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Lindsay Lohan 'likes to come here and see me,' judge teases

Lindsay Lohan in court Dec. 14

For Lindsay Lohan, what a difference 12 days makes -- 12 days of community service, that is, done ahead of a court-ordered probation schedule, with an extra day of therapy thrown in for good measure.

Lohan smiled several times in court Wednesday and once covered her face with her hands in a girlish display of happy embarrassment, visible on a live TMZ camera feed from the courtroom, when Judge Stephanie Sautner teased, "I think she likes to come here and see me. I think that's motivation."

Lohan attorney Shawn Chapman Holley had asked if, in the future, her client need not appear in person if the requirements had been met. That request was denied -- perhaps in line with what TMZ reported was a previous argument by the lawyer that the judge should provide "rigid structure" to help Lindsay succeed.

There was no fancy hair or fancy outfit for Lilo the day after her late return from Hawaii. In the wake of that vacation, which was for her sister's birthday, Holley also got specific with Sautner about travel rules as her client completes probation. Lohan had been instructed that she could leave the state for work or to spend holidays with family, with her probation officer's OK.

"You cannot leave the state except for work" between court appearances unless the required community service and counseling are done, Sautner told Lohan. However, once the minimum is done each month, she can travel "for pleasure, for any reason ... to go to a spa."

That said, Sautner suggested, another option was to do more morgue duty than required each month, "and then perhaps we can end this in February."

Lohan is fulfilling requirements related to a no contest plea to misdemeanor theft in May. She was sentenced to jail and a new probation schedule was laid out after her probation was revoked in October, and has 270 days behind bars looming over her if she blows this probation.

Her next court date is in mid-January.


Lindsay Lohan nude-photo spread for Playboy is leaked

Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 'structure' — and 30 days in jail

Lindsay Lohan's stolen purse found after 'wholesome' Hawaii party

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan smiles during a hearing at the Airport Branch Courthouse in L.A. on Wednesday. Credit: Michael Nelson / European Pressphoto Agency

Lindsay Lohan's stolen purse found after 'wholesome' Hawaii party

Lindsay Lohan in Playboy

Lindsay Lohan has her purse, passport and probation papers back after the bag was stolen from a car parked outside a house party she was attending Saturday in Laie, Hawaii.

The $10,000 cash the actress had allegedly stashed in the $5,000 Chanel purse, however, went on a permanent Hawaiian vacation.

No matter: Lohan was so stoked to get her purse and papers back, she didn't ask questions of the person TMZ described as a "suspicious-looking local," who turned up with the bag in the wee hours and said he'd found it on the street. The theft had been reported to local police.

Lohan, whose trip to Hawaii with sister Ali had been approved by the probation department as a way to avoid publicity around the release of her Playboy photo spread, was completely freaking out before getting the purse back, according to TMZ -- freaking out that failure to return to the mainland in time for her Wednesday hearing might land her in jail.

Sound familiar? It should, minus some of the freaking out: Lilo's purse and passport went missing at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2010 while she was hitting a party sponsored by Belvedere vodka, making it impossible for her to get back in time for a court date. She was, at the time, allegedly promoting her now-nixed "Lovelace" portrayal of "Deep Throat" star Linda Lovelace, a role since taken over by Amanda Seyfried.

Of course, unless it's a person's sole photo ID, a passport hasn't been needed to return to the mainland from Hawaii for a while now. Cannes, however, was a different story -- that ID fiasco resulted in La Lohan missing a scheduled court date, setting off a chain of events that eventually found our heroine headed off to jail and rehab (unrelated to one rather childish manicure).

Lohan should in fact be eager to show up in Judge Stephanie Sautner's courtroom Wednesday. She's ahead of schedule to complete her community service, according to L.A. Now.

Sautner is the judge who in November decided Lindsay needed "structure" to succeed with her probation requirements, giving her community service and counseling goals to hit monthly in lieu of about a year and a half of jail time. Law enforcement sources told L.A. Now she's been quietly fulfilling her morgue duties, as the judge ordered.

Also, this time around Lohan apparently picked a smarter place to party, according to the Honolulu Advertiser, which noted that the town of Laie -- on the island of Oahu -- is predominantly Mormon.

