club single out that just might make you feel bad for ever trashing Rebecca Black. And then there's the bikini-on-the-beach sexy-picture.


The 43-year-old Salahi put a cherry on her melted sundae of a life by posing on the beach in a white bikini for what we can only describe as -- OK, we can't describe it. Let's just say, when Kate Gosselin is looking hotter than you are, it's time to grab a caftan. The former Kate Middleton in a white bikini? Good. Actress Kristin Stewart in a white bikini? Not so bad. A woman who was kicked off "Celebrity Rehab" attempting to be sexy in a white bikini? Some things you can't unsee. There are very good reasons why the Ministry shouldn't pose in a white bikini either -- but we do know of what we speak.

(We pause now to cleanse the visual palate with a shot of Kim Kardashian in a white bikini. You're welcome.)

But back to Salahi's performance of "Bump It" on Friday on a local Miami morning news show. (Watch it below, if you dare. If the video doesn't load, try this.) Too bad Team Black took the "Friday" video down from YouTube, or we'd confidently offer a link to that train wreck as a palate cleanser as well.

Salahi was inspired to record her club track, available on iTunes since May, when Oprah Winfrey complimented her voice while the two were supposedly backstage together during President Obama's inauguration, the blond's rep told Radar Online.

"I titled the song 'Bump It' because I love dancing and bumping it on the dance floor!" Salahi told the website May 10. "I got so caught up with the rhythm, that my music just feels like a magical prism."

Incidentally, a multiple sclerosis patient who's treating symptoms of the illness with one of the injectable drugs known affectionately as the "CRABs" -- Copaxone, Rebif, Avonex and Betaseron -- would have at least some bruising on the thighs, abdomen, backside or upper arms.

Glancing at the parts Salahi shows off in the TV performance and bikini photo, it would appear that the woman who tearfully revealed a longtime MS diagnosis in September isn't going that route.


Michaele Salahi off 'Celebrity Rehab' -- Sean Young coming to the party!

Is Michaele Salahi to blame for 'Real Housewives of D.C.' getting canceled?

'Project Runway's' Tim Gunn questions 'Housewives' Michaele Salahi's MS admission

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Michaele Salahi -- thankfully not in a white bikini or a minidress -- meets President Obama at the White House in November 2009 while husband Tareq Salahi, right, looks on. Credit: Samantha Appleton / White House




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