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Taylor Lautner brings a slice of 'New Moon' to Jay Leno

Take it from Taylor Lautner: One of the biggest dangers a teen werewolf can face is, well, a middle-aged cougar.

"Our 'Twilight' moms are -- passionate," Taylor delicately told Jay Leno on a show that was taped Monday before the "New Moon" premiere in Westwood -- and Lautner's grandma was among those in Leno's audience.

Zap2It.com has all the shaking, shimmying, panty-promoting details of how one fortysomething fan expressed her passion. Young Taylor, it seems, has been proffered panties.

Mommy panties.

To us, those sound a lot like granny panties that have managed to convince themselves they're still string bikinis. 

The interview and related links are after the jump.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

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Taylor Lautner confirmed for 'Jay Leno' show before 'New Moon' premiere


Taylor Lautner will be a busy guy Nov. 16, when "Twilight: New Moon" premieres in Los Angeles.

But the red carpet might have to wait for Lautner, aka Jacob: Just hours before the movie screens, he'll be taping "The Jay Leno Show" live, Gossip Cop has confirmed.

And after the credits roll and the after-parties die down, he'll head east, first to Tennessee for a charity event on Nov. 17 and then to New York to do the rounds on "Today" and “Live with Regis and Kelly.”

I expect the line for Leno tickets already wraps from the Universal lot all the way over to Jay's old digs in Burbank by now. Good luck getting in, Twilighters

-- Christie D'Zurilla 

Photo: We post a gratuitous beefcake shot of Taylor Lautner. Why? Because we can, silly! The pic is from an all-night "Twilight: New Moon" shoot in Capilano Park Forest in Vancouver, B.C., back in April. Seriously, look again, closely, and you'll see lots of trees. Credit: David Strick's Hollywood Backlot

Chelsea Handler, Jay Leno and Playboy, a magazine with naked people in it

So, like, comic Chelsea Handler is going to be on the Playboy cover soon, and, like, it's not coming out for a while, 'cause it's next month's issue and stuff, and, like, Chelsea on Tuesday was on the Jay Leno show, right? Right?? Like, now, not waiting for next month or anything. So, like, there's some surprise brewing, right?

And then!! Like, Leno tells her that nobody cares what she thinks! And, like, she makes a face, and she is all dude I totally care what I think! And then she makes sort of a David Letterman joke too. And it's like at Jay. Wow.

So then it turns out that Leno, like, totally has a REALLY BIG COPY of the cover of -- shh!! -- A PLAYBOY MAGAZINE. With Chelsea on it OMG! (Have you heard of Playboy? It's a magazine where people, like, take their clothes off and then write articles?) And it's, like, the first time she sees it and can you even believe that happened?

Plus. No way. Her shoes are like, totally RED shoes.


-- Christie D'Zurilla


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