"It was the most bizarre thing and it was bizarre on so many levels," said Laie resident Clark Cahoon, who was at the party.

"If you're looking for somewhere to go that doesn’t have drugs or alcohol, you won’t find anything more wholesome than a party at a Mormon home."


Lindsay Lohan nude-photo spread for Playboy is leaked

None of these dots of light is carrying Lindsay Lohan any closer to court

Lindsay Lohan's middle-finger manicure tells the judge what she really thinks [poll]

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan in an image from her Playboy pictorial, which hits newsstands Friday. Credit: Playboy

Lindsay Lohan nude spread for Playboy is leaked


Looks like Lindsay Lohan's full monty has been revealed early -- and not in Playboy's glorious glossy form.

Lohan's full spread hit the Internet on Friday after a shot of her cover was tweeted a few days before, trumpeting the arrival of her nude photo shoot for Hugh Hefner's magazine.

Inspired by Tom Kelly's famous portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Lohan rocks platinum blond hair and a pair of pumps (and nothing else) draped across red velvet. Hefner told fans that the Marilyn tribute was his idea. "I thought it would make it truly memorable," he wrote.

"Sex and sexuality are a part of nature and I go along with nature. I think Marilyn Monroe once said that," Lohan reportedly told the mag.

Hefner certainly approves of his cover star.

"Lindsay Lohan was the top search name on the Internet yesterday. Her issue goes on sale late next week. Hot. Hot. Hot," the mogul tweeted.

The magazine's street date was moved up to next Friday, Dec. 16, in response to the nude photos leaked online. Now the magazine will be available the day after Lohan's appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show, which is where she was originally set to unveil the magazine's cover. But that plan was upset when the cover leaked this week as well.

The photos of Lohan have had their (predictable) share of criticism since going online. Most have commented on the amount of Photoshopping done to the pictures. As one person said in a tweet directed at Hefner, "nice washed out pictures of that ginger .... i wonder what she looks like in real lighting .... possibly a gremlin?"

Will you pick up a copy of Lindsay's Playboy? Tell us in comments. 


Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover leaks, but is it classy?

Michael Lohan denied bail — boxing career jeopardized?

Lindsay Lohan may grace the pages of Playboy — now use your imagination

-- Matt Donnelly and Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Lindsay Lohan on the cover of Playboy, which will go on sale Dec. 16. Credit: Playboy

Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover leaks, but is it classy?

Lindsay Lohan's playboy cover has hit the internet

Lindsay Lohan's playboy cover has leaked, y'all -- and the actress indeed appears nude on the glossy.

Seated straddling a mod, red lacquered chair (signature Playboy bunny logo serving as the back), the annual holiday issue features a blond Lohan beside a gilded headline simply reading: "Lindsay."

While the leaked snap depicts the physical magazine on a table, an issue that also promotes such articles as 'When Steve Jobs met Andy Warhol," a more detailed look at Lohan is coming before you can snatch it from the newsstand.

Lohan is scheduled to present a sneak peak of the cover and inside shots on "The Ellen DeGeneres" Show on Dec. 15, the content of which the global media has been reassured is totally classy.

"The pictorial is absolutely fantastic and very tasteful, and will be accompanied by an interview that will let readers see another side of Lindsay," a spokesperson for the actress told the New York Post.

Even Hugh Hefner, robe-clad leader of the brand for about 100 years, says the shoot was super elegant and even channels some old Hollywood.

"[It's a] classic tribute inspired by the original Tom Kelly nude pictorial of Marilyn Monroe," Hefner told entertainment show "The Insider."

Are you excited for Lindsay's Playboy spread? Tell us in comments.


Michael Lohan denied bail — boxing career jeopardized?

Lindsay Lohan may grace the pages of Playboy — now use your imagination

Now Lindsay Lohan errs on the early side, making it to the morgue ahead of time

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Lindsay Lohan attends a progress hearing at the Airport Branch Courthouse in Los Angeles on Oct. 19. The actress Playboy cover leaked recently. Credit: Mark Boster / Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 'structure' — and 30 days in jail

Lindsay Lohan sentenced to jail again

Lindsay Lohan wore black to court on Wednesday, where she admitted violating probation and then said "Yes, your honor" to a sentence of 30 days in jail followed by a strictly structured schedule of therapy and community service.

