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PREACH IT! And the Lady Gaga Telephone spoofing trend officially ends ... now

Enough with the “Telephone”. We’ve had the original video, the homage from our boys in Afghanistan, the all-chicken interpretation and a dude who swapped out the communication hardware with tropical fruit.

Lady Gaga All of those were, to be fair, kind of cute. A few were even funny at the time. But now the self-serving famewhore section of the evangelical Christian movement has jumped in. Which means the whole thing has jumped the shark.

The details involve Megan Phelps, of course, granddaughter of Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred. She has rewritten the words and recorded the song as “Ever Burn” -- as in, in hell.

“Stop prayin', stop prayin', God will not hear you anymore, you taught the boys and the girls to be proud whores," Phelps sort-of sings. You can hear the whole God-forsaken mess here.

Phelps, apparently quite fond of the word “whore,” has used it to skewer Gaga before. Behold, her take on Poker Face, but be warned: It’s anything but holy.

We can’t decide which is sadder about Phelps’ ploy: the whole, tired, god-hates-you angle, or the fact that she’s spreading her desperate message through what is, arguably -- nay, officially -- the most shopworn gag of 2010.

--Leslie Gornstein

Photo: Lady Gaga in concert at Carnegie Hall. Credit: Kevin Kane / Getty Images

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