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Kate Gosselin goes from TV star to (gasp!) part-time blogger

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin can ease up on the "freaking out": The out-of-work reality star has a job now -- a part-time gig, at least.

Gosselin, whose "Kate Plus 8" reality show took its last breath in September, will be a contributing blogger for click-and-save website Coupon Cabin.

"I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up," she told People at the time. "I don't know what's next." She had been considering going back to nursing, but didn't see how that was going to allow her to provide for her eight kidlets.

(Note: Kate confirmed Monday on "The View" that a return to nursing was a no-go, as she'd found her calling on TV. She was, at the time, dressed as a zombie.)

Turns out her path from no money to mo' money will be paved in part with what she calls "free money."

"No matter what your financial situation is, there's no reason not to use coupons," she said in a statement this week. "It's like free money in your pocket! I'm thrilled to lend my expertise."

Her first day on the job is Nov. 22, when she'll discuss how to navigate Black Friday shopping. Using, we assume, coupons -- which she might want to get used to, if she's going to live off a blogger's paycheck.


The hedgehog is dead: Meet Kate Gosselin's special new hair

Kate Gosselin 'freaking out' with 8 kids, no reality-TV show [Poll]

Kate Gosselin gets a tip from ex-husband Jon: Reality TV is not a career

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Kate Gosselin visits a radio show at SiriusXM Studio in New York on Oct. 27, 2011 in New York City. Credit: Andy Kropa / Getty Images

Kate Gosselin gets a tip from Jon: Reality TV is not a career

Kate Gosselin should forget reality TV, Jon Gosselin says

Pearls of wisdom from Jon Gosselin? Really? Yes, really -- at least when it comes to ex-wife Kate Gosselin and her job uncertainty now that "Kate Plus 8" has been canceled. 

"To rely on reality television ... reality television is not a career," Jon Gosselin told RumorFix, even as Kate Gosselin's tale of "freaking out" was landing in mailboxes and on newsstands on the cover of People magazine. "Get back to normal life, simple life, provide for your family and go from there."

Plenty of pots and kettles here, of course: Jon wasn't shy about working the reality-star angle as he tried to earn a living after he and Kate split and "Jon & Kate Plus 8" morphed into just Kate and the kids. Ed Hardy sound familiar, anyone? How about Millions of Milkshakes?

Still, Kate told People that she realized that going back to 12-hour nursing shifts wouldn't let her "continue to provide well for eight kids essentially on my own." ("Essentially" = Jon is paying child support.)

While she said she was willing work her fingers to the bone so the kids could stay in their current house and school, weekend-dad Jon offered some perspective: "I don't have a farm with 24 acres, and the kids seem to have a good time at my house," he said.

"Obviously there are families out there that have several kids -- people work normal jobs and things work out," said Jon, currently employed as a computer support engineer.

Kate and the kids' "reality" reality comes to a close Monday, with their show's season finale.


Brother, can you spare a gig? For Jon Gosselin? No?

The hedgehog is dead: Meet Kate Gosselin's special new hair

Kate Gosselin 'freaking out' with 8 kids, no reality-TV show [Poll]

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Jon Gosselin in Las Vegas in August 2009, when he was still looking to turn his reality-TV name into money. Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Kate Gosselin 'freaking out' with 8 kids, no reality show [Poll]

Kate Gosselin

Like 9.1% of the U.S. population, Kate Gosselin is looking for work. Like much of the U.S. population, Kate Gosselin is "freaking out."

Like not so very much of the U.S. population, Kate Gosselin is a single mother of eight kids with a résumé that since 2005 includes "reality TV star" and "tabloid bait," with the added portable skills of getting divorced, dancing with the stars and, well, freaking out.

And that sort of freaks us out.

Gosselin told People she is "freaking out. Big time" and wasn't ready for "Kate Plus 8" to end.

"Nobody was," she said, including her costarring twins and sextuplets. "I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. I don't know what's next."

Gosselin had said previously that she could go back to nursing after her TV run ended but has realized that won't work the way she thought it would.

"The scary reality is, 12-hour nursing shifts every day wouldn't let me continue to provide well for eight kids essentially on my own," she said. "When you think about it that way, it gets really scary."

Gosselin said she promised her kidlets she'd work her fingers to the bone to allow them to stay living where they live and going to school where they go to school.

One thing we know: She's unlikely to land a catering job with Anderson Cooper any time soon.

The final episode of "Kate Plus 8" airs next Monday.


Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin -- together at last!

Kate Gosselin offers a lust-laden cupcake to a complete stranger

New 'DWTS' cast blah blah blah -- but first, what's up with Kate Gosselin's hair?? [poll]

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Kate Gosselin and her kids at the sextuplets' 6th birthday party, in 2010. Credit: TLC

Kate Gosselin offers lust-laden cupcake to a complete stranger

Kate Gosselin knows how to work her cupcakes

Kate Gosselin had her eye on a treat of the adult-male variety recently in Washington, D.C., springing into action to nab her prey with a reaction time second only to a hungry mother of eight tiny cheetahs.

With her guydar going off through the window of Georgetown Cupcake, where an episode of "Kate Plus 8" was being taped, mama Gosselin enlisted help to rope in that cute man on the street -- so she could tempt him with a pretty little cupcake.

The good news? Having lived his life Gosselin-free, the cute man on the street had no idea who she was. Bad news? Having also lived his life gluten-free, Kate had to hustle for a substitute sweet.

As it turns out, Kate finds dietary restrictions to be a deal-breaker in the man department. Oh well. The Ministry is pleased, however, to see Kate has kicked it up a notch in the oh-he's-a-hottie department. See it unfold in the video below.

The second half of Season 2 of "Kate Plus 8" premieres on TLC Monday with back-to-back episodes.

And cupcakes.


Kate Gosselin channels her inner Energizer Bunny

Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin -- together at last! [poll]

Gosselin kids are OK'd to appear in 'Kate Plus 8' TV specials

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin -- together at last! [poll]


Kate Gosselin plus Sarah Palin plus camping outdoors equals reality TV magic.

That is the Ministry's scientific, mathematic, OMG-must-see-it assessment of the Dec. 12 episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska." The assessment is based solely on an Us Magazine sneak peek video of the TLC show, yet we're extremely confident that we're right.

We don't even care if all the good parts are in the sneak peek -- actually, we're not sure we could handle much more.

Palin is 46 and can shoot a gun. Gosselin is 35 and has never really been camping before. Oh yes, lots of kids are also along for the ride, and there might be bears.


'DWTS' judge Carrie Ann Inaba reveals Sarah Palin 'girl crush'

Bristol Palin, 'the fighter,' takes third on 'Dancing With the Stars'

PREACH IT! Kate Gosselin ends one PR disaster, preps for another [poll]

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Kate Gosselin at the Emmys in L.A. on Aug. 29, left, and Sarah Palin after speaking at a GOP event in Iowa on Sept. 17. Credits: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press, left; Steve Pope / EPA, right.

PREACH IT! Hey! Here's a something-or-other about the Gosselins!

Jon Gosselin It’s a slow news day; may as well play into Hailey Glassman’s hands.

Never has there been quite a pack of fame addicts quite so egregious as the Gosselins and their various hangers-on and exes. When it comes to manipulating the media into continuous coverage, the whole crew rivals even Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Observe the latest exploits of Glassman, onetime paramour of Jon Gosselin. On Wednesday, she came forth with an allegation so bombshell-y that it could easily lead to some combination of the following: criminal charges for Gosselin, a serious defamation lawsuit against Glassman herself. No matter what, a third outcome is almost certain: at least one week of fresh headlines for all parties involved.

By way of Radar, Glassman has accused Gosselin of trying to extort his ex-wife, perennial reality barnacle Kate Gosselin. According to Glassman, Jon Gosselin threatened to report ...

Continue reading »

Political hopeful Levi Johnston surfaces at 'ET' Emmy party

Cyndi-lauper Et-party-gallery-refer Like him or not, it seems fitting that Levi Johnston attend Emmy Awards festivities -- after all, he simply won't stop gunning for a television show of his own.

Attend he did "Entertainment Tonight's" post-Emmy event at Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles, where Cyndi Lauper was tapped to perform for a crowd of winners, nominees and media pros.

Johnston wasn't the only notable pop-culture name to attend -- reality mom Kate Gosselin showed up after appearing in the award ceremony's opening number and even hosted a few segments for "ET's" broadcast from inside the bash. (Click the photo of Emmy-winning writer Dave Boone, with Chris Robinson of "The Office," to launch a gallery of pictures from The Times' Photo Booth at the event.)

