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Kate Winslet says her 'Titanic' acting could have been better

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet may be her own toughest critic when it comes to her performance in "Titanic."

The 36-year-old Oscar winner, who turned up at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Tuesday for the  premiere of the 3-D re-release of the box-office juggernaut, had some thoughts on the quality of her turn as Rose DeWitt.

"My American accent could've been much better. My acting could've been a lot better," the actress confessed to MTV.

We'll give her a break, as Winslet was a mere 21 when she shot the iceberg epic alongside Leonardo DiCaprio (who was absent from the British premiere, held up filming Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained"). 

Winslet said she's not concerned about her mug having that revealing third dimension for worldwide viewers.

"I think I look nicer now," she said. "I prefer myself as a 36-year-old. It's really weird 'cause when you're 21 you think, 'Oh, God, when I'm 36, oh God, that's nearly 40 and I'll look really old and wrinkly by then.' And actually I quite like the way I look. I feel OK about myself these days."

Watch the interview, below.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Kate Winslet arrives at the world premiere of "Titanic 3-D" at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Tuesday. Credit: Alastair Grant / Associated Press

Leonardo DiCaprio every morning: Actor launches charity coffee

Wanna wake up to Leonardo DiCaprio?
Who could refuse waking up to Leonardo DiCaprio? You can start each day with him, somewhat, as the actor has launched a green and economically conscious coffee product that benefits his eponymous foundation.

DiCaprio and high-end coffee company La Colombe will release Lyon, a line of beans whose entire net profit will benefit Leo's charity to promote sustainability for the planet.

"Raising awareness on the most pressing environmental issues of our time is more important than ever," DiCaprio said in a statement. 

The product has already provided income for peasant farmers in third-world countries like Haiti. Lyon will first roll out in select Whole Foods and Williams Sonoma locations, with larger promotional efforts to come.

The "J. Edgar" star is no stranger to philanthropy, with causes such as wildlife protection and climate issues on his roster. Get more info on the project here.


Leonardo DiCaprio gets the keys to a $100,000 car — a hybrid

'The Great Gatsby' star Leonardo DiCaprio scaring 'em Down Under

Clint Eastwood's 'J. Edgar,' starring Leonardo DiCaprio, will open AFI Fest

— Matt Donnelly

Photo: Leonardo DiCaprio on Oct. 31. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times.

Zooey Deschanel, Tilda Swinton hit InStyle Golden Globes party

Emily and Zooey Deschanel, left, and Tilda Swinton.

Film and TV honors are the Golden Globe Awards' centerpiece, but for celeb watchers it's the red carpet fashion at the forefront of the awards show -- and who better to celebrate those fantastic threads than InStyle magazine.

The mag, along with Warner Bros., toasted nominees and winners with an exclusive party following the telecast Sunday in the Beverly Hilton's Oasis courtyard. 

Thomas Ford of Tom Ford Designs created a dark, sexy aquatic theme with an LED light sculpture and sharkskin booths, perfect for housing TV stars including Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and big-screen folks such as Tilda Swinton and Andrea Riseborough, Madonna's "W.E." leading lady.

PHOTOS: InStyle Golden Globes party arrivals

At the party check-in, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" star Andy Serkis told the Ministry he thought host Ricky Gervais was "just hilarious" before dashing past the Godiva chocolate lounge. Zooey Deschanel, stunning in Prada loaded with jeweled detail, took many compliments for her nomination in the actress, TV comedy or musical, category before venturing into the main space.

There she would float among Leonardo DiCaprio with pal Kevin Connelly, Tilda Swinton in a show-stopping Haider Ackermann metallic skirt suit, Mila Kunis, Seth Rogen, winner Matt LeBlanc and "Bridesmaids" group Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm.

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Clint Eastwood is a star as Leonardo DiCaprio's 'J. Edgar' debuts

Leonardo Dicaprio, Armie Hammer and Clint Eastwood at the "J. Edgar" movie premiere

It seems every actor dreams of working with director Clint Eastwood. So when that opportunity presents itself, most wouldn't dare pass it up.

At the premiere of "J. Edgar" in Hollywood on Thursday, many of the stars of Eastwood's latest movie revealed numerous sacrifices, big and small, that were made to be a part of the biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Naomi Watts told the Ministry she rearranged her schedule to take a part in the film about the infamous FBI director. Newcomer Armie Hammer overcame an intense case of nerves. And Josh Lucas even groveled -- writing Eastwood a fan letter.

