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Gwyneth Paltrow cures your hangover and advises Courtney Love

Gwyneth Paltrow offers hangover tips

Gwyneth Paltrow is all about sharing the wisdom, be it ways for pal Courtney Love to have an awesome 2012 or for the masses to nurse the hangover from the 2011 New Year's Eve celebration.

Just before the weekend festivities kicked off, Paltrow's weekly lifestyle newsletter Goop offered Gwyneth's various solutions to get rid of that champagne-induced headache. Such as ...

Courtney Love and Gwyneth Paltrow spend New Year's Eve togetherQuick fixes: Gwyn recommends some plop-plop-fizz-fizz in the form of "Resolve," a pharmacist-recommended Alka-Seltzer-like product, and "Mercy," a health elixir that Paltrow disclosed she's an investor in. Check our their contents here.

First-World Fix: In a move that got her a bit of criticism, Gwyneth recommended a sort of, say, icy-hot hangover cure called Hydrotherapy. It only really requires a well-appointed bathtub, steam room and shower, and a lot of walking back and forth.

"Start in a hot, dry room and then move into an even warmer steam room. Then splash yourself with cold water (or even dunk in cold pool or under a cold shower)," Paltrow wrote, "follow it with a full body scrubdown, which is typically followed by a massage. At the end you'll be sent to a cool room to relax and cool down."

Sure, some thought the suggestion was a bit highbrow, but we know one lady who isn't complaining -- Love. The rocker got all kinds of fancy advice without having to subscribe to the newsletter.

"Getting the best advise for the new years from a true friend, love you @GwynethPaltrow @Goop," Love tweeted on New Year's Eve. And what a Dec. 31 -- the Goop newsletter indicated that Paltrow was headed to Abu Dhabi for the ball drop.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photos, from top: Gwyneth Paltrow works the Emmy carpet in Pucci; Courtney Love, left, gets a cuddle from the "Country Strong" star. Credit: WireImage / Twitter.com

Robert Pattinson: $12K in guitars (but no KStew) for Christmas

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dropped some cash on Xmas gifts

Though Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spent the Christmas holidays with their respective families this year -- on different continents -- the couple exchanged some impressive gifts to serve as romantic reminders.

For Pattinson, Stewart nabbed two vintage guitars (a 1959 Fender Jazzmaster and a 1947 K&F Lap Steel, for you music buffs). The instruments cost something to the tune of $12,000.

"She said, 'He's gonna ... when he sees them!' " the owner of Norman's Rare Guitars in Tarzana told Us Weekly, which first reported the "Twilight Saga" heroine's purchase.

Pattinson was spotted on Christmas Eve in London palling around with his close friend Tom Sturridge's ex-girlfriend. Stewart was said to be in stateside in Los Angeles with her family.

Stewart got some creature comforts of her own, however, courtesy of her "Water for Elephants" hunk: around $500 worth of vintage furniture -- lamps and a wooden bench -- from an L.A. operation called TINI.

As any avid follower of the couple knows, their Christmas separation isn't anything to raise an eyebrow over: These two have a New Year's Eve tradition. For the past two years they've done their own little countdown on the modest Isle of Wight, a seaside haven that offers them added privacy. 


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at Comic-Con 2011. Credit: Evan Agostini / Associated Press

Prince Philip spending Christmas recovering from heart surgery

Prince Philip is recovering from heart surgery

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, is recovering from heart surgery this holiday.

On Friday at the expansive eastern England estate of Sandringham, where the royals gather annually for a formal holiday celebration, Philip complained of chest pains. The 90-year-old was taken to Papworth Hospital, near Cambridge.

After what doctors called a "minimally invasive procedure" to mend a blocked coronary artery, official word from Buckingham Palace was that Philip, aka Duke of Edinburgh, enjoyed a good night following the experience.