"This is what you really call putting the keys to the jail in the defendant's pockets," Judge Stephanie Sautner said after detailing the terms of the new sentence to Lohan, who made more eye contact with the judge than has previously been evident on live camera feeds from the courthouse.

Though Sautner ruled out house arrest or electronic monitoring in lieu of jail, Lohan is likely to serve only six days in county lockup because of overcrowding, L.A. Now reported.

Prosecutors told the court that Lohan was a no-show at the Downtown Women's Center for 14 of the 19 shifts she'd scheduled, and worked less than the required four-hour minimum on three of the five times she showed up. When it came to her once-a-week psychological counseling sessions, they said, she'd canceled or rescheduled 12 of 20 appointments.

After her jail time, Lohan is to fulfill her community service and therapy requirements in regular chunks: 12 days at the morgue and four 45-minute therapy sessions per month, with progress-hearing dates set for January, February and March. Though she can't leave the country, and can leave the state only for holiday visits with family, Lohan is free to finish up sooner than March 29, if she can pull it off.

Mess up, however, and about a year and a half of jail time falls on her head, no questions asked. Everything stems, of course, from a couple of 2007 DUI arrests and a no-contest plea on misdemeanor theft earlier this year.

2006-2010: A Lindsay Lohan timeline — in case you've had a life

"From what I can see of you, you need a structure, and this gives you a structure," Sautner said.

Rather than ordering her into custody immediately, Sautner told Lohan to surrender within a week, a break that may have been negotiated, sources told TMZ, so Lindsay could fulfill the terms of her big-bucks photo contract with Playboy.

Sautner said she'd tried to get another women's shelter to take Lohan as a volunteer, but couldn't find a taker. However, she said, "The morgue is willing to keep you."

After suggesting Lohan nix any tweets about her morgue duty, the judge said the coroner's office had agreed to stop holding its own news conferences about her behavior at its house. (Think: the Alleged Unwanted Cupcake Incident.)

Unlike her last visit to court, Lohan afterward was escorted out the front door — and right before the mike cut off at the end of the hearing, a young female voice could be heard whispering: "Oh, thank God."


Michael Lohan denied bail — boxing career jeopardized?

Lindsay Lohan may grace the pages of Playboy — now use your imagination

Now Lindsay Lohan errs on the early side, making it to the morgue ahead of time

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan in court Wednesday with attorney Shawn Chapman Holley at her side. Credit: Mario Anzuoni / Pool / European Pressphoto Agency

Michael Lohan denied bail -- boxing career jeopardized?

Michael Lohan denied bail

Michael Lohan is still behind bars after a judge on Saturday denied him bail, a setback that could get in the way of his daddy and celebrity duties.

After nearly a week of trouble between Lindsay's dad and his former fiancee, Kate Major, the 51-year-old faced Hillsborough Circuit Judge Denise Pomponio at a satellite bail hearing to go over his recent alleged violation of a no-contact order.

Lohan tried to make excuses, but the judge wasn't having it. Not surprising, as only three days earlier, Hillsborough Circuit Judge Walter Heinrich had been very clear -- and fairly ticked off -- about what would happen to Lohan if he "even dreamed about" Major.

"It doesn’t matter if she called you a hundred times after you got out of jail, Judge Heinrich doesn't have a court order on her, he has a court order on you.... It is your responsibility, because you are under the court order," Pomponio told Lohan.

Major, a former Star magazine reporter who also dated Jon Gosselin, testified that Lohan tried to call her five times after being released from custody Wednesday night and sounded intoxicated. An officer who was with Major that night and heard at least one call via speakerphone told the judge that Lohan was nonthreatening and tried to patch things up with his ex during the call.

The problems had started Tuesday, when Lohan was arrested for allegedly beating Major. The ordeal went from bad to just plain bizarre after he complained of chest pains while in custody, was taken to a hospital and then reportedly tried to bolt. When he finally did post bail Wednesday, he rang up Major multiple times, she said. (That was the violation that landed him in front of the judge Saturday.)