PHOTOS: 'J. Edgar' premiere at the AFI Fest

"Years ago, I sent him a fan letter and said I am a massive, massive fan of your movies, and if I could come be an extra, I would do anything," admitted Lucas, who plays Charles Lindbergh. "I think a lot of people [imagine] that these sort of legends are untouchable, and the world forgets that they love the feedback, in particular, from fellow actors and people they maybe admire as well."

Watts, meanwhile, was looking to take a break from work when she was approached about playing Hoover's loyal secretary. She'd just completed six months on another project shooting in Thailand and Spain, and was eager to get back to her "normal place with the kids back in nursery school," she said.

"In fact, when my agent said 'You’re gonna get an offer,' I was like, 'Oh no!'" she recalled with a smile. "And then it was like, 'Clint Eastwood wants to talk to you about this role,' and, of course, immediate interest."

Hammer, who got his big break last year playing the Winkelvoss twins in "The Social Network," was even more eager to jump on board -- so much that he hired a professional researcher to help him learn more about Clyde Tolson, Hoover's confidant and rumored lover. Still, he was racked with anxiety about showing up to set the first day.

"Especially as a newbie to this game –- as the newcomer in it -– I was like, terrified. Because I knew, 'Oh, Leo is going to come in and have great choices. He's gonna do awesome. And Naomi? What am I gonna do?' I really had to make sure that I brought my A-game as much as possible," he said.

"You don’t really have much of a choice. You just gotta sarge on."

So what makes Eastwood so desirable to work with? Many in the cast mentioned to us the freedom he allows actors on set.

"I like to see what the actors bring to the table before I start making comments," Eastwood explained. "In other words, I feel that directors who start making comments before they've even seen what goes down are usually just trying to convince themselves about what the next shot is going to be."

Eastwood allowed DiCaprio, for one, the creative freedom to make his own choice about Hoover's true sexuality. Even so, the actor says he's still unsure if Hoover and Tolson were more than just close friends.

"To tell you the truth, I don’t have the answer to that and I don't think anyone alive really does," DiCaprio told E’s Marc Malkin. "If you talk to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they're staunch believers of the fact that these two men carried out a very professional relationship and they were inseparable pals.

"And then you talk to a whole other community of people and they say, 'Are you ridiculous? These men went on every vacation together. They ate breakfast, lunch and dinner to dinner. They went to work together. They were together for 50 years. They lived together. They were buried together. They never had a family and never had a girlfriend.' Put it together in your mind."

"J. Edgar" opens wide on Wednesday.


Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio call it quits

Leonardo DiCaprio gets the keys to a $100,000 car — a hybrid

Clint Eastwood's 'J. Edgar,' starring Leonardo DiCaprio, will open AFI Fest

-- Amy Kaufman

Photo: Leonardo DiCaprio, left, Armie Hammer and Clint Eastwood at the premiere of "J. Edgar," which opened the AFI Fest in Hollywood on Thursday. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio call it quits

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio

Oh, Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio. We hardly knew ye.

The mutually blond lovebirds have called it quits after nearly sixth months together, with details scarce, but reps for both actors insisted to outlets including Us Weekly that the pair "remain friends."

Just no longer the friends-with-benefits variety.

Lively is back to work on the CW's "Gossip Girl" after a filming a feature in Los Angeles this summer. DiCaprio remains busy, currently shooting Baz Luhrman's 3D "Great Gatsby" update in Australia and chilling at the top of the year's highest-paid actors list.

After picking up tabloid steam starting in June, DiCaprio and Lively enjoyed quality yacht time at the Cannes Film Festival, followed by street shopping in Monte Carlo.

DiCaprio bounced to Lively on the heels of another "off" with his on-and-off model love Bar Refaeli. Blake previously dated her "Gossip Girl" costar Penn Badgley.


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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie settle lawsuit over false News of the World breakup story

— Matt Donnelly

Photos: Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio. Credits: Dan Steinberg / Associated Press, left; Toru Hanai / Reuters, right.

'The Great Gatsby' star Leonardo DiCaprio scaring 'em Down Under

"The Great Gatsby" star Leonardo DiCaprio

"The Great Gatsby" star Leonardo DiCaprio created a stir Thursday at a jewelry store Down Under -- not for being a movie star, but for looking as if he was part of an armed robbery about to go down.

