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Grady Sizemore wants his sexy pictures back [POLL]

SizemoreOK, this is embarrassing -- the Ministry stumbled over some semi-nude pics of pro baseball player Grady Sizemore online Sunday, thought "nice abs, love the shot with the strategically placed coffee cup," and moved on.

Clearly, the Ministry would benefit from being a more committed baseball fan.

Now the Cleveland Indians center fielder, who's quite popular with the ladies, is going the legal route against sites that are posting the pics, saying they are Sizemore's property and were stolen from his girlfriend's e-mail account.

Wonder how hacker-safe Playboy Playmate girlfriend  Brittany Binger keeps her online accounts?

Deadspin, the website where we saw a handful of the pics (literally, in one case) has received and posted a stop-that-right-now e-mail from one Neil Boland, a representative of MLB's department of investigations.

The rep is asking that the pictures come down, and that Deadspin "preserve any records associated with [the photos'] submission in anticipation of a criminal complaint to be filed with local law enforcement." 

"Department of investigations." Dang. The Ministry wishes it had thought of that one sooner ...

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