Lohan allegedly tried to flee when police arrived at his Tahitian Inn hotel room by jumping 34 feet off the balcony. He suffered a possible broken foot and had to be taken to the hospital before they transferred him to a Hillsborough County jail on Friday night.

Bail was set at $500 on the charge of nonviolently obstructing police, but with no bail on the other charge, the judge wasn't letting Lohan go anywhere. Major, however, might have to go somewhere: She was reportedly given an eviction notice Friday because of the media hubbub she and her ex have sparked around her apartment building.

Michael Lohan's lockdown couldn't come at a worse time for a guy who according to TMZ was planning this coming week to meet with Dr. Drew Pinsky for a TV stint, attend daughter Lindsay Lohan's probation-violation hearing Wednesday in L.A., and participate in a celebrity boxing match Thursday with contestants including Tareq Salahi, the alleged White House party crasher whose wife, Michaele Salahi, ran off with Journey guitarist Neal Schon in September.

Though Tareq Salahi, Jose Canseco, Joey Buttafuoco and Nadya "Octomom" Suleman are all on the card for the pay-per-view boxing match, Lohan is -- was? -- set to go mano-a-mano with O.J. Simpson houseguest Kato Kaelin.


Michael Lohan boomerangs back behind bars in Florida

Michael Lohan arrested on domestic abuse charges in Florida

Lindsay Lohan may grace the pages of Playboy — now use your imagination

-- Emily Christianson

Photo: Michael Lohan speaks to the media after being released from the Hillsborough County Jail Wednesday. Credit: Chris O'Meara / Associated Press

Michael Lohan boomerangs back behind bars in Florida

Michael Lohan is back in jail after making bail once

Though he made bail Wednesday evening, Michael Lohan was back in jail before daylight Thursday after his on-and-off girlfriend Kate Major called police and alleged he was harassing her by phone.

Only hours before, a Florida judge had torn into Lohan while setting bail on the battery charge, asking his attorney about a temporary restraining order that was in place when the 51-year-old was arrested in Tampa on suspicion of battery.

"Does he know how to read? Well, he'd better understand," a stern Judge Walter Heinrich said, aiming his next remarks directly to Lohan: "If you even dream about her, and you violate my order, you will go to jail."

Bail was set at $5,000, and Lohan was out shortly after 6 p.m., telling reporters he'd never laid a hand on Major. At 1 a.m., police received a call from Major saying he'd harassed her over the phone. When they came by to talk to her, police said, Lohan called, and she put him on speaker so the cops could hear for themselves.

Police said they then headed to the hotel where Lohan was staying, only to find that he'd attempted to jump from his third-floor balcony to a tree. He wound up in custody and in the hospital, just like the night before, only this time the complaint was a possibly broken foot, rather than chest pains.

With that sort of behind-bars boomerang time, the guy might be competition for rapper T.I. Also, much like daughter Lindsay getting served with papers notifying her of a civil suit while she attended her court hearing on Oct. 19, Michael Lohan was served with papers during his trip to court Wednesday, with an allegation from ex-wife Dina Lohan that he owes about $11,000 in unpaid child support.

Michael Lohan on Thursday said Major had set him up for the phone call and re-arrest, the St. Petersburg Times reported. "She keeps doing this. She needs help, she calls me, and I'm a sucker so I call her back. I'm an idiot," Lohan said as he was being put into the back of a police cruiser.

He said Major makes money by setting him up and then selling her story. This comes the same week his daughter Lindsay Lohan was reportedly making money posing for Playboy. (The day after that shoot wrapped, she made it back to the coroner's office for a second shift of community service at the morgue.)

One way Michael Lohan won't be making money? As a singer. Shortly before his most recent arrest, TMZ reported, he was caught on video assaulting Don McLean's "American Pie," courtesy of a karaoke machine at the hotel's bar.

Hogging the mike, too. Anyone surprised?


