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January Jones' virgin birth: 7 baby-daddy conspiracy theories

January Jones hasn't said who's the father of her baby son Xander

For those of you who cannot go for a single day without reading about a celebrity baby, here's your fix: "Mad Men" costar January Jones has had her infant, the birth certificate has been released — and the document definitely belongs in our very special Department of Mysterious Mysteries!

For, lo! There is no baby daddy cited!

Unlike most celebrities, who cannot wait to sell out their first family photo — you know, the one with with mommy and daddy hovering adoringly like Mary and Joseph on a Mexican prayer candle — Jones has bucked all trends.

She has never named the father of her son. She has not pimped an official photo of little Xander; heck, she hasn’t even issued the usual pap about being "over the moon." If we didn’t know any better, we'd say Jones is almost classy.

She might be classy. But we here at the Ministry of Gossip are not. By omitting the name of her baby daddy, she has given us a fresh reason to sling baseless speculations about who begat this stealthy, stealthy baby.

For the record, it appears that Jones hasn't shagged anybody named Xander in the past year, which makes our gossipmongering all the more difficult. But here are the names that have been bandied about, plus a few extra that haven't been but should be.

1. Jason Sudeikis: The "SNL" star publicly dated Jones from July 2010 to early this year. When a Washington Post reporter requested a comment from him about the Jones pregnancy, he babbled, "I'd rather — yes but no."

2. The Piv: Jones and Jeremy Piven, "Entourage" star, were linked in the tabloids circa January 2010. And, look, here’s a photo of the two of them standing totally near each other.

3. Pete Campbell: Didn't he knock up Peggy Olson on "Mad Men" in, like, a single episode? What's that you say? He's a fictional character on a TV drama? What's your point?

4. Matthew Vaughn: Like Sudeikis, Vaughn reportedly has distanced himself from the Jones pregnancy, which is wise, because the "X-Men: First Class" director is married to a very hot meal ticket named Claudia Schiffer. Then again, the "X" in Xander really isn't doing anything but fanning the gossip flames. And speaking of X ...

5. Jones recently costarred in a movie with a guy named Xander Berkeley. Let the irresponsible tongue-wagging commence.

6. Adrien Brody: He and Jones maybe dated for a minute.

7. Anonymous Donor No. 19450110: According to gossips, a big reason behind the Sudeikis-Jones split was the actress' desire for a baby. And you can buy sperm, you know.


January Jones is a "Mad" mommy of a new little boy

January Jones finally has a costar in her unapproachable corner

'Mad Men' creator says the show wants to make motherhood work for January Jones

— Leslie Gornstein

Photo: January Jones at the "X-Men: First Class" premiere in New York on May 25. Credit: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images.

Jessica Alba, Joel McHale, Jeremy Piven hit 'Spy Kids 4' premiere

"Spy Kids 4" movie premiere

What is Jeremy Piven up to when his Ari Gold character isn't yelling at the boys on "Entourage"? These days, he's playing a super-villain to the "Spy Kids" crew instead.

Piven joined pregnant costar Jessica Alba and writer-director Robert Rodriguez for the premiere of "Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D" at L.A. Live's Regal Cinemas on Sunday. While Mommy worked the red carpet, Alba's hubby, Cash Warren, was in charge of their daughter, Honor.

Photos: "Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D" premiere

Joel McHale, Mason Cook and Rowan Blanchard were among those who made it from the cast. McHale hosted his wife, Sara Williams, and their two sons.

Piven's sister brought his two nieces while "Falling Skies" star Noah Wyle wrangled his two kids and their guests. Also spotted: Rachel Fox, Joely Fisher, Kiernan Shipka, Verne Troyer, Holly Marie Combs and Holly Robinson Peete. Click the pic for more photos from the red carpet.

"Spy Kids" fans practically have all the time in the world until the movie opens in theaters: It hits Aug. 19.


Jessica Alba is pregnant with baby No. 2

"Cowboys & Aliens" brings its premiere to the fans at Comic-Con

Katy Perry and Neil Patrick Harris work blue at "The Smurfs" premiere

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Actors Jeremy Piven, left, and Alexa Vega, writer-director Robert Rodriguez and actors Mason Cook, Jessica Alba, Rowan Blanchard and Joel McHale at the "Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D" premiere at L.A. Live on Sunday. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Seth MacFarlane hosts an Evening Affair, starring Rumer Willis and her new beau from 'Glee'

Rumer-willis-new-boyfriend How can you say no to a Beverly Hills bash thrown by $100-million-dollar man Seth MacFarlane? You can't, and neither could the luminaries who attended his Evening Affair over the weekend, presented by Night Vision Entertainment.

Kate Walsh, Bill Maher, Winona Ryder, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Molly Ringwald, Rashida Jones, Jeremy Piven, Chris Tucker, Stephen Dorff and David Arquette were among the partiers who came to catch MacFarlane on Saturday in his performing glory, with the help of a full orchestra.

Buzz around the bash was all about celeb-spawn Rumer Willis, who showed up with new "Glee" guy Chord Overstreet on her arm. Recently split from actor Micah Alberti, Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, wasn't shy at all about showing her affections for Overstreet.

"They held hands and shared kisses all night," an onlooker tells The Ministry.

After tearing up the dance floor, Walsh slipped off her high heels and chatted with Rose McGowan, while Ringwald bonded over Camacho cigars with Cuba Gooding Jr.

