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Celebs get their eco-activism on at Global Green's Millennium Awards

Allison-brie-web For all we know, Alison Brie might have been wearing a recording of Frank Sinatra singing "Fly Me to the Moon" at Global Green USA's 14th annual Millennium Awards on Saturday.

Yes, you read that right.

The "Mad Men" actress -- she plays Pete Campbell's wife, Trudy -- was sporting an eco-friendly strapless dress and shrug by L.A. designer Deborah Lindquist, made of sustainable hemp silk and recycled materials: cashmere, leather and cassette tapes.

"The bodice is made from something called 'sonic fabric,' " said Brie. "The inside is cassette tapes, cut up and woven together. If you had an old tape player and you put headphones on and opened it up and rubbed it against this, you'd hear sounds."

The spirited actress says she's delighted to see the burgeoning Earth-friendly spin on fashion.

"It's really a great statement about fashion and eco-friendly activism today that there is this crossover, where five years ago it was very difficult to find eco-friendly designers and fabrics, especially for higher-end stuff."

Are you listening, designers?

"I'm in the market for red carpet eco-friendly designers," Brie says. "Give me a call. I will be happy to advertise, on my person."

Which she just happens to take with her everywhere she goes.

Brie was among the eco celebs who turned out to present an award at or simply to ...

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Report: January Jones involved in car wreck, reportedly blames paparazzi

January-jones-mug-web Talk about jinxing things.

Looks as if our "no 'Mad Men' news to be found" post on Tuesday was bad news for actress January Jones, who Thursday evening was involved in a multiple-car crash that she reportedly blames on being followed by paparazzi.

Police told TMZ that Jones was driving home after watching the Lakers-Celtics game at a West Hollywood hotel, lost control of her Range Rover while paparazzi were following her and hit three parked cars. She left her license in the car and walked half a block home to avoid harassment and to call 911, then returned to the scene, TMZ says.

Alcohol was not involved, the cops said, and no hit-and-run investigation will be done. Paparazzi have been on Jones' tail since a gossip-inducing photo taken Wednesday morning hit the Internet.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: January Jones on Tuesday. Credit: John Shearer / Getty Images for GQ magazine

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January Jones is just like us: Walk of Shame edition [poll]

January-jones-web No judgment, January Jones, but we love a good Walk of Shame.

Critically acclaimed "Mad Men" actress Jones hosted Oceana's World Oceans Day with GQ magazine on Tuesday evening, at the swanky Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. 

We took note of her cute BCBG aquamarine cocktail dress a the event -- and then again the next day at 10:30 a.m. getting out of a taxi at her house.

That had to be one heck of an Oceans party, attended by the likes of David Arquette, Jakob Dylan and GQ Vice President and Publisher Peter Hunsinger.

We'd speculate, but it's much more fun when you do it for us! Vote in our January Jones dress poll below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: January Jones at the GQ, Nautica and Oceana World Oceans Day Party on Tuesday at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood. Credit: John Shearer / Getty Images for GQ

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PREACH IT! January Jones swims in the sea! Sorry, it's all the 'Mad Men'-related news we've got

Fact: "Mad Men" and "True Blood" are both serious, incurable addictions that must be fed at all hours, or fans like us will go into toxic shock. Case in point: that Alexander Skarsgard cover story our magazine ran a few months back. The show was on hiatus when that cover interview ran, due to return in just a couple of months. But fans fell all over those photos like a pack of hopped up black tar junkies, as if it were the last time they'd ever again get to sink their fangs into Skarsgard before they all reported for detox.

That’s addiction for you.

Which brings us to why we're posting this video, above, of January Jones swimming in the sea. It's not Betty Draper swimming in the sea, which would be all kinds of awesome and a serious coup for the show's costume department, but at least it's an actor from "Mad Men."

For the record, Jones did the dive in Belize as part of a partnership between La Mer and Oceana's World Oceans Day 2010 campaign. Until the show returns next month, this will do. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that it's all for a good cause.

-- Leslie Gornstein

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PREACH IT! The sexiest woman alive has a deep fryer -- and knows how to use it

Hendricks1 Raise your whiskey glasses and get ready to dance the Twist: Christina Hendricks, the very-not-anorexic redheaded bombshell from "Mad Men," has been crowned by Esquire as its sexiest woman alive.

“Oh, my gosh, you've had chocolate-covered bacon, right? It's so perfect,” she raved to the magazine. “I just got a deep fryer, and it's amazing. The first night we got it, we made homemade poppers. I mean, what's the best deep-fried thing ever? Cheese poppers.”

Round and round and round and round, indeed.

Preach It! is beyond pleased, largely because the mag passed over Angelia Jolie, who is rather gorgeous but looks as if she hasn’t seen a carb since "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

Unless we’re wrong. Which we’re not. But really, we’ll humor you anyway, with a poll:

-- Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Christina Hendricks. Credit: Esquire

Attention, Jon Hamm fans -- your July 25 is now booked

Jon hamm dinner Really quick, because we're excited -- the fourth season of "Mad Men" will premiere July 25 on AMC.

Rich-sommer Show creator Matt Weiner said Friday that he wanted the series to go no more than six seasons, but AMC countered Monday with a statement that there's no plan yet to end the show.

And yes, we realize that the award-winning ensemble cast features many other talented performers in addition to Jon Hamm, but hey, we might accidentally be biased. 

That said, there's also a special place in the Ministry's heart for Rich Sommer.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Jon Hamm, left, as Don Draper and Rich Sommer, right, as Harry Crane, in "Mad Men." Credits: AMC.