Bedside visitors to Papworth included his sons, Princes Charles, Edward and Andrew, as well as Her Royal Highness Princess Anne. Camilla Parker Bowles, Charles' wife and Duchess of Cornwall, also reportedly popped by.  

With his hospitalization, the duke is missing the fun at Sandringham, where the schedule includes proper luncheons, a gift exchange and a hunt on the 20,000-acre estate. Perhaps his recovery will excuse him from the weekend's rigorous pace: The royal Christmas can mean up to five costume changes a day for the family.

Kate Middleton, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, won't be so lucky


Will and Kate reign over Hollywood at BAFTA's 'Brits to Watch'

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Duchess Kate preps for first royal Christmas with William, queen

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Prince Philip arrives at the April 2011 nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London. Credit: European Pressphoto Agency / Getty Images


Kardashian Christmas card: Kim is alone, Rob stands tall [Poll]

Kardashian Christmas card 2011

The Kardashian Christmas card is out and in it, well, Kim Kardashian stands alone. So does Rob Kardashian, of course, but with his confident new "Dancing With the Stars" posture, that's nothing but a good thing.

The Kardashian/Jenner family Christmas card for 2011, released Monday, was shot once again by Nick Saglimbeni and, like so many other holiday greetings -- say, "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked" -- also comes in a 3D version.

"There's nothing I love more than getting everyone together for the Christmas card shoot!" Kourtney Kardashian wrote on her blog. "I love everyone's matching bow ties!"

The cast of characters includes, from left, Rob Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, Kim Kardashian, and wee little Mason Disick with his parents, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick.

One fun year-over-year note: Check out Rob's demeanor in last year's card, where he's hiding himself in the middle of his larger-than-life family, and compare that to the shot above. What a difference a No. 2 finish in "Dancing With the Stars" makes, indeed. Rob also recently posted a picture of their Christmas tree, "before presents."

Meanwhile, back to Kim, boldly standing alone in the wake of her short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries.

"Maybe our mistakes r what make our fate,wout them what would shape our lives? Perhaps if we never veered off course we wouldn't b who we are," Kim said on Twitter, shortly after announcing the arrival of the card. We wonder, was she referring to her pending divorce, or to the Kris-and-Kim Christmas card photos that wound up in the photographer's trash bin?

Either way, the Kardashian card might not exactly scream "Jingle Bells," but that's hardly what we expect from the reality-TV clan this time of year.

Check out last year's Christmas card and then let us know below, is the 2011 Kardashian Christmas card a step up from last year, or something else entirely?


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-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo credit: Nick Saglimbeni for the Kardashian family

Duchess Kate preps for first royal Christmas with William, queen

Kate Middleton is prepping for her first Royal Christmas

It's a very Duchess Catherine Christmas! Or it will be, as the former Kate Middleton gets ready to spend her first royal holiday with husband Prince William and his family.

Family being Her Majesty the Queen and husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, plus Wills' father Charles, Prince of Wales, with bride Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. And don't forget our quick-footed favorite, Prince Harry. 

Sadly, the Middletons and Kate's sister Pippa won't be on the guest list at storied Sandringham House in Norfolk, England, where the queen has long retreated for her holidays. In-laws are not invited for the festivities.

Among the traditions are a royal hunt, black-tie dinners and even a gift exchange. The demanding schedule requires costume changes and impeccable timing -- or, in other words, the tests will keep coming for Kate.

"It will be a difficult baptism in protocol laced with pitfalls. ... She's first the first outsider since Camilla ... so all eyes will be on her," Robert Jobson, a Ministry-tested royals expert, told Us Weekly.  

If we were Kate, we wouldn't sweat the holidays with her new family. After passing her first royal tour of duty with flying colors, some present-wrapping and figgy pudding with the queen should be a breeze.


