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Adam Scott has appreciation for Channing Tatum's backside

Adam Scott loves Channing Tatum's booty

It's so nice when Hollywood actors drop the competition and show some appreciation for each other — as "Friends With Kids" star Adam Scott has done for "21 Jump Street" actor Channing Tatum. And his backside.

"That guy looks like he was sculpted out of ivory," he says before proceeding to tell Details magazine with great gusto that adult stores should use Tatum's tush as a model for making certain sex toys. "Sorry for everything I just said," he adds.

It's OK, Adam. The Ministry won't judge; we'll just share.

Scott must be thrilled for the forthcoming movie "Magic Mike," wherein Tatum will shake that ivory rear end alongside Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer and Matthew McConaughey. And Adam has a thing or two going on in his own career.

Starring alongside Jon Hamm's main squeeze Jennifer Westfeldt in "Kids," Scott's on a trajectory for feature stardom in between his fan-favorite stint on "Parks and Recreation." But he's still just a dad at heart.

"Aziz [Ansari] always has to fly somewhere really awesome, do stand-up, and then hang out with some kick-ass people afterward who'll all tell him how rad he is," Scott said of his "Parks" costar.

"And I'm going to a 4-year- old’s birthday party."


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— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Adam Scott gives us an eyeful. Credit: Details

Channing Tatum strips down, spoofs McConaughey for 'SNL'

Channing Tatum strips down for 'SNL'

Channing Tatum tried his hand (and chest) at hosting "Saturday Night Live" on Saturday, winning over audiences with his stripper moves and Matthew McConaughey impersonation.

"The Vow" actor took jabs at his pre-Hollywood days working as a male stripper, the inspiration for this summer's beeftastic "Magic Mike," using his monologue to lay down some ground rules.

"No touching. I can touch you, you can't touch me. Tips are appreciated; the only reason I'm hosting this show is to put myself through nursing school," he said. 

After the mandatory abdominal show, Tatum worked his way through sketches playing folks such as Tom Brady and his "Magic Mike" costar Matthew McConaughey.

In a sketch called "Getting Freaky with Cee-Lo," Tatum nails McConaguhey's syrupy Southern drawl and liberated hard body. 

A solid showing from Tatum, especially those stripper moves in the monologue, which you can watch below with another clip. All right, all right, all right


Tatum takes on McConaughey: 



First Look: Men of 'Magic Mike' get patriotic for strip routine

Anyone want to help Matt Bomer with his 'Magic Mike' thong?

Joe Manganiello's grandma isn't allowed to see his, ahem, work in 'Magic Mike'

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Channing Tatum in Beverly Hills in February. Credit: Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times

Anyone want to help Matt Bomer with his 'Magic Mike' thong?

Matt Bomer had a thong issue

While Matt Bomer is wiley as a con artist on "White Collar," he had a little less prowess when it came to the varied stripper gear he was required to wear in "Magic Mike."

Yes, "Magic Mike," the film in which Bomer plays a male exotic dancer beside Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey. Though it might be easy to visualize these men working the pole, some of the details were challenging.

"Figuring out how to put on a thong. The first time I tried, I had never worn a thong before, so the first time I tried it I put it on wrong and my junk didn’t fit in it," Bomer told MTV News.

"I had to call a wardrobe person in, 'Something is wrong with my thong, you guys. I think we are gonna have to figure this out,’ and they're like, 'Yeah, your legs are in the wrong holes,'" he said (video below).

We hate when that happens! Bomer also ran into some issues with tear-away clothing, which is a staple of any good male striptease (or, um, so we're told).

"It was sort of a lot of tearaway clothes, you know? There's definitely a technique to make sure you get those off cleanly," Bomer said.


Joe Manganiello to join ridiculously hot cast of 'Magic Mike'

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Joe Manganiello's grandma isn't allowed to see his, ahem, work in 'Magic Mike'

— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Matt Bomer in character on "White Collar." Credit: Myles Aronowitz / USA Network.

Joe Manganiello's grandma isn't allowed to see 'Magic Mike'


Joe Manganiello, who gratuitously shares his body with millions as resident "True Blood" werewolf Alcide, will take his exposure to a new level with Steven Soderbergh's forthcoming stripper flick "Magic Mike."

But the sharing stops when it comes to his family.

"I told them a few weeks ago that no one is seeing this movie," Manganiello told us at Saturday's Scream Awards, when we asked if mom and grandma would be allowed to scoop up tickets. "They'll probably see it anyway, but at least they've had two seasons of 'True Blood' to get used to it."

Photos: Spike TV's 2011 Scream Awards at Universal Studios Hollywood

Production is wrapped on "Mike," in which Manganiello -- alongside Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and a host of other well-built thesps -- plays an exotic dancer known as "Big Dick Richie."

Does that name, um, intimidate him?

"Big Dick Richie? That's the reason to do it. There's definitely a scene that will answer those questions," he said. And yes, there will be skimpy theme costumes.

"Everybody kinda does their own thing," he said. "Big sexy Kevin Nash has his Tarzan thing, I've got my fireman thing, Matt Bomer's got a doctor thing going on, Adam Rodriguez does a Latino lover bit."

To review: Joe. Manganiello. Fireman. Stripper.

You're welcome.

Though it promises to be a smoke show, Manganiello insists the film also has substance.

"It's so funny," he said. "It's like 'Animal House' and 'Hangover' funny. Steven has most of it edited and he's such a good storyteller with that camera."


Joe Manganiello to join ridiculously hot cast of 'Magic Mike'

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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Joe Manganiello accepts his supporting actor trophy at the Scream Awards on Oct. 15. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images


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