Abbie Cornish steps out, single style, after her breakup with Ryan Phillippe

Abbie cornish They say looking good is the best revenge -- not a big challenge for either party if you're the recently defunct couple Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish.

At the time of their February split, Phillippe sat front row at New York Fashion Week; now Aussie actress Cornish has surfaced at an art exhibit hosted by Vanity Fair on Monday night.

In an epic red dress (we're not being partial, but that is the dress to be seen in after a breakup), Cornish was all smiles at the unveiling of Kimberly Brooks' "The Stylist Project," a series of paintings with top Hollywood stylemakers like Rachel Zoe and Jeremy Scott.

There was some blissful togetherness in the room, however, in the form of newlyweds Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend.

The "Mad Men" bombshell admired the painting of her show's fashion guru Janie Bryant, who just last week won big at the Costume Designers Guild Awards. 

Get more pics below of VF attendees Ginnifer Goodwin and James Van Der Beek.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Abbie Cornish mugs it at Vanity Fair's party for Kimberly Brooks. Credit: Wire Image for VF

It's Oscar week, and the Ministry has all the scoop from inside the hottest bashes. Visit the Division of Fabulous Parties, and don't miss our headlines on Facebook and Twitter

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What's not to love about 'Mad Men'? Even the actors love it

SAG-Christina Hendricks The Ministry cannot proceed without a declaration: Christina Hendricks is beyond beautiful tonight in her flattering, fitted crimson gown. Smashing. Gorgeous. You go girl.

That said, the actors of "Mad Men" really dig their show -- in a  good way.

"We're all very nervous every season when we come back," Hendricks said -- excited to see what's happening with the characters. "Oh gosh, we haven't done this in so long," is the mood at the start of each season, she said, "so it doesn't feel like old hat at all."

"We really love this show and get very excited" she said, "so it always feels fresh."

Excitement's not the only emotion the show evokes. Commenting on the last season's plot, Rich Sommer shared a connection with his own life: "For me the most personal moment felt like the dissolution of the marriage.

"My parents got divorced and the way it went down was not dissimilar to the way it went down in the Draper house," said the show's Harry Crane, whose relationship with his "Mad Men" wife has seen some bumps as well. "Hopefully it's a relatable show. We hope that a lot of it resonates with a lot of people."

The history is something a lot of the show's fans -- hello, Ministry's mom and dad -- relate to intensely.

"It's very interesting to see a TV show taking place in a time that goes back to the '60s, which people thought was just this good golden age," said Bryan Batt, who plays closeted Salvatore Romano. "'Mad Men'," he says, "showed how there was so much racism and sexism and homophobia and how it's still relevant today."

"It makes us look forward to how far we need to come, and I don't think any other show is doing that."

[For the record, 5:01 p.m., Jan. 24: A previous version of this post misquoted Rich Sommer as saying that he, rather than his parents, had gotten divorced, and that the way it went down was not similar to the show's plot, when he actually said "not dissimilar." The correct quote appears above. And might I add, right now the Ministry's face is about as red as Ms. Hendricks' gown/cdz]

-- Christie D'Zurilla and Amy Kaufman

Photo credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

Guy style at the Golden Globes: It's a beard bonanza!

Hurt and pitt

Beard gallery refer Although purple gowns, oversize umbrellas and Haiti action ribbons were the obvious trends emerging from the Golden Globes telecast Sunday, we sensed something hairy.

What's with all the beards on the men at the Globes?

Fine, we'll take it on Jon Hamm, because frankly he could staple a squirrel to his chin and still be dashing. And even on Christoph Waltz, we can withstand the scruff now that he's in possession of that trophy for supporting actor in a motion picture.

But Ricky Gervais' spindly growth? The Father Christmas mask on George Clooney? The full-on Moses rocked by William Hurt?

The Ministry blames you, Brad Pitt, for persuading other leading men to slack on their shaves. Check out our photo gallery (click on the pic of clean-shaven Vincent Kartheiser) of the beards that roamed the red carpet at the Golden Globes -- and for all your facial-hair needs check out our pal Adam Tschorn's regular facial hair dispatches, Bearded & Tschorn, at All the Rage

-- Matt Donnelly 

Photos: William Hurt, Dec. 13, 2008; Brad Pitt, Jan. 16, 2010; William Hurt, Jan. 17, 2010. And in the photo gallery refer, that's a baby-faced Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell in "Mad Men." Credits, from top left: Peter Kramer / Associated Press; Ronald Martinez / Getty Images; Matt Sayles, Associated Press; AMC. 

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Party boy Levi Johnston is loving life in Hollywood

Levigw Perhaps Levi Johnston refused to show his full monty in Playgirl because he's saving it for the big screen?

One would think he's campaigning hard for a spot in Hollywood, the way he's been making the social rounds.

Johnston hit up two talent-packed bashes in Los Angeles on Thursday night -- starting with US Magazine's annual Hot 100 event, where two security guards (Two? Really?) ushered him around amid the likes of Adam Lambert, Audrina Patridge, Leona Lewis and Whitney Port.

From there, Sarah Palin's almost-son-in-law swung by Chateau Marmont for GQ's Men of the Year party, where Editor in Chief Jim Moore welcomed the centerfold alongside A-list guests including Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Tom Ford, Kobe Bryant, January Jones, Lindsay Lohan and Seth MacFarlane, many sipping Grey Goose and schmoozing.

From Iditarod tailgating to rubbing elbows with Dirty Harry? We'd save our goodies for on-screen stardom as well.

Click on for more photos of stylish stars at GQ's Men of the Year!

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