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'Mad Men' goes big with its Season 4 Hollywood premiere


Jon Hamm Mad Men premiere pictures from Hollywood Riding a wave of high demand for an early fix of "Mad Men" -- the premiere was moved to a larger venue at the last minute --  AMC pulled off the West Coast launch of the series' fourth season Tuesday night at the Mann Chinese 6 in Hollywood. 

And did it with style and lots of good people, of course -- click the photo at right to see the red carpet arrivals.

"Calls from 'Mad Men' fans in some high places started to pour in," a network source told Show Tracker. "The kind of fans you can't refuse." 

Christina Hendricks, Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Rich Sommer, Vincent Kartheiser, Aaron Staton and show creator Matthew Weiner were among those representing cast and crew. Moss and January Jones are among those expected Sunday at the New York premiere, where, according to Show Tracker, bigger crowds are expected.

One thing to note before getting too close to Hendricks: Weiner admitted to ABC News' Diane Sawyer on Tuesday that her character, Joan, is "terrifying" to him.

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Attention, Jon Hamm fans -- your July 25 is now booked

Jon hamm dinner Really quick, because we're excited -- the fourth season of "Mad Men" will premiere July 25 on AMC.

Rich-sommer Show creator Matt Weiner said Friday that he wanted the series to go no more than six seasons, but AMC countered Monday with a statement that there's no plan yet to end the show.

And yes, we realize that the award-winning ensemble cast features many other talented performers in addition to Jon Hamm, but hey, we might accidentally be biased. 

That said, there's also a special place in the Ministry's heart for Rich Sommer.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: Jon Hamm, left, as Don Draper and Rich Sommer, right, as Harry Crane, in "Mad Men." Credits: AMC.

SAG Awards red carpet: Champagne, a few 'Mad Men,' some 'Glee,' a little 'Hurt' and of course a 'Hangover'

SAG-Jeremy Renner

What a difference a week makes. And a tent, just in case.

The red carpet at Saturday's SAG Awards was a brilliant change from the Golden Globes downpour last weekend; across the street from USC, limos and Town Cars crept by in the chilly sunlight as SAG-photo-gallery celebs posed for pics and then streamed -- some of them directly (Mariah Carey, Penelope Cruz, Woody Harrelson) --- into the Shrine Auditorium.

What was happening over on the red carpet, as students and other looky-loos pressed up against temporary barriers in the chilly sun, many perching up on tip-toe for a glimpse of the stars?

The festivities began with a Taittinger champagne toast on the red carpet -- but Edie Falco wasn't planning to join the tippling crowd. "That is so not me. I'm so not that person."

"Maybe once upon a time, but those days are long gone." Edie was among the actors kicking off the broadcast -- so now you know she was stone cold sober when she announced she was the leader of the free world. "Oh wait, that's not me."

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'Howl' star Jon Hamm: No beard secret -- just being lazy

JonhammbeardsdanceI've made no bones about my obsession with Jon Hamm's facial hair (this predates the Golden Globes beard bonanza, mind you). 

A little dream came true Friday when I caught up with the actor at Stella Artois' the Cutting Room, where he was promoting his Sundance flick "Howl."

"It's one of those things where I really wish it was on purpose," he laughed, "but it's just me being lazy."

As I previously told you, the scruff started for his character in Ben Affleck's just-wrapped "The Town." 

"That was meticulously cultivated scruff. When you're on a set for two months and they decide that your character is unshaven, it becomes this whole ordeal, hours and hours every day," he said. 

Come spring -- Hamm anticipates an April start for the fourth season of "Mad Men" -- he'll shave it off and get back into Don Draper's well-tailored suits. 

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Guy style at the Golden Globes: It's a beard bonanza!

Hurt and pitt

Beard gallery refer Although purple gowns, oversize umbrellas and Haiti action ribbons were the obvious trends emerging from the Golden Globes telecast Sunday, we sensed something hairy.

What's with all the beards on the men at the Globes?

Fine, we'll take it on Jon Hamm, because frankly he could staple a squirrel to his chin and still be dashing. And even on Christoph Waltz, we can withstand the scruff now that he's in possession of that trophy for supporting actor in a motion picture.

But Ricky Gervais' spindly growth? The Father Christmas mask on George Clooney? The full-on Moses rocked by William Hurt?

The Ministry blames you, Brad Pitt, for persuading other leading men to slack on their shaves. Check out our photo gallery (click on the pic of clean-shaven Vincent Kartheiser) of the beards that roamed the red carpet at the Golden Globes -- and for all your facial-hair needs check out our pal Adam Tschorn's regular facial hair dispatches, Bearded & Tschorn, at All the Rage

-- Matt Donnelly 

Photos: William Hurt, Dec. 13, 2008; Brad Pitt, Jan. 16, 2010; William Hurt, Jan. 17, 2010. And in the photo gallery refer, that's a baby-faced Vincent Kartheiser as Pete Campbell in "Mad Men." Credits, from top left: Peter Kramer / Associated Press; Ronald Martinez / Getty Images; Matt Sayles, Associated Press; AMC. 

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Shocking shock! Jon Hamm still sexy, even with the beard

Hamm Not even growth that's a few weeks away from matching Brad Pitt's scraggly beard could stop Jon Hamm from being dashing as ever.

The "Mad Men" hunk showed at the Motion Picture and Television Fund's premiere screening of Kirk Douglas' autobiographical film "Before I Forget" on Wednesday night in Los Angeles with actress and screenwriter Jennifer Westfeldt on his arm.

Hamm and Westfeldt chatted with the acting legend at a pre-screening reception hosted by Netflix, where the Golden Globe nominee mingled with the likes of Kellan Lutz and director-producer Adam Shankman.

While Shankman was enthused over Douglas' retrospective flick, he imparted to me his all-time favorite performance from the master thesp:

"He's Spartacus, I'm a gay man. You do the math," Shankman said.

How do you take your Hamm? Fuzzy or clean shaven? Tell me in comments!

-- Matt Donnelly

[For the record, 11:16 p.m.: A previous version of this post referred to Jennifer Westfeldt as John Hamm's wife. Though they've been a couple for a decade and Jon says Jennifer is "more than a girlfriend," the two are not married. Thanks to commenter devilgirl for the assist.]

Photo: Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt chat with Kirk Douglas at the premiere of "Before I Forget." Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images.

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