Michael Lohan arrested on domestic abuse charges in Florida

Lindsay Lohan errs on the early side, makes it to the morgue on time

Lindsay Lohan may grace the pages of Playboy — now use your imagination

— Christie D'Zurilla

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photo: Michael Lohan appears in a Florida court via teleconference on Wednesday afternoon. He was re-arrested that night. Credit: Skip O'Rourke / St. Petersburg Times

Lindsay Lohan may be in Playboy — now use your imagination

Lindsay Lohan may be posing for Playboy

Lindsay Lohan may soon grace the pages of Playboy, if reports out Monday and Tuesday are on target.

Now, nobody's confirming whether the actress who once said she wouldn't do a nude scene had changed her mind on the naked-for-my-art front, but she was in fact spotted heading into a Beverly Hills mansion for a photo shoot her mom later said "went well."

If the Playboy deal is real, Lohan should soon have a few more bucks to put toward the court-ordered counseling her lawyer said the actress couldn't afford — like, more than 750,000 bucks but less than a million of 'em, according to TMZ.

Lohan's current rep, Steve Honig, had a "no comment" for the Ministry, after telling E! News he could "neither confirm or deny at this time" what his client was up to. The actress went to a Beverly Hills mansion Monday for what a source told E! was the first day of a two-day, top-secret, non-nude spread for the January issue of the mag.

"The photo shoot went well," mom Dina Lohan said Tuesday to X17 Online, which had pictures of Lilo arriving at the mansion, allegedly with younger sis Ali in tow.

Last week, attorney Shawn Chapman Holley told Judge Stephanie Sautner that Lohan's problems completing probation as ordered stemmed in part from the reality that job opportunities for the actress and model, who supports her family, were primarily overseas. And Angelenos do go to all lengths to shorten their commutes, right?

The men's magazine previously pursued its dream of a nude Lohan in 2009, offering a million bucks and getting a "not considering it at this time" in return, a former spokeswoman told Gossip Cop that September.

Her "Machete" character's topless scenes in 2010 reportedly were the work of a nipple-baring body double.

"I'm not going to do a nude scene," Lohan told "Access Hollywood" in 2005. "Then there's no mystery for my private life." In the years that would follow, various of her body parts would be caught flashing and slipping by paparazzi cameras, but while promoting "Herbie: Fully Loaded," she said, "I think there's other things you can do to show people you have talent."


Lindsay Lohan errs on the early side, makes it to the morgue

Lindsay Lohan's probation is revoked pending a Nov. 2 violation hearing

Hugh Hefner labels Crystal Harris a 'runaway bride' on July Playboy cover

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Lindsay Lohan at a New York runway show in September. Credit: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images.

Michael Lohan arrested on domestic abuse charges in Florida

Michael Lohan arrest mug shot

Michael Lohan was arrested early Tuesday in Florida on suspicion of domestic violence after allegedly getting into it with on-and-off girlfriend Kate Major over a scheduled court hearing and, well, maybe a little sumpin' sumpin' else.

"She had some redness on her arms, some minor bruising and it was determined that he grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground a couple of times," Tampa police spokeswoman Andrea Davis told the Associated Press.    

Major told police Lohan had showed up at her place with a suitcase, and that she let him in the door to stay on his good side before a Tuesday hearing on whether to make her most recent temporary restraining order against him permanent, according to a police report obtained by TMZ. Lohan later got violent with her and yelled at her about the hearing and because she wouldn't have oral sex with him.

Lohan's version of events, as recorded in that police report? He told police Major was drunk after a night out at a restaurant and needed a ride home, where they had an argument and then had sex and wound up fighting over the details of how to end that encounter. Lohan denied assaulting Major, but said he busted her cellphone on the corner of a table because he was angry.

Lohan was arrested in L.A. in March after an alleged domestic violence incident also involving Major, misdemeanor charges were dismissed after she didn't show up in court in July.

Though the latest incident is hardly the first time Lohan, 51, has been arrested on suspicion of manhandling the ladies in his life, this time there was a new twist: After being taken into custody, he complained of chest pains and was taken to a hospital. When he thought the police had gone, he tried to check himself out and leave, Davis said. Alas, no luck — the officers hadn't gone anywhere.

