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Miley Cyrus: I'm not engaged to Liam Hemsworth, you big dopes

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are not engaged

What Miley Cyrus giveth, Miley Cyrus also taketh away. So if she gave anyone the impression last week that she and Liam Hemsworth were engaged, don't bother taking that tale to the bank.

The rumors started Thursday after she posted a picture focusing on her manicure — and mentioning nothing whatsoever about the big ol' rock sitting there on her engagement-ring finger.

"I'm not engaged," Cyrus said Monday on Twitter, returning to the scene of the gossip crime. "I've worn this same ring on this finger since November! People just wanna find something to tal [sic] about! It's a topaz people!"

Indeed, if one ignores the ring — which has a bit of a Cracker Jack box look to it, actually — the tweet with the picture last Thursday sounded pretty promotional, and not the least bit romantic. "I am soooo obsessed with @jennahipp nail foundations! It looks so chic and classic!"

Well, nothing said chic and classic quite like showing up Hemsworth's "The Hunger Games" premiere recently, practically bursting out of the top of her midriff-baring Emilio Pucci ensemble. That film may be PG-13, but, as we all know, the former "Hannah Montana" is very grown up these days

But still only dating.


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— Christie D'Zurilla
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Photo: Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus at the premiere of his movie "The Hunger Games" in L.A. on March 12. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images.





'The Hunger Games' gets chic New York soiree with cast, celebs

The cast of "The Hunger Games" got a fashionable stamp of approval on Tuesday as Calvin Klein and the Cinema Society hosted an exclusive screening and party in New York for the massively anticipated film.

Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson all turned up looking polished, joined by costar Stanley Tucci. Atop the Standard Hotel, socialites, models and comedians toasted the triumvirate, on track for big box office and fanfare as the film opens on Friday.

Guests included "Saturday Night Live" funnyman Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe, Lenny Kravitz's daughter Zoe and her main squeeze Penn Badgley, Madonna's baby daddy Carlos Leon and model Hilary Rhoda.

"The Hunger Games" held a chic New York City screening and after-party where cast members Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth turned up to celebrate the film ahead of its release

"I love traveling with the boys," Lawrence said at the screening (clip above), " ... we all get really hyper and annoy everybody, then we all get tuckered out and fall asleep at the same time. We're a great group to travel with in that way."

Other notables at the event included Courtney Love, Clive Owen, the film's second-unit director Steven Soderbergh, Debra Winger, Bridget Moynahan, Gina Gershon, Rachel Roy and Details magazine editor Dan Peres.  


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson at a New York screening of "The Hunger Games." Credit: Neil Rasmus / BFAnyc.com 

‘The Hunger Games’ premiere: Everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence

Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth

“The World Will Be Watching,” pronounces the tagline for “The Hunger Games,” in reference to the reality-show approach to the killing arena in the story's post-apocalyptic future.  But those words were definitely true in the present for the stars of the popular young adult novel’s upcoming adaptation, as talent like Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth walked the black carpet at a world premiere built for a blockbuster.

The event was held outside L.A. Live’s Nokia Theatre, the same place where fans had been screaming for their favorite vampires and werewolves four months earlier at the premiere of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn –- Part 1.” Monday night, in true "Twilight" fashion, the carpet was lined with fans holding aloft homemade posters bearing the names of their favorite stars.

"Jennifer, can I please have a hug?" read one. "Josh, you make my heart go Peeta-Patter," read another.

But though the movie’s stars are quick to call themselves fellow fans of the books, they’re not so eager to side with Team Peeta or Team Gale –- the two men fighting for the heart of lead character Katniss Everdeen, played by Lawrence.

PHOTOS: "The Hunger Games" black carpet arrivals

"It’s so hard to choose. I can't choose because I know them both so well," said Dakota Hood, who plays a District 10 tribute. "I want to say Peeta, and I want to say Gale, so I'm just gonna leave you at that."

While some were indecisive like Hood, many claimed alliance with another character entirely.

"I'm definitely Team Katniss," said Jacqueline Emerson, who plays Foxface, a District 5 tribute, “because it's not a love story. It's not a love triangle. It's really just Katniss and her battle and her struggle and what she’ll do for the ones she loves."

As for their opinion of Katniss' real-life counterpart, the film’s large cast of new and experienced talent had continual praise for Lawrence's talent and her humor.

"She is 50% Academy Award [nominated] actress and 50% stand-up comedian," said Dayo Okeniyi, who plays District 11 tribute Thresh. "She had the ability to make anyone feel comfortable around her."

Another young actor in the film, Jack Quaid, son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, shared with reporters a story of Lawrence asking a co-star to "remind me to tell you this great fart joke" a mere second before the cameras started rolling and she went into stoic Katniss mode.

For Paula Malcolmson, who plays Katniss’ mother, developing a mother-daughter relationship with Lawrence was nothing new, as she had done just that briefly for a "Cold Case" episode in 2007. But she continued to be impressed by Lawrence, who received an Oscar nomination last year for "Winter’s Bone." Malcolmson described the 21-year-old actress as “savvy” and “just certain of [her] work.”

The premiere was a massive celebration after many months of build-up via various marketing strategies. It was a fan-flanked event (and full of fan-provided sound effects –- yes, there was a lot of screaming) that went beyond the stars' expectations of scope and size, many of the film's fresh faces said. But even young pros now accustomed to fan mania had to stop and take in the moment, like Miley Cyrus' beau Liam Hemsworth, who plays Gale.

"The fans around this thing are so passionate," the Australian actor said. "I’ve just been trying to keep my head on, realize what’s happening right now .… It's a little crazy. It’s extremely crazy actually."

“The Hunger Games” hits theaters March 23 and also stars Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland and Toby Jones.


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–- Emily Rome


Photo: Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth at the world premiere of "The Hunger Games" on Monday in L.A. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images


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