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John Edwards engaged to Rielle Hunter? His camp says no

John Edwards engaged? Rep says no. John Edwards is not engaged to Rielle Hunter, a family spokeswoman says, in the wake of a National Enquirer story this week alleging the former senator had asked his former campaign aide to marry him.

This comes as Elizabeth Edwards' will, revised six days before her death, was revealed Thursday to have no mention of her estranged husband.

Regarding any alleged wedding, "I can tell you that it’s not true," the rep told the Daily Beast, saying she had no idea as to the source of the story, which trumpets Edwards' "outrageous disregard for his wife Elizabeth's deathbed wish" and a rumor that Hunter told his kids, "Call me mommy."

The Enquirer has more than its usual credibility in the Edwards arena after holding the onetime vice presidential candidate's feet to the fire with breaking stories about his mistress and their baby. Edwards, of course, initially denied that daughter Frances, now 2, was his child.

After he admitted that, he and wife Elizabeth legally separated. Elizabeth Edwards died Dec. 7 after battling breast cancer for years. When the cancer recurred in 2007, the couple decided he should stay on the campaign trail. Hunter was an aide during the campaign.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: John Edwards at the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards in Raleigh, N.C., on Dec. 11. Credit: Sara D. Davis / Getty Images


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Of course one of the Chilean miners has a mistress


Amid the joy surrounding the rescue of the 33 miners in Chile, there was bound to be a scandal: Seems one Chilean miner, Yonni Barrios, has a wife and a mistress waiting for him back on the surface of the Earth.

Wife Marta Salinas and mistress Susana Valenzuela figured out what was going on when Salinas heard Valenzuela crying out her husband's name at a prayer vigil for the men, London's Daily Mail reports.

We suppose that's an improvement over hearing your guy cry out another woman's name in bed — barely.

Salinas said her husband, scheduled to be the 21st man brought up, asked her to be present at his rescue, but that isn't happening. "It turns out that he also asked the other lady, and I am a decent woman," she said. "Things are clear: It's her or me."

Let's just wedge this one firmly into the "gossip" category, shall we, and keep watching that little capsule deliver the goods?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Susana Valenzuela holds a photograph of Yonni Barrios and a statue of the Virgin Mary on Aug. 28 at the camp where the relatives of 33 miners trapped in an Aug. 5 collapse wait outside the collapsed San Jose mine in Copiapo, Chile. Credit: Roberto Candia / Associated Press.

'Bones' extra sues David Boreanaz over alleged sexual harassment

David-boreanaz "Bones" actor David Boreanaz is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit filed on behalf of aspiring actress Kristina Hagan, attorney Gloria Allred announced Thursday. 

Hagan, who was an extra on "Bones," alleges that Boreanaz started harassing her in August 2009 via sexually inappropriate text messages and that there were sexual encounters in his car and trailer.

TMZ has details of the lawsuit, which alleges Boreanaz told Hagan repeatedly that he was trying to get an acting role for her; the role never panned out. 

Allred's statement characterized Hagan as "an actress who is working towards her goals" but "has not yet been able to achieve them. For that reason she is extremely vulnerable as many actresses are in Hollywood."

Boreanaz's reps told TMZ the allegations are "totally fabricated and absurd."

Allred's statement indicates her office represents another woman who has filed a charge of sexual harassment against Boreanaz and has asked the state to investigate. Another Allred client notable for her past with the actor: Rachel Uchitel, a.k.a. Tiger Woods mistress No. 1.

In May, Boreanaz went public about his infidelities after an alleged extortion threat from a woman -- not Uchitel -- with whom he had a short-term affair. Speaking about his marriage to Jaime Bergman, he told People, "We're working on repairing what has been damaged so badly."

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: David Boreanaz stars in "Bones." Credit: Eric Ogden / Fox.

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Al Gore and Laurie David -- nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see [poll]

Gore-david-web When the Star tabloid hits newsstands Wednesday, it'll contain a story alleging Al Gore had a two-year affair with Laurie David, who was a producer on "An Inconvenient Truth," the former VP's global-warming documentary.

But perhaps gossip hounds should curb their enthusiasm before believing that "Seinfeld" creator Larry David's ex-wife was knocking boots with Tipper Gore's future ex-husband

Laurie David's agent, Dorian Karchmar, told People the report is "completely, patently false." David herself told the Huffington Post that the story is untrue, adding that she's been in "a serious relationship" since her 2007 divorce.

"I have no idea where it started from or why," Karchmar told People, "but it is absolutely, positively and patently untrue."

As a palate cleanser -- or is it?? -- we offer a few nonscientific online polls, after the break, courtesy of our Division of Absolutely Accurate Statistics:

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Jesse James to tell his side of the story on 'Nightline'


Jesse James, the apparently future ex-husband of Sandra Bullock, will speak publicly for the first time since his life hit the tattooed tabloid fan, Show Tracker reports.

Questions on "Nightline" this coming Tuesday are said to touch on his split from Bullock and his recent time in an Arizona rehab clinic. (We'll pause a moment while you recover from the surprise over the selection of those topics.)