Wearing a hoodie, cap and dark shades, DiCaprio popped into the Family Jewels in Sydney, followed by two bodyguards who positioned themselves at the doorway and in a corner of the store while owner Kane Kelfans was grabbing coffee next door. 

The lone saleswoman in the shop and a customer she was assisting got the feeling something bad was about to go down, Kelfans told the Daily Telegraph's Sydney Confidential.

"The customer sees what's happening and says, 'This doesn't look good,' " he said. "Linda sent the customer next door to get me, thinking the shop is about to be robbed by these guys."

By the time Kelfans showed, identities had been revealed and Leo was happily browsing for a gift for his mom. Though he picked out a Nepalese antique necklace set with lapis lazuli and coral, he said he'd have to come back for it later, as his car couldn't stay parked where it was. (Sorry to spoil the surprise, Mom!)

In other news about failed criminal mastermind DiCaprio, Los Angeles County Museum of Art announced Friday that he will co-chair an Art + Film Gala fundraiser honoring filmmaker Clint Eastwood and artist John Baldessari on Nov. 5. Eastwood's "J. Edgar," which stars DiCaprio, will premiere at AFI Fest on Nov. 3.

DiCaprio is in Sydney to film Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby," which also stars Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher and Tobey Maguire. Production should have the city star-spotting into December.


Leonardo DiCaprio gets the keys to a $100,000 car — a hybrid

Highest-paid actors: Leo DiCaprio is king of the world, Johnny Depp follows

Blake Lively says nude photos aren't real -- but what about the Leonardo DiCaprio rumors?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Leonardo DiCaprio was a detective, not a crook, in "Shutter Island." Credit: Paramount Pictures

Leonardo DiCaprio gets the keys to a $100,000 car — a hybrid

$100,000 DiCaprio car

Leonardo DiCaprio has a new toy: He's been seen getting behind the wheel of a $100,000 sportscar that happens to be a hybrid — and it's a $100,000 car DiCaprio and his trusty Toyota Prius helped to inspire.

"A couple of years ago it started, by people who were maybe a little ahead of their time. You saw some movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio buying a Prius," car designer Henrik Fisker told Reuters in 2009, describing how he married the idea of a good-looking, fast car with the notion of going green.

"He could have bought any car in the world," Fisker said at the time, "and I remember seeing that on television and thinking to myself, you know, when you've got a guy who could buy any Ferrari or Rolls-Royce and he's buying a Prius, you know something is changing dramatically."

Performance-wise, DiCaprio's 2012 Fisker Karma hybrid easily kicks the Prius' rather shapeless butt, going from zero to 60 in 5.9 seconds, compared with the Toyota's Edmunds-clocked 10.1. That 5.9 is in the Karma's "sport mode," which adds some internal-combustion oomph to the car's battery power. In "stealth mode," using  battery power alone, it takes an additional 2 seconds to hit 60.

No telling which mode DiCaprio was about to engage when photographers got a picture of him getting into his new ride — though we'd love to think that "stealth" would've make it easier to avoid the paparazzi.

The Karma also laughs at the Prius' 80 horsepower, but in a laugh so complicated we have to trust the details to the folks at Car & Driver.

When it debuted at the 2009 L.A. Auto Show, the Irvine-manufactured Karma had an estimated base price in the $87,000 range. The 2012 Karma, however, clocks in at $96,895 for the base model and closer to $110,000 for the fancy-pants version.

Still, and if anyone wins a big-screen car chase in one of these babies any time soon, you'll know the driver's probably acting: "[T]he physics conspire against it keeping pace with other $100K sports sedans," C&D noted. "In spite of the joys of low-rpm electric torque, the realities of a curb weight well above 4000 pounds and only one gear ratio mean that mileage is where this car excels."

Yeah, well, the earlier numbers look pretty impressive until you remember they're going up against a Prius. A Bugatti Veyron like the $1.7-million ride that Flo Rida was in when he was pulled over on suspicion of DUI does the zero-to-60 thing in, what, less than 3 seconds? So, yeah.

That said: The Karma, which averages around 67 mpg, can go 50 miles on a single battery charge and 300 total when the gas engine kicks in. And really, what A-lister drives himself any farther than that?


Highest-paid actors: Leo DiCaprio is king, Johnny Depp follows

Diddy sets the birthday bar high with $360,000 Maybach for his 16-year-old son

Blake Lively says nude photos aren't real -- but what about the Leonardo DiCaprio rumors?