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-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, meets guests during a reception at Buckingham Palace. Credit: Gareth Fuller / WPA Pool / Getty Images

Mariah Carey is thrilled with HMS Ocean's Christmas video


Mariah Carey is thrilled with the men and women of Britain's Royal Navy after the crew of the HMS Ocean posted a music video set to Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

The sailors, some dressed in uniform, others dressed in only the Union Jack, sway back and forth and lip-synch to Carey's heavy-rotation Christmas tune.

The Ocean had planned to have a seven-week deployment this year, but was diverted to Libya and other operations and has been gone for 7 1/2 months. No wonder the crew is getting a little punchy.

On Twitter, Carey said, "This is the best thing I've ever seen, you guys just made my day! Happy Happy Christmas!!! x0x0 to the troops."

The Ocean will be returning home on Friday after 225 days away, with 176 of them at sea.

According to a series of statistics posted on YouTube along with the video, the 400 men and women on board (just under 900 during the ship's amphibious exercises) have traveled more than 40,000 miles, burned 6,000 tons of fuel and have seen five of their own get married. Yes, the troops were able to get back for their own weddings.

No doubt the troops are giddy about getting back for the holidays. Here's hoping they cover up. England is cold!


Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon debut twins on ‘20/20’

Mariah Carey loses 30 pounds after delivering 'dem babies'

Mariah Carey's been planning kids' first Christmas 'all her life'

-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Mariah Carey. Credit: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Mariah Carey's been planning kids' first Christmas 'all her life'

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon and dem babies

Nick Cannon knew what he was getting into when he married singer Mariah Carey, a woman he calls "Miss Christmas," but their infant twins are in for a big surprise.

"I think my wife has been planning this all her life, Christmas with the kids," Cannon told the Ministry this week. "We always have a real Santa Claus come with real reindeer on Christmas Eve, but this is the first time with our own children."

Yes, we'd call booking Santa and his entourage going all out, but wait, there's more: Cannon said the holiday tradition will also feature an elaborate dinner and church services in Aspen where the entire clan will "be as festive as we can."

Twins Monroe and Moroccan, debuted on "20/20" in October, can look forward to some quality time with their parents at year's end, but it's right back to work for Dad in 2012.

Cannon is a recurring character on Maya Rudolph and Christina Applegate's sitcom "Up All Night" and pushing a stand-up DVD and hosting a radio show from New York. In February, he'll add director to his credits.

"It's my first feature," he said. "Think about movies like 'House Party,' or 'Friday'; it's a modern equivalent of that."

Cannon said the film was in the beginning stages of casting, has a home at production company Lionsgate and will heavily involve figures from the L.A. dance movement like the New Boyz and the Ranger$.


Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey renew wedding vows

Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon debut their twins on ‘20/20’

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's twins are born: Hello, #dembabies!

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon cradle dem babies, Monroe and Morroccan, for a Barbara Walters interview. Credit: Getty Images

Ashton Kutcher 'swarmed' by single ladies in Iowa

Ashton Kutcher

Though Ashton Kutcher missed Paris' Crillon Ball this year, the "Two and a Half Men" star made his own debut last week: as a semi-single guy in Iowa.

While his stepdaughter (for now) Tallulah Willis made her debutante showing in Paris over the Thanksgiving holiday, Kutcher went back to his Midwestern roots, partying among an abundance of young ladies in Iowa City.

The Cedar Rapids native and his male pals hit two different sports bars, where his naked ring finger turned plenty of heads, according to Us Weekly.

"He was drinking beer, and girls kept coming up to him," a source told the mag of the Thanksgiving Eve outing. "He loved the attention. Girls were hugging him and shaking his hand."  

Kutcher's night out in Iowa got a repeat performance Saturday, only this time beers and shots abounded, some ladies invited him to a local strip joint and, according to an Us source, "He was swarmed by girls."

He reportedly declined, but did manage to tweet a photo of himself with another local: a real cow. 

Kutcher and wife Demi Moore announced their separation and intent to divorce in the second week of November, with both lying low since statements were released. Moore was also absent from Tallulah's French debut; the magazine cited a source saying she had work conflicts.