Major was granted a temporary protective order against her ex-fiance Oct. 3, according to TMZ, after complaining to the court that he'd been harassing and threatening her and her father. Lohan was ordered to stay 500 feet away from her, and prohibited from texting or phoning Major or having her or her father followed.

Lohan, who told police that he and Major moved to Florida to get away from the media attention surrounding his daughter Lindsay Lohan, previously went to prison on attempted assault and aggravated harassment charges, plus a criminal contempt count after he pleaded guilty to violating a protective order obtained against him by his now ex-wife, Dina Lohan.

This was the third restraining order against Lohan that has been sought by Major, 28, a tabloid reporter who dated Jon Gosselin before hooking up with Lohan. Major and Lohan got engaged in April 2010, which could have a little sumpin' sumpin' to do with that one guy and his repeated declarations that the end of the world is nigh.


Introducing the Lindsay Lohan-Michael Lohan future-fallout pool!

Michael Lohan arrested in L.A., could face felony domestic violence charges

Michael Lohan denies Kate Major's allegations, says his lawyer is 'ready to drag her through the mud'

— Christie D'Zurilla


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Photos: Michael Lohan's mug shot, shown in triplicate, was released by Florida's Hillsborough County Jail on Tuesday after his arrest on suspicion of battery domestic violence. Credit: Hillsborough County / Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan errs on the early side, makes it to the morgue


Lindsay Lohan got it right Friday morning, showing up at the L.A. County coroner's office for morgue community service while it was still dark, which simply has to be on time, right?

Lohan had stumbled on what we'll call a "trial run" Thursday, getting turned away at the door — once she finally found the correct one — because she showed up late.

The actress and model will be "cleaning toilets, mopping floors and emptying the trash bins," Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told L.A. Now, saying she wouldn't be treated differently than any of the 15 to 20 people each day who do this as community service. Assuming, of course, those 15 to 20 people are also greeted by helicopters, photographers and a swarm of other media upon arrival.

"With all of the stress and pressure from yesterday and today," Lohan wrote online Thursday, "I've never been so happy to go to therapy!!!! Also, I'm sorry for the confusion that I may of caused to those at the Coroner's office. Won't happen again, now I know where to go! Thank you for your help."

She made it to the morgue at 5:35 a.m. Friday, dropped off by a driver and beating her Thursday time by about three hours.

The morgue staffers, who are not allowed to fraternize with community service folks in general, have been specifically ordered not to photograph Lohan, Winter told L.A. Now. However, that hasn't stopped unnamed sources from leaking details of Lindsay's day already to outlets including TMZ.

Lohan, whose probation was revoked Wednesday pending a hearing to determine if her weak performance on community service constitutes a violation, appears to be taking Judge Stephanie Sautner's strongly worded hint that she get at least 16 hours done at the morgue before everyone's back in court Nov. 2.

The actress, on probation for DUI and other charges in 2007 and a misdemeanor theft earlier this year, was kicked out of community service at the Downtown Women's Center, and the judge was not pleased. There are also questions about whether court-ordered weekly counseling sessions were attended in person, and represented accurately to the court on a probation progress report.

The downtown center has said it would take Lohan back to fulfill her 360-hour sentence if she completed her 120 hours at the morgue first. Since being sentenced in May, she'd completed only 21 hours and reportedly missed nine scheduled four-hour shifts.

So, what's that simple rule of parenting? Reward the behavior you want to encourage, and ignore the unwanted stuff? In that case, bravo, Lilo, for getting to the morgue on time, and with fabulous hair, we must add. If a felonious Chris Brown could get gold stars from a judge, anything is possible.

As for completely ignoring the rest, well, we're not quite that mature yet.


Lindsay Lohan posts bail quickly — practice makes perfect?

Lindsay Lohan's probation is revoked pending a violation hearing

Lindsay Lohan done with 35-day house arrest; her ankle bracelet is finally set free

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Lindsay Lohan, right, arrives to a media welcome at the L.A. County coroner's office at 5:35 a.m. Friday, dropped off by a driver, left. She was reporting for community service at the morgue. Credits: Jason Redmond / Associated Press



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