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: A Fisker Karma hybrid is shown by Henrik Fisker, left, at the 2009 L.A.  Auto Show. A 2012 model of the $100,000 car now belongs to Leonardo DiCaprio, right, shown in 2008 at the Golden Globes. Credits: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times, left; Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times, right.


Highest-paid actors: Leo DiCaprio is king, Johnny Depp follows

Leonardo DiCaprio isn't dreaming: His "Inception" money is all too real, landing the leading man at the top of a ranking of Hollywood's highest-paid actors.

At a cool $77 million in earnings, from the aforementioned Christopher Nolan film and Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island," Leo took the top spot on Forbes' list from the previous year's winner, Johnny Depp.

Depp came in with a considerably lower (but still considerable) $50 million for his "Pirates of the Caribbean" paycheck and bonuses. Forbes looked at earnings from May 2010 to May 2011.

On his heels was Adam Sandler, who tallied personal receipts around $40 million from the biggest earner of his career, the recent "Grown Ups," and his Jennifer Aniston-starrer, "Just Go With it."

Will Smith clocked in at No. 4 with a $36-million income -- impressive as the actor, who's been busy promoting and producing for his children Jayden and Willow, hasn't been visible on marquees for the last two years. Forbes said the dollar amount consists mostly of his fees for the upcoming "Men in Black III."

Rounding out the list were Tom Hanks, Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Wahlberg, Tim Allen ($22 million in pay and residuals from voicing Buzz Lightyear in the "Toy Story" franchise) and Tom Cruise.


Hey, Gisele Bundchen -- you know what's cool? A billion dollars.

Highest-paid actresses: Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker rake it in

Top-earning reality stars: Kardashians, the Situation are making millions

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Leonardo DiCaprio at the Tokyo premiere of "Inception" on July 20, 2010. Credit: Toru Hanai / Reuters.

Blake Lively says nude photos aren't real -- but what about spending time with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Blake Lively's nude pics may be fake, but her Leo DiCaprio romance could be real And Blake Lively thought she was on hiatus from "Gossip Girl."

The actress has been the source of much speculation this week thanks to photos claiming to show her in the nude, all the while she's been abroad taking nighttime walks with Leonardo DiCaprio.

On Tuesday, photos taken with a mobile device circulated on the Web claiming to show Lively completely naked, in an upper-body and full-length shot. 

A rep for Lively told the Ministry the pictures were fake, adding that "Blake has never taken nude photos of herself."

Someone did manage to get a much more civilized shot of Lively in a cream-colored minidress, roaming the streets of Monte Carlo with DiCaprio. The two sparked some interest during the Cannes International Film Festival by appearing at the same parties and have apparently extended their French vacation to include leisure time. 

"He looked very in love," an onlooker told Us Weekly of DiCaprio when he brought Lively to a Grand Prix viewing party in the foreign city. 


Blake Lively and Penn Badgley split

Blake Lively goes for fiery red hair [Poll]

Blake Lively named 'most desirable woman'

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Blake Lively attends a Chanel presentation at the Hotel du Cap on May 9. Credit: Dominique Charriau / Getty Images 

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli split up -- again

Bar Refaeli and Leonardo DiCaprio have reportedly broken up  Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Bar Refaeli have broken up -- or have they?

DiCaprio, 36, and model Refaeli, 25, who have dated mostly on but sometimes off since 2006, "just grew apart and went their separate ways," a source told Page Six on Thursday, describing an amicable breakup late last week.

Leo-dicaprio"Neither were ready to settle down," the source said, "and both have busy careers that have been taking them in different directions."

Refaeli and DiCaprio reportedly went in different directions while attending the Met Gala in New York on May 2, "Today" sources said.

But wait: "They do this every two years," an Us Weekly source said. "They could be back together next week."

The "Inception" star and Sports Illustrated hottie took six months off in 2009 -- coincidentally the year she was SI's swimsuit-edition cover girl.


Leonardo DiCaprio's slasher gets two years in prison

'Wife' ordered to stay away from actor Leonardo DiCaprio

Bar Refaeli reveals her secret to sexiness (well, her two secrets)

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Left photo: Model Bar Refaeli attends the "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on May 2, 2011. Credit: Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Right photo: Leonardo DiCaprio. Credit: Francois Guillot / AFP / Getty Images


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