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Laurie David hosts an intimate dinner party with the 'Think Pink, Live Green' agenda

Laurie David and friends Hollywood heavyweights and environmental power players gathered for an intimate dinner party Saturday night at the home of -- who else -- Laurie David, a woman who’s been firmly planted at the intersection of celebrity activism and the healthy living movement for years.

Typically David, who co-produced "An Inconvenient Truth," mobilizes around issues of global warming. Saturday she spoke out about the warming of something else: dinner.

Specifically: how eating healthfully and organically can help prevent breast cancer.

"Every single issue I care about crosses the dinner plate” said David, who in November published "The Family Dinner," a collection of essays and recipes.

"If we can all get back to the table again and start eating healthy, we'll be a much more healthy society."

Toward that end, the Pacific Palisades dinner party was in honor of Dr. Marisa Weiss, president of breastcancer.org, which just published a booklet of new research on prevention: "Think Pink, Live Green: A Step-By Step Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer."

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