Actor Jeremy London stuck to the outdoor patio, gazing at guests like Christina Hendricks and Bryan Batt of "Mad Men," Peter Facinelli of "Nurse Jackie" and "The Twilight Saga," Christopher Meloni of "Law & Order: SVU," LL Cool J of "NCIS: Los Angeles," "SNL" player Ana Gasteyer, "ET" host Laura Spencer, "The Bachelorette" star Ali Fedotowsky and stylist pal Lindsay Albanese.

Guests were treated to a Magnolia Bakery pop-up and a beauty product bar from Neutrogena, and after Lauper's performance danced into the night to the sounds of DJ Samantha Ronson.

-- Matt Donnelly


Left photo: Cyndi Lauper arrives at Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles, where she headlined the "Entertainment Tonight" Emmy after-party on Aug. 29, 2010. Credit: Spencer Weiner / Associated Press

Right photo: Emmy-winning writer Dave Boone with Craig Robinson of "The Office"hit The Times' Photo Booth at the "ET" Emmys after party. Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

Get more delicious Emmy Party scoop from the Ministry of Gossip.

Gosselin kids OK'd to appear in 'Kate Plus 8' TV specials

Kate-gosselin Single mom Kate Gosselin says she did "Dancing With the Stars" to support her kids -- now the tykes will get a chance to support themselves after Pennsylvania approved the labor permits for "Kate Plus 8," a series of TLC specials that will air this summer. 

In a decision earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry said that although no permits had been pulled for "Jon & Kate Plus 8," Kate and Jon Gosselin, TLC and the show's producers wouldn't face legal action as long as 15% of gross proceeds were put into a trust fund for the kids, and proper permits were obtained for future filming.

This doesn't, mind you, have anything to do with Mom's new show, "A Twist of Kate." No kiddies on that one, just Mama Gosselin traveling the country to help others.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Kate Gosselin was in Santa Monica on April 16 to sign copies of her new book, "I Just Want You To Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family." Credit: John M. Heller / Getty Images 

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PREACH IT! Kate Gosselin ends one PR disaster, preps for another [poll]

Kate-gosselin-dwts After existing in an almost zombie-like state of stubborn death defiance, Kate Gosselin has been axed from "Dancing With the Stars."

Her participation was a originally seen as a great chance to burnish her image; after all, when Mario Lopez did "DWTS" several years ago, it relaunched his career as an adorable hunk. For Gosselin’s part, she even tried turning up the sympathy factor by saying, in interview after interview, that she was doing the show solely to earn money for her kids.

But instead of working in her favor, Gosselin’s entire "DWTS" stint backfired -- and badly. Viewers loathed Gosselin’s dancing style -- which came closer to creeping about like a leery house cat -- and her attitude; much hay has been made about Gosselin’s berating of her pro, Tony Dovolani, during rehearsals. As for Gosselin’s insistence that her kids were her focus, the statements came off as little more than ham-handed spin.

"Gosselin has been her own distinctive brand of terrible," media critic Tom Maurstad recently said in the Dallas Morning News. “She doesn't just lose track of the beat and forget steps, she appears alternately stricken and angry. ... Gosselin has become the Sarah Palin of 'Dancing.'"

And on a recent trip to Disneyland, where the Gosselin brood was given VIP treatment ...

Continue reading »

PREACH IT! Rihanna's haircut of the undead

Riri-hedgehog The reviews are in on Rihanna’s latest haircut, the one RiRi debuted a couple of weeks back at the Kids' Choice Awards -- and it’s a hit! Long front bangs, short in the back, a little spiky on one side, couple of different hues -- what’s not to love?

"The singer was previously working a full-fringed bowl-style cut, which she's moved on to something slightly softer," InStyle noted recently, "though there's still a funky shaved bit on the left side for that bit of Rihanna edge."

"A double-your-pleasure hairstyle," Bellasugar raved.

Well played, Rihanna. But wait. Hold on a minute. That haircut. It’s starting to look all kids of familiar.

Long front bangs. Short in the back. A few spiky bits. Couple of different hues.

No. No! It cannot be! But yes! It is! Rihanna, get that hair off of your head right now! It’s supposed to be dead! It’s ... it’s ...

The Hedgehog. Yes, that Hedgehog, the dreaded look that Kate Gosselin championed, only to abandon in favor of longer locks and a second shot at fame on "Dancing With the Stars."

Nobody liked the Hedgehog when it lived on Kate's head. Nobody.

Which proves only one point -- and we’re not sure which one. When it comes to fashion, either Kate Gosselin can do no right, or Rihanna can do no wrong. 

-- Leslie Gornstein

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