The home James formerly shared with Bullock in Sunset Beach has been quietly on the market for weeks, and now a People source says he has an offer in on a home in Austin, Texas, where Bullock also owns property and both were spotted separately last week.

Hence, the "apparently" in the lead, and of course that gesture could be so both adults could be near the kids, but we have to add, Jesse — maybe she's just not that into you?

— Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Vicky Mabrey sits down with Jesse James in his Long Beach garage on "Nightline." Credit: Patrick Wymore / ABC 

Been living in a box? Let us help you catch up on the whole thing with Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. My heavens yes, there's been some news in recent months!

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Want to see what Tiger saw? Rachel Uchitel reportedly will pose for Playboy [poll]


David Boreanaz saw it. Tiger Woods saw it. And now we may all be able to see it for ourselves: Rachel Uchitel's naked body, "it" is.

And we won't even have to text her first.

TMZ reports that Uchitel will pose nude for Playboy, in a shoot that's set to go down three weeks from now. Maybe we shouldn't get all up in her face about it, though -- TMZ's source says she's reserved the right to pull out at any time, and that would spoil the fun.

You just laughed. You know you did. And a topic of this seriousness deserves -- you know it -- a nonscientific online poll, presented by our Division of Absolutely Accurate Statistics.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photos: (from left) David Boreanaz. Credit: Matt Sayles / Associated Press

Rachel Uchitel. Credit: Katy Winn / Associated Press

Tiger Woods. Credit: Michael Bryant / Philadelphia Inquirer / MCT

The Ministry loves it, in a teen-boy sort of way, when celebrities -- even B-list types -- get nekkid. For more dish on Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods and infidelity in general, click and scroll down.

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PREACH IT! Admit it: The Boreanaz-Uchitel dust-up is more entertaining than 'Lost'

David-boreanaz-web Rachel Uchitel and David Boreanaz: It is so on!

Not the affair, I mean; that’s apparently over. But that’s not really the entertaining stuff anyway. Any decent gossip reporter knows that -- well, OK, an unfaithful-celebrity scandal is always mildly fun, but the fallout from said scandal is where the real juice lies: the lawyering up, the inevitable leaked texts, the train-wreck press conferences, the stratospheric cash settlements, the kaleidoscopic parade of candy-like tattoos, the bobbing, weaving statements about how I-so-didn’t-text-that-but-well-OK-I-kinda-did-but-he-hit-on-ME-FIRST.

The back-and-forth can be convoluted, but at least it's commercial-free, and we're not all sitting around scratching our heads about how some dude can crawl into a golden hole and come out as a smoke monster.

Anyway. Back to Uchitel and Boreanaz. Here’s a primer, for those of you trying to follow without a scorecard. Yes, that’s the same Rachel Uchitel who apparently got it on with Tiger Woods. But before Tiger hit that tree, there was word Uchitel apparently spent some alone time with Angel.

Rachel-uchitel-web Somehow -- magically and mysteriously -- the Uchitel-Boreanaz affair surfaced. Then Boreanaz put out the requisite statements indicating that (a) yep, he cheated and (b) he still loves his wife and (c) yadda yadda yadda.

Next, some supposedly authentic texts between Uchitel and Boreanaz emerged. They make Boreanaz appear torn and Uchitel look all kinds of clingy.

In one exchange, Uchitel tells Boreanaz that she can’t make it to Los Angeles to see Boreanaz, and why doesn’t he come to New York and hang out there instead. She allegedly writes, "I need you here so we can be together."

Boreanaz, whose wife was pregnant at the time of the correspondence, responds, "This is not a good time." Uchitel texts back, “I can’t do this anymore … Just go.”

Fun stuff. Well played, all. But, turns out, the most righteous installment of this whole hot mess was yet to be revealed. Through her attorney, Gloria Allred, Uchitel has now released a statement. Take a look. Parsing the hidden meanings can provide hours of semi-wholesome entertainment for the whole family.

"I did not intend to make any statements about David Boreanaz and our ...

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David Boreanaz admits 'infidelities,' alleges 'some sort of extortion'

Boreanaz "Bones" star David Boreanaz has admitted that he cheated on Jaime Bergman, his wife since 2001, People reports.

After a woman with whom he'd had an affair asked for a bunch of cash and threatened to go public, the actor went public first. "I felt as though I was being blackmailed or there was some sort of extortion," Boreanaz told the magazine. He says he and Bergman are now "working on repairing what has been damaged so badly."

Sources told TMZ that the unnamed woman had a short-term affair with the actor, who paid her "several thousand dollars here and there." But Boreanaz balked at forking over a six-figure sum to keep her quiet, the source said. He then confessed the affair to his wife, TMZ says. 

Marty Singer, Boreanaz's lawyer, said a threatening message demanding money was left for the actor April 23. Singer told TMZ he'd left a message for her in response, and on Monday heard back from Gloria Allred. What the attorneys discussed is a matter of some debate

"Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities," he told People. Boreanaz's name came up in connection with Rachel Uchitel before her affair with Tiger Woods was revealed, but Allred told TMZ that Uchitel is not the person who asked the "Angel" star for money.

Boreanaz and Bergman have a son and a daughter together.

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Jaime Bergman and David Boreanaz at a Hollywood event last month. Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images.

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