Tallulah Willis debuts in Paris with daddy Bruce, but no Demi

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher: Divorce means even more rumors

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: More mystery, allegations, silence as scandal bubbles

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Ashton Kutcher welcomes the holidays on "Two and a Half Men." Credit: CBS

George Clooney, Stacy Keibler hit Cabo for Thanksgiving

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler were spotted south of the border this Thanksgiving.

The star couple jetted down to celeb-fave beach destination Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they've been hanging with fellow famous pals and enjoying the water.

Well, at least Keibler was hitting the waves, with Clooney recovering from recent elbow surgery. Pictures from Thursday showed a smiling Stacy spending time on a WaveRunner. Clooney was absent from the shots, though we like to imagine him sitting close by in a lounge chair, holding a tropical beverage on the side that's sans sling.

Clooney's longtime vacation pals Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber  reportedly were sunning it up with them, along with newlyweds Scott Stuber and Molly Sims.

The Mexico jaunt will wrap soon as Clooney heads back to Los Angeles for continued promotion of his awards-bait Alexander Payne drama, "The Descendants." 


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'The Descendants': George Clooney was a 'jerkface' (in a good way)

Ryan Gosling says George Clooney was fast and fun as 'The Ides of March' director

-- Matt Donnelly

Photo: Stacy Keibler and George Clooney arrive at the premiere of Fox Searchlight's "The Descendants" at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills on Nov. 15. Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


Kim Kardashian made a big fat Christmas card mistake?

Kim Kardashian

Finally, the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries divorce has come dangerously close to affecting the rest of us. Word is there was a problem with a Kardashian Christmas card.

Before panicking, know this: The official Kardashian kristmas kard photo shoot went down Monday, according to a tweet from Kim, so the future of Hollywood's holiday cheer appears to be intact.

"Shooting our family Christmas card today," she wrote. "u guys will love our theme this year. Hanging w the fam is the best! Then off 2 see Rob dance!"

(Rob Kardashian, of course, kicked some serious freestyle booty while shaking his own notable booty Monday on the first part of the "Dancing With the Stars" finals. He took home a perfect score of 30 for his second dance, with sisters Kim and Khloe there in the audience, along with Kris and Bruce Jenner, and is up for the Mirror Ball Trophy tonight on ABC.)

But back to the important stuff -- the Kim-and-Kris card that didn't see the light of day. 

After a Christmas-card picture of the newlyweds was taken in August on the staircase at the Montecito spread where they were married, before they scooted for their honeymoon, Kim reportedly asked a stationery company for at least 10 versions to choose from, a source told Radar Online. She checked out said proofs in mid-September. And then filed for divorce on Halloween. In a perfect world, any money spent to that point would have actually caught on fire.

"She conveyed to the owners of the company that she was very pleased with the results," the source said. "Kim said she would get back to them with a final choice, but alas, she never did, for obvious reasons."

Another unnamed insider, by the way, would have you believe that Humphries was actually the bad guy responsible for the "obvious reasons": "He tried to control Kim by bringing her down," someone without a name told Us Weekly, describing hubby's hard-partying ways and alleging the 26-year-old had a mean streak. "He would say truly terrible things. One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn't last."

And this one other time? Clutch those pearls quickly! He allegedly said she had a fat behind.

Nevertheless, it sounds as if we'll still have our annual fun checking out the full-family Kardashian Kard -- last year's theme probably wasn't supposed to be "The Addams Family," but that, fabulously, is sort of what happened.


Kardashian Christmas card tradition continues in dramatic fashion

Kardashian Christmas card: Evocative of 'Dynasty,' or 'The Addams Family'? [Poll]

Kim Kardashian not pregnant by Kanye West -- but what about a space-alien baby daddy? Huh?

-- Christie D'Zurilla

Photo: Kim Kardashian leaves a taping of the "Late Show With David Letterman" in New York in early September. Credit: Charles Sykes / Associated Press


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