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PREACH IT! Madonna provides our Holocaust analogy o' the week. Um, bully for her?


Madonna and the American flag We know: It’s been more than 24 hours since Madonna went on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to talk about bullying. And, yeah, yeah, we're aware that we're just getting around to it now. But there's a reason for that. Sometimes certain ideas, certain memes, if you will -- and if you're reading blogs like this, you probably will -- take a day or two to sink in.

Ideas like, say, equating gay bullying to the Holocaust.

Take it away, Madge (or you can watch for yourself by clicking on the video above).

"We talk a lot about the importance of not judging people who are different -- not judging people who don't fit into our expected view of what's cool and what isn't," the singer told DeGeneres during a satellite-aided visit to the show Tuesday. "The concept that we are torturing teenagers because they are gay -- it's unfathomable. It's like lynching black people or Hitler exterminating Jews."

And just in case Madonna's screed wasn't quite theatrical enough, she added this: "Sorry if I'm going on a rampage right now, but this is America. The land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Indeed. Before she could find a use for the phrase "bombs bursting in air," Madge issued a call for action. She said everybody should just stop gossiping for a while.

Thanks Madonna! You fix everything!

Still, let's not be too hard on our Material Girl. After all, at least her analogy was unique.


Ellen DeGeneres 'devastated' by death of Rutgers student

Khloe Kardashian calls out Perez Hilton as her 'personal bully'

Kanye West is sorry again -- this time for pulling the 'race card' on George W. Bush

— Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Madonna in New York on Nov. 3. Credit: Charles Eshelman / Getty Images.

Arm yourself: Madonna to launch Hard Candy gyms

Madonna-body Want to have a body like Madonna's? In Madge's typical expat fashion, you'll have to leave the U.S. if you want to work it out at Hard Candy Fitness, the pop star's new chain of gyms opening pretty much everywhere but here, Pop & Hiss reports.

Madonna will attend the opening of the first gym Nov. 29 in Mexico City. Ten more locations are slated to follow in "major cities" in Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Europe and Asia.

Madonna's input will be reflected in the music, space, light and design, according to Mark Mastrov, chairman of New Evolutions Ventures, one of her partners in the plan. Mastrov founded the 24 Hour Fitness chain. Madonna released her album "Hard Candy" in early 2008.

Domestically, for now, we suppose you'll just have to swing by one of trainer Tracy Anderson's studios in New York or L.A. -- Anderson's the trainer Madonna parted ways with about a year ago, allegedly tired of the trainer's complicated style of aerobics.

Now both gals will have gyms. Isn't that nice?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Madonna on stage in Athens, Greece, in September 2008 -- before she stopped working out with that one trainer. Credit: Simela Pantzartzi / EPA

Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga top Forbes' list of 100 most powerful women


It's a good year to be a lady, with Lady Gaga and First Lady Michelle Obama topping the 2010 Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women.

Comprising creative, political and corporate influencers, the Forbes list ranks femmes in all kinds of categories. Obama (No. 1) and Gaga (No. 7) are joined in the top 10 by Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Beyonce Knowles.

Angelina Jolie checks in at No. 21 for her combined box-office stardom and U.N. goodwill ambassadorship. Not far away at No. 29 sits Madonna, for her fashion design efforts, ubiquitous Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign, and film directing.

Sarah Palin makes an appearance at No. 16. Also on the list are media types Katie Couric (No. 22), Meredith Vieira (No. 40) and Rachel Maddow (No. 50).

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Madonna sued over Material Girl clothing line for Macy's

Taylor-momsen-material-girl Madonna may have branded herself as a material girl in the 1980s, but she may not have been the first to put the "Material Girl" brand name on clothing -- that last bit according to a lawsuit filed Thursday by apparel manufacturer L.A. Triumph Inc., which says it's been selling millions of bucks worth of Material Girl clothing since, oh, 1997.

That'd be the year after Madge's daughter and clothing collaborator Lourdes Ciccone was born.

The lawsuit states that those millions have been earned at a similar price point, selling out of similar stores, Reuters reports -- to put it in Madonna terminology, this used to be their playground.

The clothing line, a partnership with Macy's, was announced in June and launched in stores this month, with "Gossip Girl" star Taylor Momsen stepping out as the face of the tween collection.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Taylor Momsen, the face of the Material Girl clothing collection by Madonna, performs at a Macy's in New York on Aug. 3 to launch the line. Credit: Louis Lanzano / Associated Press

Check up on the latest in celebrity commerce from the Ministry of Gossip.

The day in lady fights: Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga

Madonna gwyneth paltrow fightSome serious smack talk and breakup rumors were floating around the Famous Female BFF sphere Thursday -- and we don't like it one bit.

First comes news that Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna are dunzo in the gal pal department. 

"They don't speak," a source tells Us magazine. "I can't tell you exactly why they had the falling out, but Gwyneth can be jealous and competitive."

For realsies? We can't help but recall the better days of Gwyneth singing Madge's praises to Oprah and Madonna strolling in the Hamptons with Paltrow's kids.

But there are, perhaps, cracks in the foundation. Like when Paltrow kept tight-lipped on Ellen DeGeneres' poking fun at Madonna's elective British accent. And then there was a February edition of Paltrow's newsletter, Goop, in which she dished on "Friendship Divorce." 

If that's not knotting your stomach, just wait until you hear about the shade Katy Perry threw at Lady Gaga ....