Mark Salling, also of "Glee," took in an acrobatic performance with Emmy winner Aaron Paul, sipping Svedka cocktails and lingering into the wee hours of Sunday.

What do you think of Rumer and her new man? Tell us in the comments section below.

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Rumer Willis and Chord Overstreet: Credit: WireImage

Get more sightings galore from the Division of Fabulous Parites


At 'Entourage' Season 7 premiere, life imitates art -- witness Adrian Grenier's hair [updated]

Grenier-web If you've thought that life for Vince and the guys on "Entourage" is just an endless stream of parties and meetings with agents and being on set, HBO's Season 7 premiere event Wednesday would have done nothing to dissuade you.

At least about the parties.

The cable network transformed the lawn outside the Paramount Theatre at the Studios at Paramount into a huge nightclub, with black geometric sofas and candlelit tables covered with brown croc as far as the eye could see -- not to mention tempting buffets of Wolfgang Puck's beef strips, tortellini, onion rings and chocolate doughnut holes in peanut sauce. (Click the picture below to launch a gallery of pictures from the red carpet.)

Entourage gallery promo Which brings us to the important question -- how do all those girls at the party in minis and stilettos stay so skinny?

Debi Mazar wore a slinky green snake-patterned L'Wren Scott sheath in one of the first episodes, and the half-full plate in front of her looked like a clue, but we asked her anyway.

"I ate," she said, bursting our illusions. "I have a cooking show about to go on national TV. It's online [at underthetuscangun.com]. I can't tell you more than that. I eat pasta and sweets. My secret is ...

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Jessica Simpson to guest-star on 'Entourage,' tweets mad love for Ari Gold [Updated]

Jessica Simpson entourage Looks like Jessica Simpson is being courted by Jeremy Piven — professionally, that is. Simpson will be making a cameo on HBO's "Entourage" this season, as confirmed by a sweet tweet from the singer on Tuesday.

"I have the utmost respect for the entire cast and crew of Entourage!" Simpson said. "Thank you for making the past 2 days memorable :)"

Given her use of the smiley-face emoticon, it's safe to gather she enjoyed herself in the company of the on-screen boys' club.

Speculation on the Web says Simpson will play herself, joining actresses such as Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Anna Faris, who have done the same. Piven's Ari Gold and a rival agent will reportedly contend for Simpson's business.

"Entourage" also stars Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon. [Updated: A previous version of this post listed Matt Dillon as being in the cast; of course, we meant Kevin Dillon.]

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Jessica Simpson in 2008. Credit: Peter Kramer / Associated Press 

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Art imitating Rob Weiss: 'Entourage' archetype knows 'How to Make It in America'

Rob weiss entourage 2 Rob Weiss may be a fresh face, but fans of "Entourage" know him well already -- his life experiences have been fodder for essential parts of HBO's zeitgeist Hollywood hit.

Now his upstart years in New York are the focus of the network's new series "How to Make It in America." 

I caught up with the writer-director-executive producer to discuss his on-screen alter egos, his unique break into Hollywood and the shows that echo his real life.

Here are the Rob Weiss essentials:

He's Billy Walsh: Weiss is the inspiration for actor Rhys Corio's popular "Entourage" character, director-on-the-verge Billy Walsh, the man behind the show's smash-flop "Medellin." In real life, Weiss' 1993 festival hit "Amongst Friends" catapulted him to the major leagues, but with no sea legs for showbiz, he was quite the untamed auteur.

"The crazy director part is true. I had a lot of manic episodes in my early 20s," he said. "It's not as bad, but I'm still a perfectionist in a lot of ways."

He's the hustle in 'How to Make It': Brian Greenberg plays a cute-but-tough downtown NYC type, with DNA that's pure Weiss ambition. "The new show, it's the hustle that's most relatable to me. I was always looking to make a buck as a kid," he said. "I had the arts background but I ran with hustlers."

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Sean Penn does Robert De Niro proud at AARP's Movies for Grownups Awards

Sean penn robert de niro2 Though he hasn't had the rosiest past, loose cannon Sean Penn got a huge pat on the back from his friend Robert De Niro last night.

Penn was tapped to present De Niro with the lifetime achievement award at AARP The Magazine's Movies for Grownups Awards for 2010. 

"Who knew that such a bad boy would grow up to be such a good man?" De Niro said of Penn, who blushed.

At the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel Tuesday night for the awards, I spotted Penn several times working on his introduction speech, at one point on his knees at a banquet table scribbling notes. In his intro, Penn talked about the first time he met the acting legend.

At New York's Odeon, they were both at a dinner that ended in a screaming match. Penn stormed away from the table (which also held Joe Pesci) and threw all the cash he had at De Niro. In a cab en route to his "Hell's Kitchen cubicle," Penn realized he had empty pockets.

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John Cusack knows what it's like to get older

We have such a big crush on John Cusack (as an actor, not an activist) that we're giving him a whole post simply because he mumbled a dirty word on "The Early Show" on CBS this morning.

Mediaite is among those with video of the interview, which is very collegial. John's simply honest in describing the passage of time.

If you didn't grow up with "Say Anything," you may be more familiar with Cusack as "that guy who's going to be in the movie '2012' " and not "that 'American Beauty' guy." (Click to the jump if you want that reference to make sense.)

Though we like him best as a professional killer

Click onward for a Cusack interview that went slightly worse than the one earlier today. 

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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