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Kevin Jonas rocks a school field trip to L.A. County's Natural History Museum

Jonas2 Of course you'd expect a Jonas brother to be a leader of the pack, but maybe not a line of short people pretending to be fin-whale vertebrae.

And yet, that's where Kevin Jonas found himself Tuesday when he hooked up with a bunch of Manhattan Place Elementary School second-graders at L.A.'s Museum of Natural History. The event was a "Hop, Slither and Stalk" program tour, kicking off Lunchables' "Field Trips for All" campaign. The company announced that it would fund 50 worthy outings for schools across the country whose field trips had been eliminated due to cost-cutting. And Tuesday's expedition was certainly educational.

For Jonas, anyway.

"This guy right here," he said, pointing up at a giant skeleton of "the greyhound of the sea" dangling over his head. "The fin whale, I had no idea they could swim as fast as they could and ...

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The week in Jonas Brothers: weddings, solo gigs and rebounding


In and around celebrity oil spills like Tiger Woods and Courtney Love, the Ministry is offering a courtesy update on those non-cheating, non-custody-losing rascals the Jonas Brothers.

Even though Justin Bieber has broken free from his cast and attacked the hearts of tweens worldwide, or at least at the Citadel in Commerce, this trio still merits some of our easily swayed attention.

Here's what's happening: one is getting married, one is further testing the solo waters (pulling a Timberlake, anyone?), and one may be in a position to entice a new girlfriend, to best his werewolf-romancing ex.

Let's do oldest to youngest, shall we?

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