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Charlie Sheen: CBS has 'high level of concern'

Charlie Sheen arrested Charlie Sheen and his recent porn-star partying may not be directly affecting his work, but his personal life is worrying his "Two and a Half Men" bosses, with a top CBS exec saying Friday that the network has a "high level of concern" about it.

"How could we not?" entertainment chief Nina Tassler told TV journalists. "On a basic human level, there is concern that this man is a father, he has children, he has a family. But you can't look at it simplistically.

"Charlie is a professional, he comes to work, he does his job extremely well. It is very complicated," she said, according to Show Tracker.

Sheen did in fact miss work Wednesday because of a serious ear infection, apparently made worse by his decision to fly home from Las Vegas, where, among other things, he'd been partying with a number of adult film actresses at the Palms. He'd made it to the "Two and a Half Men" set Tuesday as expected and returned Thursday and Friday. A Warner Bros. doctor made a house call Wednesday, TMZ confirmed.

As for the Vegas debauchery, "It looked like porn star auditions ... the girls were all over him, and he just sat back and took it all in," an eyewitness told TMZ. Sheen was spotted shooting vodka at the Palms on Monday.

Among his guests: Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, the tattooed lady who blew up Jesse James' marriage to Sandra Bullock. McGee told TMZ on Thursday that no, she has no plans to party with Charlie again any time soon.

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10/10/10: Celebrity scandals from a spicy year so far

6a00d8341c630a53ef01348544e626970c-pi[1] Batten down the hatches -- it's 10/10/10, a day of some sort of reckoning, because humans enjoy these kinds of mathematical patterns, yes? (That said, those who pay attention to such things might surmise that the new moon of 10/7/10 was probably a more auspicious date, in terms of big-picture life shakeups. But we digress.)

It's a time to take 10 and look back on a year that brought us the "breakup" of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the lurrrrve patterns of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the brain bleeds of Bret Michaels, the upskirt photography and "Hannah Montana"-ditching and gay-man grinding and envelope-pushing of an "OMG I'm almost 18 now!" Miley Cyrus, and nationwide auditions for "Glee," which if nothing else revealed an insane lack of reading comprehension among the youth of America.

And don't forget the deaths of Corey Haim, Andrew Koenig and "Deadliest Catch" Capt. Phil Harris, and the arrest of Jake Harris.

But moving forward, we present 10 spicy celebrity scandals and sagas from the first 10 months of 2010. It's enough to leep you talking about for at least 10 minutes -- or you can chat about a different story with 10 different people.

10. Artie Lange, Howard Stern's sidekick, attempted suicide in January by stabbing himself nine times, only to be rescued in time when his mom stopped by to bring him food. He's recovered now, playing his first club standup date Sept. 26, coincidentally one day after the accidental prescription drug overdose of comic Greg Giraldo, on whom the plug was pulled Sept. 29.

9. Casey Johnson, heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune and "fiancee" of Tila Tequila, was found dead on Jan. 4. Johnson's death was ruled to be the result of natural causes including not attending to her diabetes, but Tequila worked it for all it was worth. Oh yeah, Miss Tila's trying to get a sex tape with an old boyfriend pulled from the market now, but the judge pretty much laughed at her.

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PREACH IT! Jesse James tries to make at least a few people forget about Bombshell McGee


The amazingly slutty antics of Jesse James have been splashed all over every news outlet for months. But Sandra Bullock’s soon-to-be ex is still trying to shut people up about all that stuff. You know, like, all that chitchat involving Nazi paraphernalia. And about James’ No. 1 mistress, that Marilyn Manson look-alike with the tattoos on her face. That kind of stuff.

We here at the Ministry are still talking about it, of course, because we can, and because it’s fun, but if James has his way, no one will be discussing his personal past when he goes to court over a business matter in coming weeks.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court case pits James against a clothing company in a deal that apparently went sour. Now, James has filed papers indicating that his personal, um, troubles should be unmentionable during the trial.

Included in the list of verboten topics, as reported by TMZ:

James’ sexual behavior. The phrase "most hated man in America" in reference to James. The words "Nazi" or "Nazis" in reference to James. The terms monster, skinhead, racist, homophobe, prostitute, cheating or cheater. Sandra Bullock. Any allegation that Jesse engaged in "moral turpitude." Anything involving ...

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Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee feels Sandra Bullock's pain [Poll]

Mamie-gif Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, not pictured at left, says she owes Sandra Bullock an apology.

Gee, ya think?

In a lightning quick reaction to weeks-old events, McGee has gone bravely to the global stage that is Australian television, painting Jesse James as bad guy (but also a tattooed dream date) who talked her out of thinking he was a married man. Indeed, the "Today Tonight" interviewer seems to believe James' story as well, referring to Bullock's marriage to James in the past tense.

McGee likens herself to Bullock, saying they were both equally duped by the West Coast Choppers owner. She also allows that, even though the two didn't seem to have much in common, "maybe" James was in love with his wife, possibly attracted to her goodness and "cleanliness."

"I want to give her a heartfelt apology," McGee says. "I'm sorry for her embarrassment and her pain. I do feel really bad about it." She'd like to tell Sandra, "I'm sorry all this is public."

Not much discussion of why McGee made everything public in the first place, however, except ...

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Jesse James' maybe-mistress No. 4 develops a case of the dainties

Gloria We wish we could've been in Gloria Allred's office earlier, if only to discover whether she spits, swears, throws things or simply meditates calmly when a client opts out of the spotlight.