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David Archuleta sings, and maybe we should leave it at that

Archie-web You know how there are some videos you kind of wish you never saw? Like the really sad one with the two cats that's been going around? Before you click "play" and watch David Archuleta singing "Works for Me," above, remember that we warned you.

No, Archie doesn't get hit by a car or anything. And yes, his singing -- on a tune co-written and performed with Toby Lightman -- is quite nice.

It's just the look on his face while chatting afterward, when "Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade, in a wee burst of reality-based interviewing, suggests to the 19-year-old that mayyyyybe pop icons Madonna and Elton John would not be likely to clear their calendars for multiple months to fill Simon Cowell's seat on the "American Idol" judges' panel. 

Imagine someone offering a bacon sundae to an adorable little puppy, then telling the puppy it has to do calculus in its head first if it actually wants a sloppy ol' bite.

The puppy also has a memoir out, "Chords of Strength," and that's why he's doing the rounds. The book? It's either genuine or motivational, or a look at the most boring human being on the planet, depending on who you ask.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

P.S. About that video with the cats -- don't watch it. You'll weep for weeks, at the oddest times, even if you don't like cats. Ask me how I know.

Photo: David Archuleta arrives at the Britweek Gala dinner April 22. He performed at the event, which benefited Save the Children and Virgin Unite. Credit: Rex Gelert Photography.

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Madonna gets racy in new MDG eyewear ads

While Lindsay Lohan makes pleas on Twitter to get her ankle monitor accessorized by Chanel, Madonna is practically molesting a hot model in her new MDG eyewear line with Dolce & Gabbana. If you’re keeping score, Madonna wins.

In the new ad campaign, done by celeb photographer Steven Klein, her Madgesty sexes it up in red lipstick and oversized shades. So who's the dude the 51-year-old pop icon is seducing? It's Tyson Ballou. You now have permission to leave this page and do your Google search on him.

Will you buy Madonna’s new MDG sunglasses?

--Yvonne Villarreal

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'Glee' cast raves about Lady Gaga garb; coach Sue's 'Vogue' on tap for Tuesday night

It'll be all Madonna in a week as the second half of "Glee's" first season gets rolling, but at the midseason premiere party at Bar Marmont in L.A. on Monday night, Lady Gaga was the diva of the hour, MTV News reports.

Madonna fans need not despair: Jane Lynch's three-minute "Vogue" video will premiere during Tuesday's "Hell-o" episode, a week ahead of the "Power of Madonna" installment.

In the show's upcoming Gaga episode, which was shooting Monday, Corey Monteith won't be wearing crime-scene tape, he said, referring to a Gaga get-up in her recent "Telephone" video. Chris Colfer was pleased to have danced in 10-inch heels and emerged unscathed. And Kevin McHale seemed to hint that not all the guys got their Gaga on to the same degree.

At the party, Lynch, aka coach Sue Sylvester, talked to People about her just-announced engagement: "I never thought that this is something I wanted ... ," the actress said. "It's just the greatest thrill in the world to find somebody that you want to be with every day."

After the jump, get a little taste of "Glee"-does-Madonna, and see audition clips (with their actual singing) from Colfer, Amber Riley and Lea Michele.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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PREACH IT! Poverty by Malawi, pants by Malandrino

Madonna malawi A new press release has just crossed our transom. It indicates that (1) Madonna recently visited Malawi to establish a school for poor children and that (2) she wore amazing designer pants.

Per the Malandrino press release: “During a recent visit to the Millennium Village in Lilongwe, Malawi, Madonna wore pants by Malandrino. Accompanied with her daughter Mercy, the icon wore a pair of Desert harem pants in noir/ivory tweed from the spring/summer 2010 Malandrino collection.”

Full disclosure: In the press release, the word Malandrino was presented in a larger font, sort of like this: MALANDRINO.

And in case you were wondering, you too can buy Madonna’s incredible, iconic Malawi poverty pants.

“The Desert pants are currently available by special order,” the press release says.

We called the publicist who sent out the release, hoping we could at least learn how much it would cost us to take in Millennium Village in style -- maybe the Africa pants fall into the same $750 price range as these babies? -- but we were told ...

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Madonna, Elton John, Quentin Tarantino and more hit Soho House for a star-packed pre-Oscar party in WeHo

Madonna And they call this a soft open?

Soho House held a preview party Thursday night in West Hollywood, receiving an embarrassment of bold names at its newest venue. The members-only club, which has outposts already in London and New York, partnered with Grey Goose to open its doors to Madonna, Elton John, Quentin Tarantino, Natalie PortmanHarvey Weinstein, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Kellan Lutz, Rachel Zoe, Josh Hartnett, and Clive Owen.

If only the Academy Awards could bring out better celebs (insert appropriately ironic sound effect here).

The stars gathered in the penthouse of the exclusive Sunset Boulevard property to celebrate Sunday's big show and raise awareness for RADD, aka "the entertainment industry's voice for road safety." The select, wall-to-wall crowd snacked on steak tartare and Champagne in the redesigned space that the club had rented for a week of sneak-peek Oscars parties in 2008.

Maggie Gyllenhaal chatted on the balcony with Topher Grace, while a newly single Ryan Phillippe bobbed and weaved through a crowd that also included Joaquin Phoenix, James CameronEmile Hirsch, Ben Silverman, Rosanna ArquetteMatt Dillon and Guy Oseary

Madge, clad in a silver top and black fur-lined coat, hit it off with "Star Trek" and "Heroes" star Zachary Quinto. The two were so chummy they carried their lovefest from the balcony to a table inside.

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