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'New Year's Eve' premiere: Hilary Swank sees every day as a new start

Ashton Kutcher and Lea Michele at the premiere of New Year's Eve
The significance of New Year's Eve has long been glorified on the big screen -- after all, who can forget Billy Crystal running dramatically to Meg Ryan to declare his love before the ball drops in "When Harry Met Sally"?

With the release of Garry Marshall's romantic comedy "New Year's Eve" on  Friday, a whole new set of over-the-top romantic gestures will likely set legions of young moviegoers up for future disappointment when the clock strikes midnight later this month.

At the premiere of the star-studded film in Hollywood on Monday night, even many of the movie's cast members -- including Ashton Kutcher, Lea Michele, Hilary Swank, Zac Efron, Katherine Heigl and Michelle Pfeiffer -- admitted they believe too many expectations are placed upon the holiday.

Photos: 'New Year's Eve' red carpet arrivals

"I'm sure we've all felt let down over this night," said New Kids on the Block member Joey McIntyre, who plays Rory in the film and whose birthday falls on New Year's Eve. "I admire those people that just keep it real simple. Stay inside. You know all the jokes -- 'It's rookie night,' and the whole thing. That's when the crazies come out."

Hilary Swank, meanwhile, said she wishes more people were able to view every day as a new opportunity to approach a resolution.

"I don't think you have to wait a whole year," the actress told us on the black carpet, which was decorated with stylish heat lamps and a disco ball. "Every day can be an opportunity to be a better person or to love more or to forgive."

Swank should know: She's spent the last few weeks trying to recover from the fallout from attending an event honoring Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov, whom many say employs violent tactics to quiet his critics.

"Shame on me," Swank told Jay Leno last week of the mistake. "The bottom line is that I should know where I'm going, and do better research."

After making the appearance on "The Tonight Show," Swank said she hasn't had to face too much criticism about the international incident during the promotion of "New Year's Eve."

"It's been really great," she said. "I think people saw me talk on Jay Leno and felt like their questions were answered, and it was nice to be able to talk about because I hadn't really gotten an opportunity to say what had really happened."

Meanwhile, Swank's co-stars stuck to discussing lighter fare on the carpet: actor Josh Duhamel, for one, spent plenty of time gushing about his wife, Fergie.

Asked what he admired most about the Black Eyed Peas singer, he responded: "Her spirit." As for their plans this New Year's Eve, the pair will be heading to Las Vegas to celebrate.

"It takes a lot out of the equation when you have somebody you're married to to be with," he smiled.


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--Amy Kaufman


Photo: Lea Michele and Ashton Kutcher meet on the red carpet at the "New Year's Eve" premiere." Credit: Frederic Brown/AFP/GettyImages

'Something Borrowed' premiere: Kate Hudson, John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin get a little gushy [Video]

If there's one thing that Hollywood seems to love, it's a good ol' romantic comedy about a wedding — something we were reminded of at the premiere of "Something Borrowed" in Hollywood on Tuesday night.

Something Borrowed movie pictures With offerings such as "Bride Wars" and "27 Dresses," the industry has in recent years churned out a string of nuptial films that have resonated at the box office. "Something Borrowed," an adaptation of Emily Giffin's bestselling novel, will try to follow in that tradition when it hits theaters Friday.

But why do audiences generally respond so positively to movies about marriage?

"Not to sound too gushy, but weddings are really fun. They're super romantic and super thrilling," star John Krasinski surmised Tuesday at the film's Hollywood premiere. "There's something about weddings that bring friends together, brings family together and hopefully brings out the best in you — and sometimes not. I think people can really feed off that energy."

Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Kate Hudson's best friend in the movie, said she believed people responded to films about weddings because they inspire self-reflection about one's own relationships.

"It's a moment of such immense life change, and it's a commitment that has to be approached with real self-analysis and assurance," she said.

But "Something Borrowed" isn't your average film about the high-jinks that can ensue in the time leading up to a wedding, Hudson insisted.

"It kind of asks questions that are a little more serious than you would get in a normal [romantic comedy]," she said. "I think it's really relatable and a definite conversation piece — which is, 'Is it OK to cheat if you love somebody?' "

As for her own thoughts on that issue, Hudson wouldn't offer much.

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SAG Awards: When actors compliment other actors -- and they dig it [video]

Every year, when the Screen Actors Guild Awards roll around, we always hear the same thing from the nominees: "This award means so much more to me, because it comes from my peers!"

Sure, that's all well and good. But do famous A-listers ever actually praise one another on their performances? That's what we set out to discover Sunday on the red carpet at the Shrine Auditorium, where a handful of stars shared some of the compliments they've received on the awards trail this season.

Many of the "Glee" cast members, such as Dianna Agron and Amber Riley, said they still recalled the kind words Meryl Streep sent their way at last year's SAG Awards. John Hawkes was touched when Ben Affleck said he enjoyed the indie actor's turn in "Winter's Bone." And in the era of cellphones and laptops, "Conviction" star Hilary Swank said she was shocked when she received a handwritten letter from none other than Sharon Stone.

"You know, it's amazing when someone hand writes a letter. It's not an e-mail, it's not a text, it's not a phone call, it's not hearsay," Swank said. "Sharon Stone wrote me the nicest letter, and I'm like, 'Oh my, oh look, look!' I didn't frame it, but it's still propped up on my desk."

"The Social Network" star Jesse Eisenberg, who had just stepped off a plane after his "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig the evening prior, said he has always felt like actors are more encouraging of one another than those in different professional fields.

"I think that has a lot to do with the nature of working with people in that context -- you're not only a colleague, but you're kind of like sharing something emotionally," he said. "There's this whole other element to it, and the vulnerability of performing on a set. I think it adds -- it strengthens the camaraderie in a unique way."

If you missed the red carpet, click the link below for more photos of SAG Awards arrivals.


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SAG Awards: For Hilary Swank, a cold means no hike, just yoga [video]

When Hilary Swank found out she was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award in December, she already knew what she planned to do the morning of the show: go for a hike to clear her head.

Unfortunately, that plan went awry when Swank came down with a cold.

"Don't worry, I'm not contagious anymore," she said, noticing her proximity to us on the red carpet. But "Law & Order: SVU" star Mariska Hargitay was staying with Swank -- turns out the two are best friends -- and Hargitay tried to drag her sick friend out anyway.

"She goes, 'Let’s go hiking,' but I'm getting over this cold that was going around," she said.
"So I just couldn’t breathe very well to do a hike. So we did low-key yoga."

Swank lost out to Natalie Portman for the female actress in a lead role prize Sunday, but had she taken home the award, she said she would have done a repeat of her 2005 post-Academy Award-win-activity for "Million Dollar Baby": head to Astro Burger in Hollywood.

"My usual thing is to go get a burger," the slim actress smiled.


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