The woman who we know only as Self-Reported Jesse James Mistress No. 4 -- a.k.a. the one who hired Allred -- has decided not to go public with her story, the attorney told Radar Online

The part that had interested us about this lovely lady was that she said, through Allred, that the alleged relationship had ended just after the scandal broke. Which was icky enough that we wanted to know more. Kinda. But not really.

So, with apologies to the Bud Light folks, the Ministry of Gossip salutes you, Ms. Suddenly Shy Self-Reported Jesse James Mistress No. 4!

While the dirty laundry of Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, Melissa Smith and Brigitte Daguerre is aired to an icked-out public, perhaps you had the sense to think, "I pale in comparison to Sandra Bullock, and people might notice!"

When tabloid bucks beckoned, even as you dangled the promise of electronic proof as bait ...

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PREACH IT! There’s a Team Jesse? And there are people on it besides Jesse?

James mug It didn’t seem possible only a few days ago, but there it is. People -- real live human beings with brainstems and higher functions -- are coming out in support of Jesse James.

One of those people is is Jesse James, yes, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, the other people, starting with comedian Russell Brand. At last night’s Victoria’s Secret swim party, Brand was asked what he thought of James and that other pillar of fidelity, Tiger Woods.

“I like them!” he told E! Online. “They seem like nice guys.”

Yes, this is the same Russell Brand who is engaged to Katy Perry and thinks he can stay that way while saying nice stuff about Jesse James.

Anyway. We move on.

James’ employees are also being trotted out, or -- wait, did I just write that? Silly, cynical me. Let’s try that again. James’ employees are coming out, totally on their own without any prodding, to support their boss.

"Jesse is like family," one employee tells People. "He's just a righteous guy. If I have a personal problem, he'll sit and talk to me. Not once have I felt uncomfortable with him ... He's just a sweet guy. Hearing all this stuff about him is just sad. I don't believe any of it."

(Maybe this isn’t a good time to bring up the fact... 

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Bombshell McGee's dad knew about Jesse James

James bullock oscars Denny McGee, father of Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, knew his daughter was involved with Jesse James -- he even asked her if her new guy pal was married to Sandra Bullock. Her answer fell along the lines of "not exactly."

Michelle McGee is, of course, the first in a series of women -- the list is up to three or four now -- to claim a sexual relationship with the West Coast Choppers owner.

"She told me that she was going out with Jesse James," said Denny, a barber in Ohio who gets our vote as least likely to be linked to a scandal. "And I'm like, 'Jesse James the cowboy's been dead for 100 years.' And she said, 'No, Dad, Jesse James the motorcycle guy.' "

When he asked if James was married to Bullock, Denny said, Michelle told him "they were, but they have a thing now where they kind of live apart and she's on the scene for movies."

Michelle decided to tell (er, sell?) her story after seeing James and Bullock together ...

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Report: Sandra Bullock's back in town, but not back home

Bullock on stage Sandra Bullock arrived in Southern California on Tuesday night from her Austin, Texas, hideaway, an insider tells Fox411 exclusively, and though she's not headed back to the O.C. place just yet, "she doesn't want to jump into divorce -- she thought she had her soul mate" in husband Jesse James.

"She's staying in her own place separate from him in California," the source said, noting that Bullock is sorting things out step by step. "She still wants space, and she's very focused." 

Having seen Sandy in action after the Academy Awards on March 7, James hovering nearby, the Ministry does not doubt the "very focused" part one bit. Others apparently noticed that focus as well.

Bullock's still working and "plans to take meetings again soon," the source said.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Sandra Bullock accepts the Academy Award for lead actress for her role in "The Blind Side" during the 82nd Academy Awards on March 7. Credit:  Richard Harbaugh / EPA / AMPAS

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Jesse James apologizes to Sandra Bullock and his kids

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Deep in the weeds with Sandra Bullock, Jesse James

White bullock The news breaks, the stories fly, the parties involved stay mum, the speculation sets in. Guess where we are in the business of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Deep in the weeds.

There has been speculation about both spouses chatting up divorce attorneys, as well as official denial of that speculation. Some folks are wondering where Bullock is (echoes of the "Where's Tiger" debacle, anyone?). We know she's definitely not in Berlin, where, like in London, the red carpet premiere of "The Blind Side" was canceled.

RadarOnline says that Michelle "Bombshell" McGee — whose ex-husband Shane Modica told Us Magazine that he doesn't believe anything his ex-wife says and that she's motivated by fame and money — has hired security in the wake of threats. She's also been fired from another porn website, according to TMZ.

McGee's Michelle Bombshell website is up and running again on new servers, according to her unprintable Twitter account. For only $9.95 a month ...

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Angry White Boy owner: Michelle McGee 'will never model for me again'

West coast choppers"Any publicity is good publicity" -- really? If you're among those caught up in the wake of Michelle McGee's information-wants-to-be-free claim of an affair with Jesse James, Sandra Bullock's husband, it depends.

Casey Exton, who coincidentally put her on the cover of this month's Tattoo Revue magazine, is pretty stoked.

But Jimmy Ferrari, creator and chief exec of Angry White Boy Clothing, which also makes Angry White Girl stuff, which McGee modeled for, is doing a bit of damage control

"I don’t think it’s so right that she is getting so destroyed in the media. But I can’t be associated with any white supremacy nonsense," he told CBS News.

Ferrari posted a note on the company's website Sunday stating that AWB "has severed all connections with former model Michelle Bombshell."

Seems that after photos of McGee posing in a Nazi armband surfaced, folks assumed that Ferrari and his AWB brand had something to do with white supremacy. Ferrari says that's not true.

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